Sunday, July 17, 2011

Musical Monday....

Hi Everybody...
I thought I'd bring back Musical Monday for the next
few weeks, but instead of posting Youtube vids that no
one takes the time to listen to. How about a bit of Music Trivia?
*The first ever musical audio recording was in 1877
By the Rock Star Thomas Alva Edison...
Mary Had A Little Lamb.
*Early phonograph recordings were played at 78 rpm's
because the first record players had to be hand cranked
and 78 rpm's closely resembled the human heart beat
per minute!
*Early records were made from Bakelite, then plastic
then vinyl.
*The cassette tape was introduced in 1963
*The Compact Disk became available in 1983..
Five years later CD's OUTSOLD vinyl records.
*The last 8-Track tape released by a major label
was Fleetwood Mac's Greatest Hit's in 1988!
*The portable MP3 player was introduced in 1997.
*Some people have been known to pick up radio
broadcasts through the fillings in their teeth!
*Some people are sick and tired of being sick,
and are going to bed...Peace!!!


Margaret said...


Wow. I remember when I first heard about CD's. I thought the college student who opened a CD store in our town (no records, no tapes) was CRAZY....

He laughed all the way to the bank, I'm sure.

secret agent woman said...

You're right - I virtually never listen to YouTube clips.

I remembr getting a Sony cassette tape player (it came out after the Walkman) an d going for runs carrying it. It was huge compared to MP3 players!

secret agent woman said...

It was overcast and cool that day, but I had a swim suit on under the shirt and shorts.

Brian Miller said...

hey i saw that giligans island where giligan caught radio broadcast through his fillings so its got to be trivia g

Yvonne Osborne said...


I love the idea of Musicial Monday minus the video. I remember a K-car we bought with a cassette player we were so proud of, but it was quickly upstaged by cd players. But the lemon-of-an-engine caught fire outside a church with us in our wedding clothes so we weren't sad to see the last of that one.

Stranger said...

My impala had an 8 track.
My husband's 2-XL robot (toy from the 80s) still plays 8-tracks -(we have a village people cassette he plays to prove it).
I was too poor for CDs until the mid-90s when I had a job telemarketing.
Great trivia!
Sad to read that you're still sick. Get well soon, G-man.

Mona said...

great development, with not so great end!

I would like to play Happy Birthday or my son today!

Akelamalu said...

Thanks for the trivia information G. :)

MorningAJ said...

You know your problem? You have too much trivia in your head. Your brain is overheating. PLEASE get well soon!

moondustwriter said...

Glad you brought Musical Monday back G
I'm kind of a throw back never got into TV - my life has always been art and music
Please get well - don't want to see you going to the dogs - any longer

Happy Monday

And Happy Birthday to Monas son

A Daft Scots Lass said...

Love your spin on this.

Maude Lynn said...

Oh my God! Look at that 8 track player!

Feel better, G-Man!

Evalinn said...

I was wondering how the little china figure fit into Musical Monday, now I know! :-)

My husband is the only person alive still listening to cassette tapes when he´s out running! :-D

Bubba said...

The first video played on MTV was "Video Killed The Radio Star" by The Buggles. (How trivial is THAT? LOL!)

Evelyn said...


hope said...

Cool facts! I still have one of Dad's early records...but since you could kill a James Bond bad guy if you used it like a frisbee, I'm guessing it pre-dated vinyl.

Feel better!

lime said...

i would not have guessed they still made 8 tracks in 1988. not at all.

Me said...

What? You mean people don't watch youtube videos in blog posts?!?