Thursday, October 30, 2008

Friday Flash 55...

Death was painless.
The slit was performed with surgeon like precision!
As the guts spilled from the rib cage,
Hot steam rose like a fog on the Moor.
Amidst the oozing entrails, the prized liver was extracted.
Still warm...It was sliced, chewed, and deliciously swallowed.
Unlike Hannibal Lector, Andrew Zimmern needs NO fava beans!!!
If you or anyone you know has written a Friday Flash 55, please come tell the G-Man. I will visit, read, enjoy, comment, Then Book!!!... So from the most GOULISH host, from coast to coast, Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!!!


Serena said...

Oooo, yuck! I'd think the liver would taste a bit gamey without the fava beans. You've got Halloween on the brain, don't you? Good one!:)

smarmoofus said...

*giggles at serena's comment* Seriously! No fava beans? What are you thinking, g-man?!

Happy 55, happy Halloween, happy ELECTION DAY!

smarmoofus said...

Hrm. I thought I could post this as Mr. O, but I can't... so I'm back to link Mr. O as me. He had to go to work, but he played along this week.

-Mr. O

Anonymous said...

blah! Andrew Zimmern, that guy eats things that even starving people look at and say, "uumm no thanks, I'll just die."

Mine will be up at midnight pacific time ;-) This one's not political.

KB said...

ewwwwwwwww...Happy Halloween G. Mine's up xxx

Devotee said...

Not quite as horrifying as the episode where he ate the guinea pigs, but close!

Good one, g-man.

Mine's a Halloween 55 too.

Pam said...

gross! but still a great 55 to go w halloween. i'll have mine up a little later xo

Mojo said...

Never did like liver much.

I'm up... And up and up and up and... it's been a busy coupla days over at Why? What Have You Heard? I tell ya. Posts popping out of the woodwork that I forgot I scheduled, more posts I'm updating... it never ends.

Anyway, submitted for your approval:
55 Flash Fiction Friday #18: Yaadein (II)

Pam said...

w00t! i'm finally up :)

James Goodman said...

You rock, G-man. Very awesome 55. :D

Mine is up as well.

SignGurl said...

This is the absolute BEST 55 you have ever written!! So talented!! I love it!

I played along this week.

Happy Halloween, G-Daddy!

lime said...

LMAO, very appropriate for the day! and andrew zimmern makes my stomach turn. blech!

buffalodick said...

Don't forget the Chianti! I think we could beat Purdue.... Light a candle..

barman said...

Crazy day for me so I probably will not be playing this week. My you are on a kick here. Have you been reading James G again?

Nice, G... Nice.

Polt said...

Liver? He cannibalized someone for their liver??? Ewww....why not the heart, it's tastier. :)

I'm up, G-Man!


Greg said...

Thanks for linking me up Smarmoofus!!!

Breazy said...

oh dear lord, I can't watch him because I have a very bad gag reaction to things I find unfavorable.

great 55 though! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Mona said...

Galen? Having Nightmares?

Mona said...

I was not up to playing, until I reached Lime's blog...& then it was a matter of few seconds...

So my 55ve is finally up too!

Devotee said...

I was inspired me to write a second horrifying 55. Now it's up too.

; )

Cha Cha said...



This sort of got me goin', if you know what I mean, G-ster.

You know I love this gory, spooky shit.


However...I've never been very big on liver.

I think if I were a cannibalistic serial killer I'd eat the heart.

I've only ever ate chicken hearts.

Which are very good.

But, it's been awhile.

Also, legumes in ALL their glorious forms ROCK, so my meal...again IF I were a cannibalistic serial killer....would be the heart WITH the fava beans. But, I'd probably go for garbanzos, actually. Though, fava beans are very good.

Oh, one thing, Galen.

You forgot about the BEST part.

What about the nice Chianti?

Oh, I just saw that Buffalo was thinking the same thing.

Good man.


Oh, and Polt's got the same kind of tastebuds as myself, I see.

Maybe the three of us can become a TEAM of cannibalistic serial killers.

That'd be different.

Donnetta said...

hahahaha Very funny, Galen! I'll he needs a little chianti though!

Mine is up! Happy Halloween! D

GAB said...

Happy Halloween!

Akelamalu said...

Oooooer, that was a gruesome one for Halloween!

Sorry I couldn't participate this week, as you know I was in Poland. :)

Queenie said...

What no wine?????

S said...

Oh thats disgustingly perfect for Halloween!

You finally got to my, two posts down is a movie quote I was hoping you would get....

Liquid said...

I am distracted at best.
Yet, always up for a liver fest!

Never too busy for you dear one......just caught up in simple form.