Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Thursday Portrait......

Hi Everybody....Tonight was the band recognition for Reese's High School.
Yep, the only senior with a Skull Cap on...And we ain't talkin yamulke!!!
But after 8 years of band, and 4 sweltering band camps...I think he's earned the right to let loose a little...Congratulations Son, your father loves you very much!!
Now don't forget to write a Friday Flash 55...
I just did again..hahahaha
I'll write another one tomorrow...It's easy!


Serena said...

Suh-weeeet! He's a handsome young man, a real cutie, and I love it that he does things HIS way. I wonder where he gets that from?:)

morgetron said...

I'm diggin' the skull cap and I LOVE BAND KIDS!

javajazz said...

mazel tov babies!
ya, he's got that sneaky
Galen grin about him...
you must be very proud of him.
you're such a good daddy,
G-Daddy! xoxo

buffalodick said...

What instrument does he play? Congrats!

James Goodman said...

Congrat's to Reese. I think the skull cap rocks. :D

lime said...

congrats reese!

he is your boy isn't he?

snowelf said...

Reese! Reese! Reese!!

So digging the hat.

Congrats to you too proud Papa!! :)


Breazy said...

Congratulations to Reese! That is a great accomplishment. I like the skull cap because it separates him from the others. It reminds me of a saying that my sister always says
"You are laughing because I am different and I am laughing because you are all the same"

Have a wonderful day!

Akelamalu said...

Congratulations to Reese, you must be very proud of him. :)

My 55 is ready to go.

Johanne said...

Congrats to this nice boy!!!

Mona said...

what did Reese do this time?...

G man... why are you making him wear skulls? Only Rakshosis wear them & that too round their necks!

Charles said...

A tie with a BB cap and the shirt not tucked? He's got his own sense of style, obviously. Good on him. Don't let others dictate who you are, Reese.

55s are easy. Mine will be up come 12:01 AM.

SignGurl said...

He's such a hottie, G! I wonder where he gets that from?

G-Man said...


Thanks everyone for visiting..
I had a very busy, hectec, and productive day. I am beat..
But I did do a 55, c'mon you have time to whip one out!!!
I just did..hehehe...G

KB said...

Loving the cap. Can we hear the band?

Chris said...

Band kids totally rock ! May he continue on in music if he choose. Music people are sure a unique kind. I am proud be one of them!

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