Thursday, April 10, 2008

Friday Flash 55.......

The cub reporter was very nervous during his first evaluation.

The editor loved his style, but his story column titles SUCKED!!

"Yellow Snow Cones"...

"Fecal Pottery"...

"Loogie Launching"...

Finally, his angst caused him to emit an SBD!!

Gasping, the editor screams....

"OLSON...Do you know your fart is gagging me?"

'Know it?.....I wrote it!!!!'


Hi everybody...If you or anyone you know has written a Flash 55, please send them my way. I'll visit, read, comment, then leave!! Have a GREAT WEEK-END!!!



Serena said...

Hmmmm. Interesting take on the life and times of a cub reporter ... in only 55 words.:-)

Have a great weekend, G. I know you'll do something fun.

jillie said...

Sloppy seconds AGAIN!

I have a 55 up!!!!



tsduff said...

I must have missed those episodes... HA HA HA LOve it!

Pam said...

lmao...great 55! maybe next week i'll venture into the world of the 55. take care.

barman said...

Ciara, please do join. I am sure everyone would love to have you join.

Hey G, not only did I play this week but you might like this one. Of course I cheated as I do not know what I am writing about but still...

That Olson always was a stinker...

Fun 55.

Evalinn said...

Happy Friday, G-man!

Akelamalu said...

SBD LOL. that was sooooo funny! You're a card g-man. x

Mine's up too.

Cha Cha said...

I have no idea what an SBD is, but I like your Fart Fiction55.

I played this week too, even without your begging!


I'm also enjoying the comic books and wine theme you have going on this week!

Very fun.

It was my love of garbanzos that inspired you. I know it.


James Goodman said...

lol, that was too funny. Great 55.

Mine's up. :D

Johanne said...

;-)) That made me smile!!
Have a nice Friday!!!

lime said...

lol, you've left me as breathless as the editor.

SignGurl said...

I don't know what an SBD is either :(

LOL, at Strumpet's "Fart Fiction 55".

I'm up with a special 55.

myrtle beached whale said...

Great 55, mine is up.

buffalodick said...

Jimmy Olsen- About 80 yrs. old, and still a cub reporter....

Breazy said...

Great 55! Have a good weekend!

Cha Cha said...


I feel SO much better knowing I wasn't the only one unawares.

After Galen told me, I was like, 'Oh, yeah...'

SBD = Silent But Deadly

Now we know!

Thanks to G-Manchu, I will probably NEVER forget that particular acronym again!!

snowelf said...

hahahahahahaha!!! G-man!! That was stylish!

(I third the not knowing what an SBD is either.)


Donnetta said...

My 55 is up, too, Galen! It says that I put it up on Thursday, but no. I wrote it last night but didn't publish it til tonight. So, truly it was up on Friday! Ya'll come.

Too funny, your 55! But I don't know what SBD is either...oh, my.


GAB said...

Yeah poor guy. This is kinda cute. Hugs

Cha Cha said...

Us non-SBD knowers need to start a club.

Have support group meetings.

For not being 'in the know' on Galen's fart slang.


Hope you are having a cool weekend, Gayland.

Much love to you.


snowelf said...

OMG--You guys--I just figured it out from Strumpet's comment!

It's Silent But Deadly!!

Now we know!! :D


snowelf said...

Oh duh~ rebicmel already knew. That's what I get for not reading ALL the comments!

(hi Galen, totally stealing your comment section for a moment) ;)


Mona said...

Galen, an Indian poet once said:

" O Sage! The stomach is the prison house of wind
The sagacious contain it not in captivity,
If wind torment thy belly, release it, fart;
For the wind in stomach is like a stone on the heart."

Farting is one of the three greatest pleasures in life ( the other two being sex & head massage)

The King of the farts is the 'Trumpet' . It is am act of will, it is proclamatory and masculine, much sound & little smell. It can only be produced by people who restrict their diet to fresh fruits & non fibrous vegetables grown above the ground.

The second in order is the 'Shenai' . Like the trumpet it is also an act of will and may be produced by a simple shift in position or gentle pressure on the paunch. It differs from the trumpet in the softer tone and longer duration, like the opening notes of a Scottish bagpipe!

The third variety is the Scraper
which makes sound like the squelch of uncured leather or the rustling of old parchment. It is not one, but a succession of little farts and can be called a phenomenon of rectal muscles softened by age.

The fourth is the Tabla which proclaims itself like a single tap on a bongo drum. The Tabla is its own master as it escapes without the host's consent, causing him/her a deep embarrassment if they happen to be in a company.

The Fifth is the noiseless stink bomb or the so called SBD. Since it is unspoken, it is best to be planted on a neighbor as a secret gift. the donor can assume a 'not I' look on the face and hold his nostrils and turn to someone else with an accusing look.But he must heed to the Japanese saying " he who talks is the one who has farted ". If you have let off a SBD, let the others guess the identity of the benefactor.

Mona said...

Exhortations of fart are found in several places in literature!

" Men of letters ere we part
Tell me why you never fart?
Never fart? Dear Miss Bright,
I do not need to fart, I write."


"does Henery Sigh, or does he fart?
His Breath is strong from either part."


"If blocked a fart can kill a man
If let escape a fart can sing
Health-giving songs; farts kill and save.
A fart is a powerful king"

Mona said...

In India, once a Cabinet Minister recording a Talk for external services let out a Trumpet fart. The talk had to be re recorded. However when the time came, by mistake the original recording was put on the air . It gave the minister the unique distinction of having his fart heard around the world.
( The Guinness Book Of Records, Please note!)

Mona said...

hey! I realize I am writing a comment that actually sounds like a gross post! :) :)

G-Man said...

Jildo..Great 55
Terry..Thanks sweetie
Ciara..You have 1 week to think about this
Bryan..Great 55
Ake..Loved your 55
Evalinn..You too
Strumpet..Your's ROCKED!!!
James..Great 55
Jo..The Beautiful Searabbit
Michelle..Lime Rocks
Jenn..Happy Birthday to Lex
MBW..Great 55 thanks for playing
Melissa..Your 55 was awesome..G
Donnetta..Much more upbeat this week!!
Gale..Thanks babe...G
What a wonderful treatise of flatulence!!
As always you make something so stinky and gross seem so philosophical!!
Thanks Oh Sagacious One..G

And thanks once again for making this a very successful and FUN Friday 55..Hope to see you all next week!!