Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wild Man.........

If you read my last post, I bid a fond farewell to a couple of Blog Icons.. Also, Last week seemed to be the last time several bloggers were going to participate in HNT. I can fully understand why mothers with teens at home would think twice about posting Risque' pics. I also do understand that some women are very proud of their still 'rockin' bods..!! To each her own as I say...
I enjoy Thursday's picture-fest because it's an easy post, and it's fun. Now as you all know, The beautiful Susie has passed the Friday 55 torch over to me. I consider this an honor ( or honour as Miss Strumpet spells it), because there are some mighty talented folks in Blog-Land.
Please think about playing tomorrow, it's fun, it's easy, it's exspressive, and I really enjoy reading all the diversity that people have floating around in their brain.. And oh BTW, Welcome Back Jillie Bean..!!!!! Yay!!!..Cabo san Lucas will never be the same...G


barman said...

Ah dressed up in all your finest sporting such a smile. File that picture under priceless.

James Goodman said...

Ah, so are we going to do the 55 on Thursdays instead of Fridays? I better get to crackin'... :D

lime said...

you ARE the wildman, gman! I am itching for a bike ride. mind if i ride bitch? and though i won't be doing HNT i will be doing a slice of lime.

and yes, like james asked, are you moving 55s to thursday?

snowelf said...

Galen, this really might be one of my favoritest pics of you ever. And crap, if we're moving the 55's to thursdays, let us know! I need to remember which day I keep forgetting to post them! ;)

hugs to my sweet g-man,


jillie said...

Awwwww..g-man, you are the MOST rockin dude EVER!!!!

Love the picture and yes, it is good to be home.


TK Kerouac said...

You are the nicest wildman in blogland, Happy HNT!

barman said...

Hey guys, G just posts the 55 on Thursday nights so they are in place all day Friday. So I think that is why he said what he did. At least that is the way I interpreted it. Am I wrong?

S said...

OK COOOOOLLL YOU are officially MR 55 and I am retired. I love it.
I am thrilled that you have accepted the torch sir!

Goodbye Miss Roxi, and hello/goodbye Mr TC, we really did love your special spirit.

I am not HNTing, I am Thursday Portrait, if you care to come see!

MR 55, come on down!

javajazz said...

sweet G.
you look so happy
on that bike.
free as a bird,
sun kissed
and all that jazz.

G-Man said...

Thanks Barman...You my friend are right!!!
It is still Friday Flash 55.....G

Evalinn said...

Cool, happy HNT! :-)

Cha Cha said...

I think 55's are SUPPOSED to be done on Fridays, traditionally. The whole alliteration thing.

Great pic!

xoxo, Gayland

James Goodman said...

That's a great pic, btw. Keep the rubber side down! :D

SignGurl said...

I can't believe no one has said anything about you not wearing a helmet *smile* You knew you were going to get it from somewhere but you didn't think it would be me, did you?

You look so happy in that picture. I'm so glad you got to go and do your thing on your own. Hopefully it will tide you over until we get some decent weather here.


Serena said...

Diversity is a good thing. Without it, we'd all be bored to death. Nice picture, dude. The vest looks good, the pins, the doo-rag, the bike. The earring's different, though.:-)

Melissa Russell said...

Serena, you must have eagle eyes if you see an earring unless you know something we don't lol. That was great. Remind me to shop at the grocery store where you do, I want some of those carrots. Woot.

Galen looking fierce as always.

Have a great weekend.

G-Man said...

Thanks Bryan..
No James..
No Lime..
It's STILL Friday Snow..
Thanks Tracy..
Thanks again Bryan..
Susie..Stunning as always!
All That Java-Jazz..!
Yes Chandra..
Thanks for the well wishes James..
Yes Ms Eagle Eye..xo