Monday, March 24, 2008

Bon Chance...........

This past Wednesday, my good friend and Blog Icon, Sarah..aka Roxi The Hot Bitch, has decided to pull her blog!! As many of you know, she was my reason, and inspiration to blog in the first place. She has always wanted to become a police officer, and she knows that someday she will have to disclose all WEB Sites, so she decided to pull the plug now..
She was crass, classy, bright and sassy. She was Model Beautiful, and Sailor Salty. She was stunningly beautiful, and just one of the guys..She was a shining star, in a dimly lit world!!!!
Sarah ...Good luck in attaining your dream....xox
Now we come to Mr. Rick...aka Top Cat..!!!
TC stopped posting several weeks back, but there was always a glimmer of hope that he would return because he has done this before. But this past week-end we exchanged Easter Greetings and he indicated that this time he was done with it for good.
Now there was a careing, warm, intelligent, talented, and very nice guy. He would always have a kind word for everyone, and I knew of NO ONE that did not respect and love him. Our blog world is a lot emptier because of his departure.
Good Luck Rick, and thanks for touching our lives...
I hate Eulogies.....Peace..!!!


javajazz said...

boy, you're a barrel of laughs...!
jus' kiddin' G-eulogizer...
real nice words
for two wonderful bloggers...
i know this stuff touches your heart.
thats why you're so sweet.
i guess you'll just have to carry the torch
as the other bloggers
head off into the sunset...
well, there's always email,
instant messaging
and the good old phone...


SignGurl said...

Both are missed terribly. I'm always sad when we lose blogging friends to the real world.


barman said...

I saw that. Sarah has been slowing down anyway but it still is sad she will be gone. She has always been everything you said and more.

TopCat I have known for a while, even before blogging. I am glad he is moving on and hopefully getting back into his music. I love how artistic he is in many ways. I am sorry to hear he is not coming back.

The blog world certainly got a little dimmer this past week.

Now let us all get into the missing blogger formation....

Cha Cha said...

They will both SERIOUSLY be missed.

I wish them both so much wellness in all they do.

Serena said...

It's always sad when bloggers you've come to know and like close down -- especially when those you wish would go away never do.

Melissa Russell said...

It does hurt when we lose those we've come to know as friends, even if it is online friends. They obviously have touch our life in someway and a void begins when they no longer share that piece of your life.

I didn't know Roxi, but Top Cat I will miss and his Friday comics and just the overall nice that he was. I respected him and he was true to who he was.

Raises her coffee cup to them both. We well, Be safe, and may this next journey of your lives be successful and sweet.

lime said...

they will both be missed for sure. top cat was one i read for a long time. what a kind and gentle soul. roxi was so fun to meet in the airport. i just hate goodbyes but i wish them both nothing but the very best.

GAB said...

I know I have only come to know Roxi just recently and all ready I miss her. And Top Cat has been missed from the day he choose to "close". These are 2 of the greatest bloggers ever. They will be missed.
I hope you will stay for awhile as I just dont know what I would do if I lost another friend.

Breazy said...

Good luck to Roxi!

I have been keeping in touch with Rick via email because he was everything you just said. I really missed not seeing his comments in my box so I emailed him and we converse that way.

I hope your Easter was great!
Have a great day!

Roxi said...

I will always love you.

You know you can always call me.

Thank you

jillie said...

I've never had the chance to get to know Roxi but knew a bit about her from you. Why use "was"? She IS cute, sassy and brassy and all of the above. Good for her on her career choice and please wish her well from over here ;o)

I SO miss TC!!!! I think he was everyone's yang. He just had that about him.

So like Lisa says, it's up to you now to carry the torch g-man!

javajazz said...

do you think you could be nice
like Top Cat?
or sexy
like Roxi?
hee hee!!
well, in that case
just keep being you!


G-Man said...

Hi everybody, thank you for all your comments..
I will never be able to fill TC's shoes.
He has more talent in his pinkie than I can ever hope to have..
It's now time to move on

Evalinn said...

Yes, bye TC, we miss u but wish u the best in whichever world u venture after the Blogosphere!

tsduff said...

Thanks for remembering some fine folks. They are missed but never forgotten.

Searabbit said...

Feels like a strange wind is blowing on Blogland... Maybe is it how it should be... good for a time... and then, less and less attractive... I will miss Sarah, and th eother, well, I don't him, but I know you will miss him too... ;-)