Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday Swinefest.......

Hi Everybody, I hope everyone had a fantastic week-end.
We missed the snow and ice, but it's been raining for 2 days..
My basement sump has been running continuously!!!!
It's very sloppy outside, and the slushy ice is getting on my LAST nerve!
I can't wait for Feb. 29th...Peace..!


lime said...


lime said...

love the pig pallbearers. and the ppo bear/piglet thing. too funny.

stay dry, g-man!

Serena said...

Those last nerves can be very sensitive. They can make you want to start handing out root canals. Without anesthesia.

Cute pigs today!

Liquid said...

These are hysterical!
I've enjoyed my visit here today!


barman said...

The pig ones were super. Just what I need to get my mind of my sinus headache.

Go South young man, go South. That sounds so good about now seeing as they are finally delivering that snow they promised. Myself I enjoyed the melt. Since my home sits on sand and the two main downspouts have been directed aways away from the home my sump hardly runs. No worries man.

Cha Cha said...

You know, I've never once in my life tried spam.

I hear that it can actually be semi-decent.

I just read about a place here that is serving it retro-stylese....I have to find that article. Maybe I'll go and try it out.

My brother has a gig on the 29th. I'll be thinking of you. You leave that day, yes?

It was raining for two days here too.

It hailed yesterday. I was out walking in it!

SignGurl said...

Blech to this crappy weather! Take me with you to Daytona. I won't take up much room in the trailer. You won't even know I'm there...

javajazz said...

winter sucks.
oink oink.

Little Wing said...

I loved the cured ham and the smoked ham!!!!!!!
Strumpet do not eat spam!!!!!
It has pig butt and pig snouts in it!!!!!!!!

javajazz said...

hey, couldnt be any worse than
or vaccinations...
(dont get me started on THAT one!)

G-Man said...

I'm dry baby, thanks..

Quite a vivid picture you have drawn there Red!
I'm wincing here!!!!!

Welcome to the Jungle!
I hope you visit again, thanks.

And speaking of Spam!!

Two weeks from now, I'll be riding...Thanks..G

Not only is it like the national meat of Hawaii,
It tastes GREAT!!!
It's good cold
It's good fried
It's good with Pineapple
It's good BB-Qued!!
It's great with eggs!!!
LW lives in California, she's too much of a health maven to admit liking Spam..hehehehehe

Daytona is not quite ready to handle you baby!! xoxox

You are right, they are NOT worse than hot-dogs!
Thanks for supporting me.

You never did say how you liked your Spam cooked!!

Mona said...

The weather is so bad.. I am sorry to hear...

I love the funnies...

Cha Cha said...


Well, I would probably only try it ONCE.

Just cos you gotta try just about ANYTHING once.

I mean, I wouldn't try something that has the possibility of death associated with it.

But, I would probably try Spam if I found myself in a restaurant that was serving it all fun-like in a retro environment.

However....more than likely, in the mess that is my apartment, I will NEVER find that article and not go to this restaurant.

Either way, it's all good.

tsduff said...

You have the funniest piggie jokes! I like the pallbearers one... makes me hungry for some reason HA HA HA HA.

I'm hoping the weather will be splendid for riding on the 29th... since it IS a leap year it's got to be special, yes?

I have tried to like spam, but not since I was a kid. bleah. Maybe my tastebuds changed and I would like it now. There is a new Hawaian grill that just opened up nearby - maybe I'll be brave and try it. Does it taste like Green Eggs and Ham?