Monday, February 18, 2008

Galen's Used Car Lot.......

Hi everybody..Today was a great day in the Haynes Household.. Not only is Mrs. H still in South America (YAY!!!), but There was some car jockeying going on..
The Facts...
My son Reese has been driving my 1990 3/4 ton Ext Cab longbox Chevy P/U
It's been killin me in gas...10-12 MPG, and he only drives to school and to band.
I drive a "Beater with a Heater" a 1995 Buick Century, that I bought 2 1/2 years ago from off of our lot for 900 Bucks...Great mileage, and the air blows COLD!!!
Of course our main family car is a 2007 Chevy Impala that I lease, and my wife drives!!
But the truck was costing a small fortune to drive, so today I bought a 2000 Chevy Malibu that I happened to take in on trade for 1000.00 It was a very clean car, and the girl that owned it drove 60 miles a day round trip for her job, so I knew most of the miles were put on during the commute. it had 122,270 miles on it, thats why it was so cheap.
The company let me buy it for 1490.00 plus tax...YAY!!!..That included a full inpection(which it passed with flying colors) an oil change, tire rotation, and a full tank of gas..
Sooooo, I decommissioned the Truck, Reese got my Buick, I got the new 'used' car....
We are still bachelors...Life is good!!!!


Serena said...

You're just a little bit car poor now.:) I know you're glad to be out of the Buick, though. You got a good buy on the Malibu, it's new to you, and you're gonna be much happier in it.

Ain't batching it great? Viva la South America!:-)

Breazy said...

Your lot sounds like mine. We have a 1999 Chevy Venture (my it's-ok-to-get-dirty) van

2001 Chevy Venture Warner Bros. Edition (I drive this one all the time)

1992 Chevy Astro (my husbands work van)

1996 Chevy 1500 Z71 (my husbands personal truck)

Within the next month we will be buying another vehicle for our daughter, she will be 16 in exactly a month from today..sniffle. Once she starts driving I am going to wait until around June then I am going to take the 99 Venture and trade it in on a mid to small sized car for me. The purpose of me trading one van for a car is because I want something that gets better gas mileage than my van and I won't be hauling all three kids around once Chesney gets her license.

You got a really good deal on the Malibu Galen!

Have a great Tuesday!

Mona said...

I wish you were buying small machines instead of big ones...
Like a pore ol sound card...

barman said...

Ah yes but do you have a dump truck?

My buddy once bought three service vans and a dump truck. He is always looking to make a buck where ever he can. The city did not appreciate that at all.

Just think, your fleet just got 10 years younger. You the man.

Have fun batching it G.

dickiebo said...

Attaboy, G-Man. You live it up man!

Cha Cha said...

I want to go to Chile.

Congrats on the new wheels, G-bach.


Queenie said...

Sounds a good deal to me, we all should have perks in our jobs. Sorry to say I don't understand a lot of motor talk, but got the part were you said which car Mrs G drove (smart lady).

lime said...

cool! so is the next HNT of you modelling your new wheels?

Charles said...

Congratulations on the new purchase, I hope that it saves you lots of gas and money.

I certainly can understand your need to get the PU off the road as much as possible.

I am a little curious as to why we as Americans always have the wife driving the best vehicle even if they don't work or work making close to nothing, even when we drive everyday, and a lot more, when often they don't. It seems stupid to give up so much in gas money for whatever the reason is.

Everyone having their own vehicle is fine, if you can afford it, but when there is one person working (I don't know that this is the case with your family,) it seems a bit excessive to be giving guzzlers to kids likely with a lead-foot, and sippers to women who usually drive with some restraint, and average cars to the person who drives the most.

Cha Cha said...

Though restraint can be good in certain situations...(not everyone's into that sort of thing, so I'll restrain myself from getting into specifics....heheheh...) people tend to drive as PEOPLE, not as a reflection of whatever sex they might be. At least from my own personal experience. I've driven with a few men who drive with such 'restraint' I want to crawl between their legs and just press down on the gas pedal. I've driven with women like that too. Though, getting down between someone's legs might have a slight influence on my wanting to do this as well. Cos THAT can be fun in and of itself.

I've also driven with men who drive so recklessly they scare the shit out of me. I've driven with women like that too. Now, I don't believe this has as much to do with speed, as it does to do with my confidence in said particular people as intelligent beings, let alone sensible drivers.

Strumpet is a girl who likes to go FAST. In fact, I LOVE it. I don't drive currently, because I live in a big city with not many places to park, and well, I'm poor.

But, I will say this. I once received a ticket for going 92mph, and I SAW that cop, meaning I had already slowed WAY the fuck down when he clocked me. There was no one else in the car with me. I just like to drive at very high speeds on long open roads. I have not gotten many tickets in my life, and that one was scratched from my record as I was very, very good for a few months after that.

I would say the only time I drive with an overabundance of restraint is when it's snowing out, or freezing rain/sleet/slush action. Only because most other drivers don't drive with enough during those particular weather conditions.

Other than that...I find restraint to be a relative term and should only be applied in appropriate circumstances no matter what an individual's got goin' on between their legs.

And where I come from....most women work their asses off.

In fact, I know several couples, and I'm not saying this in a bad way, cos they're great couples and it's just the way it works sometimes....but I know couples in which the wife makes WAY MORE than the husband. The couples I know like this are mostly involved in artistic endeavors on the husband's end. And I know couples where the husband supports the lesser income of a more artistically-inclined, and therefore less incomed, wife.

I'm just sayin'....people are individuals. That's all. Every circumstance is different.

Galen, I applaud that you allow your wife to drive a car that might suit her particular needs.

You are a good man.

And I'm sure....very happy.

I also think it's great that you have a car for your son. It's kind, generous, and shows trust and love in him and I think it's a wondrous, wondrous thing. I truly do.

Children are supposed to be allowed to go out into the world and learn. Giving them ample amounts of freedom, and the tools in which to let them do that, helps them become better at enjoying freedoms with a modicum of common sense as they mature and grow into wiser adults.

I think you rock, Galen.

I'm just sayin'.

Now, a whole other subject might be much older individuals behind the wheel, as in over 80, and there I might have to agree with certain stereotypes, but only so much in that they should made to be tested a tad more thoroughly each year to ensure their own safety on the road and that of others and I would be happy to, if I'm still alive and kickin' at that age, to be tested more often in my golden years. Cos there's some olden folk that drive just as great as everyone else. But, there's others, and too many of them, that seriously need to take a look at how they drive with the help of an experienced professional being made to specifically test the abilities of this age bracket at this skill.

javajazz said...

i love what you've written here Strumpie...
i was just thinkin' too,
what a gentleman Galen is,
always giving to others
before himself,
not judging,
just giving from the heart
because he is a gentleman.
i think that's all i'm gonna say...
oh, and G-man,
enjoy your beautiful new car
in good health, as they say...
you deserve it...
now, if we could only get you
a sound card....
(i'm just sayin' too...)

jillie said...

Woooohooooo!!! Talk about a score on the car! I wanna a new car now! lol....

Brrrrr...that snow looks COLD COLD COLD!

GAB said...

You know that Durango I bought? Yeah there is no heat in it. :(
And we are looking for a cheaper car for for Mr Gab to drive back and forth to work which is about 18 miles one way. What I'd like to have is a Subaru outback AWD.

SignGurl said...

Do you get commission on your own sale? Just curious because it seems the dealership owes you.

I will have to agree that Galen is a most caring man because of the way he takes care of his family.


javajazz said...


Cha Cha said...


I couldn't resist.

It's a great word.

Even if it is just to follow a Ding.

Manny said...

Congrats on the purchase. I've been thinking about a new car, but mine is great on gas.

tsduff said...

You are super cool - a Chevy Malibu?? vrrrooom vrrrooom... nice~ It better have a heater inside though.

javajazz said...

oh, Strumpie....(giggle...)
who could resist
a well placed dong?

barman said...

OK, now try this one... shave and a hair cut...

Strumpie times really changed from back when I grauated. Some of the craziest drivers I know are women although the craziest driver I know is a guy. And yes it seems most couples both work. And also, yep, there is no assuming who makes the most either. Hey, I would love to have a mate out earn me. We would be doing not to shabby then.

G-Man said...


Girl, you own more Chevy's than I do!!
Good Girl..xox

I'm getting good at lip reading...xoxox

It's a great little car!

Thanks Dickibo...
YOU Da Man!!!!

Hi sweetie, thanks for stopping by...Galen


That's a great idea!!!

My other-half makes more $$ than me...
She should get the 'good' car....G

Thank You My Dear on sharing your Master's Thesis on Human Driving Behavior....A+

Thank You from the bottom of my heart for your very kind words...
I appreciate them always.


You just got that Durango, and the HEAT is out??? Grrrrrrrrrrr

Stop, you'll make me cry.

Hiya Girlie, where you been?
Thanks for Stoppin by and letting us know you are OK...xox

Hi Terry....
Yes, the heater works just fine...AND it has a remote starter so I can get in a warm ride...

Cha Cha said...


They are INDEED a hard thing to resist...


You are one Hell of a man.



You must be out driving.


Cha Cha said...


We were typing at the same time!


javajazz said... have another half???

javajazz said...

i always love other half...
other half of what?
like one and and a half people?
or you're only a half a person?
you'll never see this.
you never read back.
i could write ANYTHING!!!!
(but i wont)

G-Man said...

Don't be so sure...hehehe

javajazz said...

someone told you,
or else you'd never have looked back...
i know my Galen.
like, fo shizzle
you wont see THIS...!!

snowelf said...

I hope whoever gets my old "little black car" is as happy as you are Galen.

Very smart move! I guess here's to the month of buying new cars! :D

Wishing you lots of sales this month!!