Monday, December 10, 2007

Coffee Anyone?..........

Birthday Booty....(Not the kind you were thinking either).
Three 'Do' rags for my head whilst riding..
A scented candle for my bathroom..(????)
A Butane lighter...
A very neat Chevrolet pocket watch..
And last but NOT least...A bunch of Tim Horton's gift certs..YAY!!!
And for all of my friends in Bloggerville....Thank You All!!!!
This was one of my most touching Birthdays ever..
And all the rest that visited me and sang and composed stuff...XOXOX
Peace...(BTW..The Gorilla card was from my daughter Mandy)


Little Wing said...


Little Wing said...

With NO inside info, FIRST!
Doo rags are good, scented candles are good, although it says something about the smell.....well we wont go there!
Great gifts, G-Man!!!!

jillie said...

All for you galen!


Looks like you scored ;o)

Mona said...

LW! no inside information? LOL! You are so funny! :D You Rawk!!

GALEN Nice collection that!

Coffee? They give you coffee for a birthday gift????

Marja said...

Oops galen men I need something stronger than a coffee. Feel a bit lost. Was it your birthday? Happy birthday to you than and so many fans and presies. And wonder what that Tim Horton has to offer Don't know him either. Some bike thingees? Yeh I know I am just Dutch

lime said...

i'm so glad it was a special day and you had the chance to see how many people really adore you, gman. :)

G-Man said...

yes Little Wing..
All on your own...
The candles were a hint I assume..hehehehe xoxox

After I posted this, I just knew that I forgot someone that I should have thanked...And yes it was you!!!
Thank You Baby for beingt there for me every single day...G

If a person LOVES coffee, then yes they give it as a gift..
A very much welcomed gift I might add!!!

Yes Marja, it was my birthday...
But in your time zone that was like last Thursday...G

Thank You Sweetie for everything that you do for me every day...G

javajazz said...


mmmmm, coffee.


Serena said...

I'm glad you had such a great birthday, babe. I LOVE those do-rags. You'll be the most stylish biker on the road.:)

SignGurl said...

Score!!! I'm so glad you had a great day. You deserve days like that every day.

NYD said...

Hey there. Hope you had a great birthday. It certainly looks like you did. Coffee make for a really good gift. With your first cup of the morning you get to think about the person that gave you a cup of quick start.

Charles said...

Candle and lighter, those aren't for you...
No new computer? Not even a motherboard or sound card? Geesh, you need to start making it clear what you want. Of course coffee, that would be apparent to anyone who knows you. mmmm.

cathy said...

Happy birthday.

Akelamalu said...

What's a doo rag?

I sent you £1000,000 didn't you get it?

Crabby said...

NOOOO! I missed your birthday? Crap! I'm sorry.

I'll make it up to you.

Even though I'm late, Happy Birthdy, G! You know I love ya.

(nice Horton's score, dude. I'm jealous!)

Crabby said...

PS. I write an email to you but yahoo is acting like a bitch the past 3 days. I can't even sign in.

Cha Cha said...


I just read your last two posts below this one and they don't even mention your birthday anyway, so how was I supposed to know?


E-mail me next time, or something.

I think you forgot that I don't have internet at home anymore.

There is nothing at all that I can do about that.

Internet here would cost me upwards of 75 bucks a month.

I don't even have a fucking job.

I'm a loser, remember? Thanks for reminding me.

And it's hard for me to go to public places and sit around blogging.

I'm really sorry.

I don't know what else to say to you, but I feel really bad about what you said to me.

How would I have known? I'm not a mind-reader.

GAB said...

We are all glad your here in bloggerland. Hope you had a great birthday. BIG HUGS!

Manny said...

Noone was thinking about that kind of booty cept you. hehe

You will be drinking tim hortons for a very long time.

Manny said...

Buy me a doughnut?

Jeni said...

Michelle said to stop by and wish you a happy birthday. Looks like I might be running a tad on the late side with this but better late than never. Right?

G-Man said...


Since you are THE most stylish person that I know, I take that as a compliment!
Thank You sooo much..xox

Thank You Jenn.
Tomorrows Wednesday!!!

Thank You for those warm wishes...Galen

Poetry and Haiku's are a wonderful present...
And I thank you very much!

I know...what a bummer!
But the coffee was a perfect gift for me!

Thank You so much for your Birthday greeting...G

It's a bandana tied to the top of your head to either keep your hair from blowing around, or to wear underneath your helmut to absorb sweat, or to keep your head warm!
Why yes I did receive it Thanks.....xoxox

Don't worry about a thing, I knew you'de come around eventually..
Thanks Pam..xoxox

Thank You sweetie for stopping by...
I know about your WIFI deal...I'm sorry that I say stupid things sometime..please forgive me..xoxoxoxoxoxox

Thanks ...I had a wonderful day..xox

I doubt that!!

Welcome to the Jungle!!
Thank you so much for your warm wishes...Galen

morgetron said...

You deserve a happy happy happy day every day, but especially on your birthday.


Akelamalu said...

Oh a bandana righty oh.

The posties are honest where you live - I sent cash ;)

tsduff said...

Glad you cleaned up on your birthday. Looks like fun and I know you love coffee.