Sunday, October 28, 2007

Musical Monday......

The awesome SignGurl ladies and gentleman..WOW!!! What a great new look...Thanks Jenn...
This is probably a bittersweet moment for me Blogger Buds. You see, those of you that know me well, know that I have a very primitive PC at my disposal. The color card is shot, the sound card is completely blown, and my blog was in Cyrillic Script. Yes folks, Cyrillic!! I had no idea what any of my prompts prompted me to do. I was like a poor poor huge wandering waif, trudging through Siberia, with Jenn Helping me out every Thursday with my HNT, my badges, and any cosmetics done to spruce up my blog. But I see she somehow switched this back to English to me, and that only leads me to believe that she will soon be teaching me how to post my own Pics. Yes, I may soon become sorta independant!! I don't know though, I'm very Low-Tech..

As far as Musical Monday is concerned... It seems that every wedding reception from 1970-now, always played certain songs..."The Chicken Dance"...."The Bunny Hop"..."The Hokey Pokey"...And "Proud Mary"!! This million-selling single about a Mississippi paddlewheeler established Creedence Clearwater Revival, as America's chief exponet of Swamp Rock!!!
They were destined to emerge from The Big Easy as the biggest stars from there since Fats Domino.
But there was just one catch: CCR was NOT from New Orleans. They were from El Cerrito California, and they had never been to New Orleans ever!!..In Fact, John Fogarty had never been any farther East than Montana. And the closest that he had ever been to a Bayou, was a swamp by his hometown of Winters California.
Actually, "Proud Mary" was not supposed to be about a paddlewheel at all. Fogarty envisioned her as a washer-woman, but the first few chords he chose, reminded him of the PaddleWheel going round and round. That brought him thoughts of The Mississippi River, and Mary became a boat..On a later interview, Fogarty explained that the sound was easy to duplicate, cause he listened a lot to New Orleans Music..Including Fats!!!
Uh....I wasn't going anywhere with this story, I just thought that it was interesting..
Thanks again Jenn......Peace!


morgetron said...

I'm on that NUMBER ONE spot like white on rice.


morgetron said...

Ok. I go read now.
Be back soon.

morgetron said...

I have a confession: I participated in the Chicken Dance last night.

No one played "Proud Mary" but I wish they would have.

I love that song.

Come on G -- I'll be Tina ... You can be Ike ...


jillie said...

Since j morgetron is one in the same, do I get to be 2nd? LMAO...

I was not aware of any of that info on CCR.

Yes, Jenn is ONE AMAZING LADY! Hell, look what wonders she did for me???


Snow White said...

I'm glad Jenn was able to help you out of your anti-English mode. She is definitely a wonder!

Thanks for the 411 on CCR. I hope you had a fun and relaxing weekend.

I miss you! xoxox

Evalinn said...

Have a great week, G-man!

javajazz said...

have a good week, busy man!

snowelf said...


I always thought it was a metaphor...



Manny said...

Jenn helped me with mine too. She's the most rockinest. Yes, that's a word.

I love CCR.


Serena said...

Swamp Rock? Never heard that term before. I like it, though. Interesting post, and the new header looks really nice. Have a great week!

SignGurl said...

I have to admit, I don't think I had much to do with the language thing. I have always thought this was a ploy on your part to keep me posting your pictures. Heh!

I never knew that about CCR. I would have assumed they were from New Orleans as their sound portrays. Very interesting.

lime said...

gman, the sad little pc running on cyrilic script is still beyond funny. that you blogged at all given the way the deck was stacked against you is amazing. yay jenn!

Anonymous said...

What a great sound they had, velly interesting info G.:)

G-Man said...

Hi Morgie...!!!!
Numero Uno!!!
Ooooh, I bet you looked great doing that dance.
As far as me being Ike, and you being Tina?
Ya know he slapped her around a lot.....?

"Left a good job in the city,
Woikin for the man every night and day"......

You are indeed my second 'person' commenter, but I was first on yours!!!

Aww Di,
I miss you too!
You teachers are so darn busy. But you always have the time to visit and say nice things thanks..xoxox

Thanks sweetie, you have a great week yourself!

You too.
And employed!!

Only a writer such as yourself would look that deeply into a song...
Thanks sweetie.xox

Rockinest is indeed a word!
It may even apply to you!
Glad to see that you've calmed down a bit...G

Serena Joy...
Baby-Girl, "Swamp Rock" was probably more of a regional term, than a national one. But when I mention names like...
Tony jo White (Polk Salad Annie)
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Bobbie Gentry..You sort of get the feel for what they meant by that!
Anyway, Thanks for being so Red, Hot, and Beautiful...G

Soooooo, is this instruction week?
I'm scared Jenn!!

Manny said...

I'm way calm. My opinion is this;
If you're going to come then you better come correct.

And besides, I love you man!

Johanne said...

You are so lucky that we aren't in the 50's... With you cyrillic alphabet, for sure, McCarthy would have be on you... ;-)

Charles said...

I always liked CCR. How about one on 3 Dog Night?

Little Wing said...

G-daddy, I happen to love the chicken dance!
And John Foggerty is one of my favorites, with or without CCR!

S said...

Hi Gman, there is no turning back, you are one of us, one of us, one of us......

Manny said...

Come out and play!

ann said...

oooooooooh Proud Mary... brings
back long forgotten memories;
haven't heard it in a long long
time, but now I can't get it outta
my head... nice one g-man

barman said...

Wow, I guess I said I will come back and post and never did. I was at a wedding where they expressly forbid the chicken dance and several other little gems from being played. Of course they had tons of other great choices. It was music from the 50s. There are lots of good songs from back then. Well maybe not for the younger crowd if they are not tolerant of something different.

So one of these days you are going to have to gasp, cut back on some Hortons and get you a real computer without so much character.

Manny said...

But I'll be watching a new episode of I Love New York at 9. LOL

Manny said...

Tap Tap Tap

G-Man said...

Good girl!!

Hey...A student of American history eh?
You might have been right on that one!
Thanks Jo...xox

I'll see if I can oblige!
Thank you for suggesting that, I think that I can come up with something!

You are always welcome her sweetie, just remember that..
And yes, Tina sang the shit out of that song!
Thanks xoxox

Hi sweetie, You always like older music!
Thanks for the input!

Hi There Miss Absent One!
We all sure have missed you...I hope you have some time for some blogging for awhile. You have been missed!
Thanks for stopping by

G-Man said...

Are you crazy?
Cut back on Tim Horton's?
Now you have both a Tim Horton's (remember, never say just Horton''s TIM Horton's OK?)AND a decent PC, So thats easy for you to say?

Your gone!

G-Man said...

Not quite yet I'm not..
But soon, very soon!
Thanks Mistress..xoxox

Manny said...

It's about time you come out and play.

I'm bored again.

Mona said...

G man...YAWN....