Thursday, May 31, 2007

Friday Flash 55.........

It's down there waiting!
Waiting to emerge, and foul the air...
To escape from the bowels of Hell,
and make all that stands in it's path quake with fear,
and flee blindly and wildly into the night!!

"OK Mr. Haynes, this Gas-X should do the trick...
And please, eat nothing more from the cabbage family"!!


cathy said...

Oh yes Happy dance! FIRST

cathy said...


It's a little windy in here!

what's this I see? A turbo powered G-man?

G-Man said...

Anybody got a lighter?
Good job at the Top of the Totem Pole..xox

javajazz said...

i love cabbage....!
nice flash55, baby....

Evalinn said...

Didn´t know u could be so poetic!

S said...

OMG you make me think of the scene in The Last King Of Scotland in which Forest have to see it....but yes, a fart scene.

Im up! :P

Mouthy Girl said...


LOVE IT! Between Buddha, my ass, and my friend I work with who's pregnant and farting like a maniac, we need some of that Gas-X.

Classic 55, Mister!

G-Man said...

JJ, they can't all be classics...xo

Evalinn, theres much more to the G-Man than meets the eye!!

Good morning Susie, Nothing wrong with a little bathroom humor is there?

Jeez, if I ever was to visit Virginia, the air raid srens would go off!
Nice to see you..xox

SignGurl said...

I thought you were continuing on with my Flash from last week. Now I realize you were just writing the story of my life. (I'm considering divorce based on flatulence.)

Great 55, G!!!

SignGurl said...

That would be his flatulence, not mine *ahem*

lime said...

LMAO!!! oh i can just imagine the seismic

good one, gman

G-Man said...

Signgurl, you live what..40 miles away?
Oh we feel the tremors here baby!!!
But I know you don't blast them...You poot!

Good Morning Michelle,
My little Pennsylvania Poppy..xoxox

Anonymous said...

LMAO good one g-man.
You kicked off my Friday with a big laugh, thanks.

Queenie said...

Let the wind blow high let the wind blow low, early in the morning (Scottish song).
Guess who's managed to flash even though away???
I can't get Suzie's site to let her know, does this matter?

Mona said...

LOL! That is indeed smelly!! Smiley :)

& My late HNT is up!

Hey Galen. your flash 55ves always take time to open up at my screen out here!

jillie said...


LOL....that's too funny my g-man!

TGIF and Borders tonight??


GAB said...

Whew what the heck was that? Oh Im so sorry I guess that would be you! LOL J/K

Melodie Norman Haas said...

That was awesome! I did a 55 this week too. Thanks for stopping by my site yesterday and for the sweet comment! You rock Gman :)

Serena said...

LMAO! You won't need a weatherman to tell which way the wind blows. Great 55, g-man.:)

Little Wing said...

Blowin' in the wind......Amazing! A post about farts!.......LOL!

snowelf said...

ROFL Galen!! No WONDER you had to change your undies!!! :D


S said...

Soylent pink, huh?
Ya big perv.....

Soylent is not a word, I tried looking it up.

Anonymous said...

Oh well... It happens to all of us, no???
Oh! sorry... girls don't fart... never... ;-)))

G-Man said...

Hey TC, glad to be of service!!!

Hi Queenie, Susie is on my blogroll...
But I read it and it was just fine!!!
Thanks for playing..xoxox

Mona...Get a new PC!!
Just teasing...
G-Man loves you xoxoxox

Hi Jildo, I went out but not to Borders...Tipped a few!!.But I'm Back!!

Gabby?...Excuse me.xo

Imp, you did a real swell 55 today!!
Thanks for comming around! You are sorely missed..xoxox

Serena Joy, I'm really diggin your daily pics!!
Thanks for being so Regular..xoxox

Hi Littlewing, My Hot Harley Mama!!
Yeah, Bobby Z would be very proud of this one EH?.hahahaha

Hi Snowelf, I Don't need depends quite yet!! xox

I thought that it was a cute one!!

Hi Searabbit, I know you have NEVER done that. xox

ann said...