Saturday, April 21, 2007

Things Go Better With Coke......

When I want to treat myself to something REALLY special, I'll buy a 6 pack of those tiny retro 8oz bottles of Coca-Cola. As a kid growing up, I can still remember that Coke machine where you lifted up the top, put your quarter in the slot, and slid your bottle up through a gate that worked only after you put your money in. Nothing was better than Coke or Pepsi out of a glass bottle!
The stuff in plastic bottles or aluminum cans, just don't taste the same...
I also remember My Uncle Lynn when he used to detail his 53 Studebaker. He used to take off his hubcaps, put them on the ground so that they looked like a dog dish, put the lug nuts from the wheel in the hub caps, and cover them with Coca-Cola! He said NOTHING cleaned them from corrosion better than Coke.
G-Man did a little research, and it seems that there ARE other uses for Coke, other than to quench your thirst. Although I may have to get confirmation from the lovely Mona on the first two...
1. As a spermicide ( India )
2. As a pesticide ( India )
3. As a toilet bowl cleaner
4. As a windsheild washer
5. As a rust- spot remover
6. As a bloodstain remover
7. As a grease-stain remover
8. As a sink cleaner
9. As a meat tenderizer
10. As a wallpaper-paste remover

Personally, I like putting a bottle in the freezer for exactly 45 minutes. When you open it, it turns to a perfect slush...Do you know of any other uses for Coca-Cola?....Peace ... Galen


cathy said...


cathy said...

jewellry cleaner?
scuse me must go clean my toilet.

PinkHippo said...

I like your wall paper. It is so cool!


abcd said...

Hey Galen, how have you been?

I collect coke can and bottle all over the world and display it in my dining room. You should come explore my collection. :)

a bottle of coke contain 7 table spoons of sugar. not good for health.
well, I might try out your 45 minutes freezing idea.

Mona said...

The first one is news to me,so anyone who wishes to try that do it at your own risk, & dont say I didnt warn ypou afterwards!

The second[pepsitide, oops, pesticide] is a confirmed fact. But then, perhaps not exactly. They were caught adding pesticide to the water with which their imported plants were making the drink, as the water here is supposed to be contaminated. What with so many ppl urinating in the open fields.

I dont know any other uses as such, but I know that if you put a tooth in a glassful of coke for a week, it will disappear corroding.

But I agree, that coke still tastes better from glass bottles .[ we get them still out here, along with the cans too]

Mona said...

Those are really informative facts.meat tenderiser, wall paste!

Anonymous said...

Those little bottles are so cool.
You're right, it tastes better than the can or plastic bottle.
I can't think of any other uses, you've named all the one's I've heard.

G-Man said...

Cathy, see what a rush being #1 gives you?
I bet it would clean your jewelry as well..

Pink Hippo, Thank you so much for visiting.
You can thank a very talented lady by the name of Signgurl, for my wallpaper..

Ping Ginger!!
Hi sweetie, I sure missed you.
I would love to come visit your Coke Collection....How do I get to your place now?

Mona, Thanks for confirming at least part of G-Mans facts!
I love being accurate you know...
I personally, have used Coke in several recipe's, so I know it works for that!
Have a great week-end Mona...Galen loves you!

G-Man said...

Mornin TC, Did you notice that you are the first American today?
Cathy...A Brit in Greece
Pink Hippo...Asia
Pink Ginger...Singapore?

And you and me, a couple of Michiganders..

The World Wide Web!!

Have a great Saturday...

MilkMaid said...

Mmmmm, litle cokes in glass bottles, in the long red PAPER carton. Yes, nuttin better. And we'd semi freeze those and sit on the front porch of Mema's beach house and have one in the afternoon.

Lord have MERCY GMan, you are always strolling me down memory lane.

Daddy used coke for his battery too, still does. Cleans all that crap right off the terminals.

I however still like my diet coke, cold as ice, in my spongie koozie for my afternoon breaks on my back porch.

Coke also is the VERY best marinade for a large ham. And a little brown sugar mixed to make a sweet crust. MMMMM.

Happy weekend, ride down and meet us, we are riding this afternoon. WOOT!

G-Man said...

Morning Milkie..
I have used Coke on ham as well, it does work great.
And today is going to be 73 and cloudless!!
Riding is automatic!!
Ride safe..Keep the Tank Side Up!...G

Anonymous said...

My boss was suggested by a nurse to drink Coke to get rid of throath infection... Coke as a subsitute for antibiotics... Oh! yes... I do wonder what they put in that... but as I'm drinking a few sips's a year, I don't really feel threatened... ;-)

barman said...

Isn't flat coke good for an upset stomach? As a contraceptive I think it would cause more problems then it solved.

I started with a partly frozen bottle of Mt Dew. I discovered this by accident when I worked as a stock boy at a party store. I love those slushes.

Anonymous said...

Have a safe fun ride galen.
Enjoy this beautiful weather.:)

abcd said...

Just get an air ticket, bring yourself and a stock of tulip.
I will take care of you. :)

snowelf said...

I rarely drink soda, but when I do, I want Coke.I agree about the bottles. Plus they are just fun! Coke also tastes better in a Styrofoam cup, too for some reason??

Have a great weekend!

Mona said...

I remember now! We also use it to Raise things!!!

Like a cake batter, an idli batter, a dhokla batter.[ last two are delicious & spongy Indian dishes, first one made of rice cum white lentil flour, & second one made of gram flour!

The Rogue Kitchen Witch said...


Cracker Barrel makes a coca-cola chocolate brownie ... they're also great for ice cream floats as are Big Red and Mountain Dew.

Jungle Jim's International Grocery Market down in Fairfield still sells the Pepsi and Coca-Colas in the little retro glass bottles.

*hugs you*
enjoy the weekend!

jillie said...

It does a good job of relieving cotton mouth in the morning after a long night!!!!!!

Yeah, I've heard of using that for corrosion. Can you imagine what it does to your stomach?

I remember our neighbors had one of those in their back yard and yes, nothing is better than soda out of a glass bottle. ANYTHING out of a glass bottle!!!

robkroese said...

That reads like a list of reasons not to drink it.

javajazz said...

ha! that was funny, Barman!
yes, indeed, as a contraceptive
it would cause more problems
than it solved!

ps, Galen, Pink said she's going to "take care of you..." (wink wink)...

perhaps you should bring
a bottle of Coke with you

SignGurl said...

I hope you are talking about DIET Coke, man!

Cha Cha said...

When I was a kid, Coke was practically all I drank.

I haven't had Coke in sooooooo long.

However, if there was a nice tall one sittin' in front of me that also had lots of ice, two freshly squeezed limes and a shot of Captain in would be gone in about two seconds flat and I'd be askin' for another.

Not my drink of choice any longer...but I went through a very yummy rum phase at one point.

lime said...

apparently it cleans off the battery terminals on car batteries and removes the hard water rings from a toilet bowl.

barman said...

I found some more uses...

Use it to remove oil or blood from cement.

Use it to clean grout.

Use it on your lawn to help decompose thatch.

Use it to remove carpet stains.

Use it to antique photos.

Use it to clean burnt pans.

Cha Cha said...


I am SO glad that I rarely drink the shit anymore.

It's amazing that when you're trying to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony you instead develop a product that is going to rot us all from the inside out.


On the other's just like any other vice. Moderation is probably key. So if you're just usin' it to marinate your're doin' okay.

That sounds kinda kinky actually...

tsduff said...

This is a little heavy, but true:

When my sister was dying from Lou Gehrigs disease, she was place on a stomach feeding tube during the last phase. She was a huge coke fan, and though she was unable to speak due to her airway ventilator, one time when her feeding tube was hopelessly clogged, she communicated(spelled out via blinks) that Coke should be used to unclog the tube we were doubtful, but sure enough, when we poured it in, the Coke cleared out the whole thing in record time and all was well. I don't touch the stuff myself.

javajazz said...

wow, Terry, that is kinda heavy,
but its neat that this horrid substance was used for something so helpful in your sisters case, plus she sounded smart and feisty, looking after herself like that! very cool.

javajazz said...

Strumpie, that is brilliant:

"It's amazing that when you're trying to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony you instead develop a product that is going to rot us all from the inside out..."

ha! touche, baby!

GAB said...

Well I know 3-10 is correct. I also kow that cake ate the lining on my stomach. Soo with that said I now drink Pepsi. But it wont be long before I cant drink that either. I collect all kinds of coke stuff in fact Im a member of the coca cola society. Have been for a number of years.

SignGurl said...

I'm slap happy and Gman's not around to entertain me.

Sweet dreams!

Cha Cha said...

Good night, Galen.
Bless you.


G-Man said...

Hi everybody!!
This is gonna be real cheesy of me....But I rode all day after work, and I have an Organized Ride tomorrow, so I'll just be short and sweet!

Searabbit..Throut Infection cure

Barman...Upset stomach

Just kidding, Thanks Bro!

Pink Ginger...An invitation to Singapore.


Angel...Coke Chocolate Brownies..xoxox

Jillie...Cotton Mouth!

Your probably right, But.....

Sign.....Yes sweetie Diet for me!!

Strumpet...You Rock xoxox

Mona....Cake raiser..


Barman...You Rock brother! I need all the help I can get...

Strumpet...Did I say you Rock? Well....You Really Rock!!

I gratefully admire you for sharing that story....xox

JJ,.....Thanks xoxox

Snowelf...3 days in a row?
Yeah I'm counting! Thanks

I love you both! xoxox

G-Man said...

Thats sooo sweet!
Thanks xoxo

ann said...

it's definitely great on roasting beef and chicken too....