Thursday, April 19, 2007

Friday 55.......#4

One more hour. Then...The prize is MINE!!
I'll show M-TV......This was easy.
Wearing this mic sucks, but I'll soon be rich!
I'll just sit here at Border's and chill.

"Pardon me Sir, my name is Jillie,
could you sign this Recall Petition"?



jillie said...

What are we recalling?

Great post...

wooohooo I'm first...yippie


jillie said...

Ok I get it're at Borders and I'm the one with the petition. I'm slow right now...


barman said...

No fair, no fair. I kept checking and waiting and ... Jillie beat me to the punch.

I gave 55 a try this week. Fun stuff. Now what did you say anyway.

barman said...

Well if I had to lose out to anyone... So Jillie, I'll sign. What are we recalling?

G-Man said...





jillie said...

LOL.....see what I've started! I'm dyin here....LMAO

cathy said...

I haven't done a 55 this week. Despite my insomnia I feel like I've got no time. My mum in law is very sick. I'll read everybody else's though and if inspiration strikes may post later.
So you don't want me to interview you?

tsduff said...

soon you will be rich. yeah, right. I HEARD you when Jillie rode by... ha ha.

G-Man said...

your killin ME!

Cathy, I'm so sorry to hear about your Mum-in-Law...Of course you can interview me...Galen
Maybe you should E-Mail!

Morning Terry,
You can hear Jillie anywhere!!
Have a great week-end! xo

barman said...

I know it is a story I am not that delusional ... well maybe I am. I just wanted to play along. :(

Oh boy, wonderful weather weekend in store. Looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

I need to take some LSD right about now.:)

Mona said...


Jill can chill up the hill while you pay her bill so that she can be still while you run on the mill...

Then she can come tumbling down after you!

Gman...Good morning! I have been invited to come and dance at TC's Party.See you there!

jillie said...

Mona...that was funny!

VROOOMMM I come ready or NOT!

Melodie Norman Haas said...

I think I shall try the 55 today. I am goin to the beach tonight WHOO HOO!

javajazz said...

i actually get the 55, GLH...
you didnt get the million bucks
for keeping silent for a year
because you said the word "sure"
and you were mic'd so everyone
could hear it...

see how smart i am?
not just beauty,
but brains too...!
(tell your friends..)


Melodie Norman Haas said...

I did it! I did the 55 whoo hoo :) Love ya Gman!

lime said...

those shapely petition bearers will get you every time!

cathy said...

OK inspiration of sorts.
thanks to susie's old 55
and my brother's comment on one of mine and no my husband doesn't beat me.

never mind you'll see what I mean.
Mona thanks for asking I'll send you an email later.

now to visit ameratis:)

Anonymous said...

I like this whole friday 55 thingy.

well done

Breazy said...

Hey G-Man! Pretty cool 55 ya did there! How are you? I am well, thank you..heehee! I am ready for a nap right now so my eye lids are drooping a bit but I have to stay awake because all three of my kids have commitments tonight..blah!

Have a good day!

jillie said...

I can't think of 55 words in a row...LMAO

cathy said...

posted mum's poetry

cathy said...

peep oOOO!

G-Man said...

I'm just messin with ya brother!
You have a great week-end!

Mona, A bit Rhymie today are you not?
TC's havin a Party?
You guys have all the fun while I'm slavin away at work..
Thanks Mona, I'll check it out!

Imp, Welcome to the 55 club...I'll go give my critique..Hahahaha...G xo

Hi baby, Thanks for getting my weak 55...
I've been very busy this week!!
And Yes..
You are very bright
Very intuitive
Very Funny
Very Careing
Very Pretty
verry Talented
And a great friend..
Thanks for props!
G-Man xoxoxox

Love you, Miss Melodie!
I'll be over..xox

Cathy, You are on the 55 prowl today...Good Job!!

Limey, who wouldn't lose their focus around Jillie?
But I daresay, that hot Trini brunets are my downfall..xoxox

Thanks for the visit,
And I've read some of your stuff.
YOU are perfect for this little theme..
You Rock Dude!

Sleeping in the afternoon? What a life!
I hope you can visit more often.. Galen xoxox

Cathy, I'll certainly come read some of Mum's Poetry...Thanks
Wait a sec...
Nice pic on the avatar,
I sure am glad you are now visable!!

Don't play dumb with me..
Oh yeah, HOT!!!

snowelf said...

oops! Shhhhh Galen!!


javajazz said...

Danny is so into
the 55 thang...

javajazz said...

hey GLH
hey 55 writer...
hey Shit Knower II

G-Man said...

Two days in a row?
How'd your date Go?

JJ, Thanks Sweetie!!

Cha Cha said...

Good night, Galen.