Thursday, April 12, 2007

Friday 55........For Chandra!

I didn't know she was a squirter!
That took me TOTALLY by surprise the last time we dated.
It was one year ago tonight when she unleashed
that torrent of streaming wetness over my head!
Some trickled down my face....
But no big deal.
Tonight, I'm prepared!
"Two tickets please...
for Rocky Horror Picture Show"!!!


lime said...

don't fergit yer raincoat!

lime said...

woohoo, first! and second!

javajazz said...

ya baby! that's a first,
a Squirter 55...!
Galen is the man!
hopefully it will bring
Chandra A good luck
in her quest for squirtdom...
you go girl...
(as it were!)

still, i must reflect here,
and say, "its not the meat
its the motion..."
and what i mean by all that is,
the grand wet fireworks at the end, well, it just cant be half as much fun as the journey to getting there can be, though some may beg
to differ...

anyway, i'm most certain
your Chandra Annie will now be
tickled and inspired
and very much encouraged
to go that extra mile
and get that thang workin...

maybe she just needs to
have her oil checked...

anyway, kudos for
a heartfelt, and finely crafted
Friday 55, mr. Galen !

G-Man said...

er..... I bet neither of you have seen RHPS, have you?
I thought so....

The Rocky Horror Picture Show, is a total audiance participation experiance...

Items that you may want to bring to a performance are...
A Newspaper ( to cover your head during a rain scene)
A Rain Parka( to keep from getting soaking when you walk in the theater)
Various Squirting Devices(in theory to simulate rain at certain points in the movie, but in actuality, to squirt every dry nerdy looking fucker that walks in the place!!)

Maybe this little explanation will help clarify matters...Sorry!

javajazz said...

of course i've been to a live audience participation/viewing of rocky horror here in our world class city...but i sure dont have the whole thing memorized like you do!!
okay, it ALLLLL makes sense now!
see, you're just too far out
for your own good!

javajazz said...

and i brought my bic lighter and a piece of toast too!
na na na boo boo!

cathy said...

damn I forgot,g-man 1 cathy 0

Did you dress properly?
Many moons ago (if you'll excuse the pun) I went to the RHS with a couple of friends and my brother.
We dressed for the occasion, even the guys wore basques and stockings. That's fair enough as the whole audience were getting into it in a big way. We had candles as well as water if I recall correctly. It was a bit of a shocker for the waiters and our fellow diners at the chinese restaurant we went to later though, the chinese sometimes fail to be inscrutable, but they tried god bless their little cotton socks.

cathy said...

Wow! doing theRHS with Javajazz. I bet that would be fun.LOL

javajazz said...

man, i wish i really WAS
that much fun...
but thanks for the thought,

Mona said...

Geri Halliwell: [ revised edition] Its raining chandra, halelouia [sp?] its raining chandra!!!

Dear Galen,
Would you please be kind enough to teach me how to add links to my blog after you wake up from your eight hours of beauty sleep & after having put on your glasses, have laid your eyes upon this comment?

cathy said...


Read it and weep!

I did.

barman said...

That was to funny. At first I wondered what on earth you were writing about and then I saw. It has been 25 years since I have been to see RHPS. I guess in a way I am glad I have not been lately as I started to have wild thoughts fly through my head about what to do there. I mean back when I went they used to allow birdseed to be tossed for the wedding (which killed me, allergic I think) The toast would fly for a Toast scene. The toilet paper would fly for "Great Scott". They still allowed the squirt guns but were talk of banning them. Confetti, Lighter and a few other things I never got. I never dressed up but some people there looked exactly like the trans people and went and danced up by the screen. It was a very interesting experience to say the least.

If anyone is unfamiliar with the Rocky Horror Picture Show or how the audience participates, check out this link for the Official RHPS Fan Site.

Great one G-man. You are the master.

G-Man said...

Cathy, did I not remind you of this at least 2 days ago? It's no big deal...There see?
You cranked one out already! I'll now go check it out..
And don't let the extremely modest JavaJazz
try and fool you, she would be loads of fun!!!

Mona, are you referring to Posh Spice?
And as far as adding links go, you are talking to the wrong guy.
My technical advisor Signgurl, is somewhat out of it for a couple of days, and so I'm very lost.
But if our good friend Barman shows up, he's a techno-whiz..
Thanks for returning, to a place that loves you..

MilkMaid said...

Midnight Movie Memories.

Cept...there's not much memory.

Happy 13th of Friday G!

G-Man said...

Speak of the Devil..
Bryan, could you please help Dear Mona out with her links? I'd be much obliged, thanks..
And hey, what a great link for RHPS updates..
You Da Man!

G-Man said...

Mornin Sunshine..
Oh believe me, I have lost event episodes myself. One in particular that comes to mind is 2001 A Space Odyssey!! I was always in La La Land with that movie...Thanks for the visit, and have a great week-end..xxox

cathy said...

I found this comment

Jesus Christ on a Popsicle stick! What a twatwaffel


I just had to share

Cha Cha said...

A mental mind fuck can be nice.

Thanks, baby.


I'm well aware of the whole motion of the ocean. My quest for the Squirt is not the one and only thing I focus on. It's just a little something extra to try for and hopefully experience one day.

Believe me....there are TONS of other things I want to experience sexually that are on my list other than squirting. It just happened to be something that came up and the subject will pass...but it doesn't mean I won't keep trying.

As far as 'getting there' goes... that's my favourite part.

Give yourself over to absolute pleasure. Swim the warm waters of sins of the Frank would say...

Don't dream it, be it. It's because of this movie...that I do.

Melodie Norman Haas said...

I think I shall stick to the theatre side of this conversation LOL I have never experienced a RHS live but have heard it is an interesting experience.

tkkerouac said...


Anonymous said...

So come up to the lab and see what's on the slab. I see you shiver with antici... pation.

later bro.LOL

S said...

You'd better wise up
Build your thighs up.....

Dont get got and flustered
Use a bit of mustard
You're a hot dog
But you better not try to hurt her
Frank Furter!
You're a hotdog....

Happy 55 G`man, well done!

jillie said...

And the umbrella too....


I guess it's better to be a squirter than a squeeker...LMAO

Yes, I have been away too long xo

javajazz said...

i cant believe everybody knows all these words to rocky horror! what grand memories you all have...

and G...i finally got the joke
of the true meaning of your 55!
can you believe i missed that?
OMG, where was my mind??
see, i told you, you're way
ahead of and
your cwazy multi layered brain!

and Strumpley, sweet Strumpet!
i love how you Strumpify philosophical're
so wise and get
all this stuff, and you just
express it in exactly your own
sweet way. thats pretty hip,
you know. you write your own
book...i dig that!


barman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
barman said...

For anyone that visits here and also knows SignGurl I thought I would post a comment about her operation today...


Mr Sign just called me and wanted to pass along that Sign, was out of surgery and doing fine! She will be comming home today...


Cha Cha said...

Oh, Ms. Sign... I miss you.

Barman, thank you for telling us what is going on, that's real sweet of you.

A favourite flick ode using my squirt for metaphor...

from my Flow Bitch.

Galen's too sexy for his 55.

'You're wet.'

'Yes, it's raining.'

jillie said...


Signgurl surgery is done and overwith and she's doing fine and will be home later today!!


cathy said...

I sometimes get the feeling that you guys all live on the same street and I,m like a millian miles away."But I'm waving not drowning"
so g-man can you name the poem which I have invertd there. No googling though, that's cheating.

cathy said...

Get Well Soon signgirl.

jillie said...

Cathy...if we even lived in the same town I don't think they could handle us....LOL. But wouldn't that be FUN!

cathy said...

milliOn-with an O

7hrs of ESL students after Easter break, that's my excuse and I'm stickingto it.

cathy said...

sticking to it even. BUM!

lime said...

thanks all for the update on signgirl. glad she is doing well.

tkkerouac said...

should I do cockblog Wed?

wmy said...

Had me going there...

javajazz said...


G-Man said...

Thanks for sharing!

Strumpet, I'm swimming as fast as I can!!
You Rock!

Imp, your an actress, you must go see it live!!

Tracy, Happy Friday the 13th to you too sweetie!

Rick? Nice to see ya Bro!
A little quote come to mind?

Thank You Lady S,
I kinda like that.
Mistress, xoxoxo

Jillie, your never away from my heart....Galen

JJ, better late than never...Thanks G xo

Thanks for relaying that great news......

I don't know nuthin bout no poetry Miss Scarlet!
Are you kidding me?
This ain't the Village Voice!
Your a teacher! You should know this stuff..
And I never Google shit, I always play fair..
And obviously I do not know this poem...So don't leave me hangin on this one.....OK?

I'm sure Sign sends her thanks and love...Galen

Tracy, go ahead baby, you might start a trend..

G-Man said...

Wendy....I hope you weren't disappointed!!

javajazz said...

was i late,
musicians are supposed to have
good timing, me thought...
you goin out for coffee...?
or is you back already?

javajazz said...

ya, i'm glad Signs all cool now.
must have been a scary start
to her day....glad the worst
is over and she will be free
of pain! thanks all for reporting
in, Gman, Bryman and Jilliegal...

Anonymous said...

Woohooo... you will need two newspapers, because I'll be there... I love RHPS... Watched it on tv many times.. and can't wait for a real one in theatre... We have one in Montreal every Halloween... but it's rare this happens on week end...
And for Mona... I will write an entry on my blogger blog just for you dear...

G-Man said...

Searabbit, I'd love to go see it live with you!
That would be a riot!
Thanks for stopping by..
Galen xoxox

cathy said...

Not Waving But Drowning
- Stevie Smith

Nobody heard him, the dead man,
But still he lay moaning:
I was much further out than you thought
And not waving but drowning.

Poor chap, he always loved larking
And now he's dead
It must have been too cold for him his heart gave way,
They said.

Oh, no no no, it was too cold always
(Still the dead one lay moaning)
I was much too far out all my life
And not waving but drowning.

S said...

LOL Lady Choading S here!

More RHPS ....

I was feeling done in
Couldnt win
Id only ever kissed before

Ya mean she?
Uh huh

I thought theres no use getting
into heavy petting
it only leads to trouble and
Giggle giggle

G-Man said...

Cathy,thanks for sharing that piece of poetry with us all.

Lady S,
What very pretty feet you have.
I think I've told you that many many times.
Thanks Susie....G xox