Thursday, April 12, 2007

Before & After HNT


CozyMama said...

dude - i am 1st!

Cha Cha said...


Galen, you are too cute.

Also, that is a very interesting vest you have.

CozyMama said...

ok, now that - that is done. i think I like the clean shave better...hmmmmmmm...yeah I do. Strange cuz i like the hubby with facial hair. lookin good.

G-Man said...

Jodi? Is that you?

I got so many Harley Pins that I have 2 vests!

CozyMama said...

yep, here I am and here I am giving you dibs on 1st comment for my hnt!!

lime said...

hehehehe, you clean up good! not that i'm complaining about the 'before' (cept for the scowl) and how much does that vest weigh with all the pins???

HHNT galen:)

S said...

Very nice spiffification ther Gman!

Hurry up you can be first! HHNT my friend!

S said...

Oh I am now known as S until I can figure out how to undo the mess that blogger has caused, thereby leaving me quite unanonymous at my naked just call me S

T - Another Geek Girl said...

Great pics! You have a lovely smile.


G-Man said...

Jodi, see what happens when you visit me first?
I become one with your blogging universe...xoxox

"S" Thanks for the heads up, but I was a little late..But it was the thought that counts eh?
Thanks for thinking about the ole G-man..xox

Tricia, very nice words from a stranger. One more visit though and you won't be any more!!
Thanks for stopping by.

tsduff said...

I have a billion pins on my vest too. They don't mean so much to me anymore after my husband died, as we went on all those runs together. They look very cool on you though :-D Somehow, authentic.

javajazz said...

i think perhaps the only reason you are not smiling in photo #1 is because those pins are so heavy its hard to stand up while wearing that vest...i'd dig to see those pins close up,'d be neat if you and Terry posted pics of your bike pins up close...!
i like how happy you look in photo # "after"...i think you look so happy there because your hair is so beautiful and you still have long hair in photie #2?

wmy said...

oooooohhhhh...there is nothing better than rubbing up against a smooth it!!
I agree with the other folks...that vest is straight up slammin!! Did I sound cool just now? No?? Ok, I'll keep working on it...

Leigh said...

wow it's two different men! Very impressive.

Have a good day Galen.

Cazzie!!! said...

You, G-Man, are one classy dude mate :)

Cazzie!!! said...

Hey, looking at it again (coz who can resist?)..did you go to my High School and have pics taken in the girls changing rooms?? Because those walls with that tiling work look the spitting image of it!! LOL. True!!

Mona said...

changing of clothes is not peeling of skin

You wear a skirt & I will STILL love you the same


G-Man said...

How's my favorite Biker chick pal doin?
Always sooo glad to see you..
Yeah, pins are cheaper than T-Shirts...
Take care baby.....Galen

Yes JJ...Pony Tail Time!

Hi sweetie, all the snow up there melted yet?
Pretty soon it's gonna be light outside a lot eh?..Thanks for stopping by...Galen xox

Yeah Wendy, you got it goin on!!
I was doing some slamming of my own last night...Drink-wise...
not the slammin you like doin..Hahaha..see ya, G xox

Well Cazzie, if you went to my High School, I'd be tryin to cop a look as often as possible!
Thanks sweetie...xoxox

G-Man said...

Mona Dear!!!
Thats what I'm talkin about!!
I need to hear your Sage-Like words every day..
I'm sending all my love to you...I'm soooo happy!

Anonymous said...

g-man..You look great, I would even buy a new car from this guy.:)

SignGurl said...

I love the after picture because of the huge smile! You look good, G!

G-Man said...

Mornin TC, Thanks...
Have I got a deal for you!....G

Jenn? Wheres your avatar?
G-Man loves you.
I'll be thinkin of you tomorrow! xoxoxox

barman said...

How did I not post a comment yesterday? I am loosing it. I like both of them. I miss the hair in the second one but love the smile in it. Very nice indeed.

GAB said...

You...You....look younger! Be still my heart! lol Hugs

The Rogue Kitchen Witch said...

Good Morning Galen,

Happy NT dear ... I did happen to post a pic btw ... you posted on my blog before I posted it. Oops.

Enjoy the day,

Cha Cha said...

I think I like the scruff.

Goat-tees are fun to play with.

But, variety is the spice of life and a clean sweep makes the stubble all the more fun to play with whenever it's time to grow it back...

Melodie Norman Haas said...

I dont know which one I like better...I mean they both look good, one looks abit naughty and the other looks like a pure gentleman. Hmm both are handsome that is for sure!

erika said...

I agree with Strumpet! Nice vest. Now you can really see your smile!


cathy said...

Did you get jealous of us girls having russians? I liked the beard s'cuse me while I change to black for the statutary mourning period.

Crabby said...

Niiiice! You are lookin hot, G!

Mouthy Girl said...

Oh my God! A double-shot of Galen!


Manny said...

I got mine cut too. Wanna know something, we look alike. Can I call you daddy? LOL

Anonymous said...

Yes.. what is on that vest? All meangful stuff???
And about you... you look so peaceful... like at peace with yo urself... I envy that look... and wish to get there some day soon... ;-)
Happy HNT!

G-Man said...

Barman, your here now, thats all thats counts brother, besides, I think you did post a comment....

Gabby, Yeah about 6 months younger, Hahaha!
Thanks sweetie..xoxox

I missed a pic?
You know where I'm going!
Thanks baby, xoxoxox

The hair can always grow back.
If you like stubble...
I got stubble!
The G-Man aims to please!
Thanks Strumpet..xoxox

Miss Melodie,
Your so kind to an old Biker dude..
You make me feel like I'm 55 again!
Thanks Imp...xoxo

Erika, 2 days in a row?
I feel so special..
I'm glad you liked your E-Mail Penguin..xoxox

Cathy, Nyet!
I'm all set for Friday,
you got me inspired now!

You better watch it, I love young red heads!!

Buddha Girl,
I double shot of me goes a very long way way!!
But your so sweet to say.
Thank You baby...xoxox

Who's your Daddy?

Searabbit,Yes the pins are all places, that I have visited..
And Jo, I think you need a motorcycle ride!!
That will mellow you right out..xoxoxox

Manny said...

You're my daddy. Can I get my child support now?

Ahhhhh ah aha ha ha

Hey! I thought it was funny. Sigh.

G-Man said...

Manny...Go to bed!!

jillie said...

Either way I still love ya!!!!

MilkMaid said...

It's ok, it'll grow back.

LOL...just KIDDING...handsome devil.

tkkerouac said...

You clean up very nicely,OX

G-Man said...

You guys are into past posting too?

Thank You all!!

Anonymous said...

Oh! A motorcycle ride!!! Yeeessss... that would make my day!!! lololol...

G-Man said...

Jo? You too?
Does everybody always comment on past posts?
I've probably lost 100's of comments