Tuesday, December 31, 2013

PSA Tuesday.....

Hi Everybody, G-Man here......
I wish to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for the fantastic support and
encouragement given to me and the contributors of my little weekly writing prompt
Friday Flash 55. It has always been my purpose to give seasoned and novice writers
a forum to showcase their talents, AND to learn how to be succinct and less wordy.
It's both fun and inspirational, and I really look foreward to doing it each week.
Now the PSA...
Celebrate in your own way, the joy of surviving another year in a very volatile world.
If that celebration includes Booze, drink responsibly.
If you know that you are going to drink a 'Few', have a designated driver.
If you know that you are going to drink 'More' than a few, don't drink till you puke.
If you drink till you puke, you are an 'Ass-Hole' and you deserve to have a burning
nose and smell like Rocquefort!!
Happy New Year Everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Brian Miller said...

happy new year g

wishing you all the best in the new year.

Kerry O'Connor said...

Happy New Year! Wishing many good things to come your way in 2014.

Thank you for being a generous host every Friday.

Unknown said...

Just diet root beer for me!
X's and O's to you G!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy new year to you too. Have a good time.

Mary said...

Happy New Year to you, Galen!
May 2014 be your best year ever.

GAB said...

Happy New years G-man! I myself am taking the easy way out "sparkling grape juice"! I know not to drink more than 2 if I was out drinking but its not fair to Mr Gab when he no longer drinks so rather than go out we stay in and do the sparkling juice! Besides Mr Gab had to work tonight till 10pm.

the walking man said...

Seeing as you're sharing this is what I wrote on FB for Detroit this year.

Dear Detroit, My dear Detroit, may all of your ammo be wet, or may your midnight party favors misfire. May it be so brutally cold that you are not able to bend your trigger finger. May you weapon be so cold that it peels the skin from your palm leaving permanent skin and nerve damage. May you be so drunk when midnight approaches that you fire as you're raising your gun and blow your balls off. May an EMS rig not be able to reach you in time if you are injured from the reckless firing of a weapon to celebrate the new year. If you decide you need to go outside and fire your shit may you be the proof that what goes up comes down, if not your own bullet then one from the guy from the next block. May you slip on an ice patch and the barrel firing is pointed right at the brain in your asshole. Happy New Year.

Oddly enough it got a bunch of shares and 40 likes---I'll have to ask Joann if it did any good i fell asleep around 9 but the first rounds went off at 6:15.

Be Well Galen, my friend of light and truth in a rat bastard place.

Gabriella said...

Happy New Year Galen! Hope you had a nice celebration yesterday.
May 2014 be a great year for you!

Fireblossom said...

Happy New Year, G Man. And I have to say that I didn't hear the usual Normandy Invasion from the south side of 8 Mile Road this year. Maybe it was just too cold.

TALON said...

Happiest of New Years, Galen!

lime said...

wishing you a very happy and healthy 2014, my friend.

Margaret said...

Happy New Year. My husband was working and my girls MADE me watch Harry Potter (I've never read the books) and I was pleasantly surprised. I had a lot of questions as the accents stump me at times - but I almost DIED when they said there are 8 of these movies. (not sure I like it THAT much - but I'm stuck now…)

Oh, once upon a time I drank far too much. Now I don't, but I made sure my son and his friends had taxi money to and from the bars (wish my parents had done that for me!)

Happy New Year and thank you for helping me reel in my words - You are the BEST host!