Monday, December 2, 2013

Monday Musings.....

Two things....Convicted Murderess Jodi Arias is now selling
signed prints of her original art on-line through her blog for $39.95.
So...You can murder someone in a very messy horrific manner,
spend all day blogging in a paid for room with a toilet, make money
from deranged sicko's who are attracted to the sordid underbelly
of society, and have lesbian sex anytime you want?
Plus they feed you three times a day?
What a Country!!!!!!!!!
Here's some good news...
It seems that Michael Douglass completely fabricated the lie
about oral sex being the cause of his throat cancer. It pissed his wife
off so much from the embarrassment that she left him. Although I just
read some Yahoo Headlines that said..."Michael Douglas Trying To Woo
Wife Back By Making Her Pancakes"! Jeez Mike, it seems that after spreading
lies about the cleanliness of her cooter, you could AT LEAST feed
her Eggs Benedict!!!
That's all I have to say.
Any other post Thanksgiving thoughts that you'd like to share?


Helen said...

I share your pain ~~~~ one fucking point?

Brian Miller said...

ha. pancakes. not sure how much good that will do...thank goodness you cant get cancer from going down...just saying....

TALON said...

Know what's the worst part? That someone will be buying her the cycle of do-horrible-heinous-things-and-get-rewarded-for-it continues.

The pancakes cracked me up. I'd want something a little more Bourguignon at least. ;)

Margaret said...

…Eggs Benedict. Oh, the lives of the rich and famous - what would we do without them. I'm just getting back into the swing of things - have a lot of catching up to do.

hedgewitch said...

You always find something for me to be thankful I didn't know before you told me, G. I vaguely remember hooting at the Michael Douglas thing originally--and unless he's making those pancakes out of diamonds suspended from 24k chain I wish him luck--but the murderess making a profit off her notoriety is a new one on me.

Fireblossom said...

How do you know he meant her? Maybe he meant Karl Malden. :-P Hey, he had to have gotten on that show some way.