Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Thursday Portrait.....

The 'Wind-Swept' look.
Oh...You say that it's a bit early for a Thursday post?
(In a low voice...) I Don't Give a Shit!!!!
Ha! A little carry over from the previous post.
And speaking of Wind-Swept.....

Since 1953, The National Weather Service got into the habit of
naming potential Hurricanes with a female gender. Since 1979
though, they have alternated male names. The list of names is already
pre-determined. There are actually 6 lists of names, and they alternate
on a 6 year cycle. After the current storm Chantal blows through the
South Atlantic, here are this years names-in-waiting....

Wait Wait Wait.....Jerry? Karen? Those names are HARDLY exotic enough
to be remembered notoriously if they cause a little Panic and Evacuation!!!
Maybe I should have a.....Name That Hurricane.....contest?
I'll go first......
How about Jesus?...Hurricane Jesus!!!....I Like It!!!(Oh stop it, He'd LOVE it)
Now the K....Hmmmmm...How about Kimba? Very Lionesque
Or Kakawanga? Too much like a Wisconsin Cheese?
Well......You get the picture.
I'll be seeing Y'all next time at Thursday Night 8:00 PM EDST.


Unknown said...

Hurricane Kim Jung Un. Kardashian? kumoniwannalaeya?
You look good in "wind-swept".

Akelamalu said...

The possibilities are endless!

hedgewitch said...

Laffin hard. I agree, Hurricane Karen just seems a bit like the nickname of an old bingo-player or something, and Jerry--I'm sorry, but all I can think of is Jerry Falwell, more of a black hole. I do like Dorian, though. And how about Oscar. That would be Wilde. ;_) See you Friday, G--I have three written and waiting in the wings.

Brian Miller said...

what about naming them after mother in laws...ouch...ha...just kidding...mine was nice...she's gone now...

lol joy...jerry falwell lived in my town...he owns/owned the mega church baptist mecca here...smiles...

Maude Lynn said...

Looks good on you, G-Man!

Margaret said...

I'm growing out my bangs too - the side swept look is "in" I hear :)

Hurricane Bertha. THAT'S a name not to mess with. How about Ceasar, Desiree, Einstein, Felisha, Gertrude, ... This could be fun :)

Other Mary said...

J = Jager, that could be a real Heager bomb...or it could give us the Micky depending on the g-force ;-)

K = Kraken maybe? Or Koko, because it would be fun to see all the news reporters standing in 120 mph winds saying Hurrican Koko.