Thursday, June 27, 2013

Friday Flash 55.....

A Chinese space capsule carrying 3 Taikonauts,
(as Chinese astronauts are called)
returned to Earth Tuesday wrapping up a 15 day mission.
The crew performed a variety tests while in orbit,
feasting on Hostess Twinkies and Orange Tang.
 Shitzhunot 10 space capsules immediately went on sale
at all participating Walmarts for $155.55!!!
If you or anyone you know has orbited the Earth,
or written a Friday Flash 55
Please come tell The G-Man
I will visit, read, enjoy, comment...Then BOOK!
So from the most orbital host from coast to coast
Have a Kick Ass Week-End


lime said...


lime said...

love the name you gave to their space module, gman. sounds like it could almost be a feature on another of your regular posts....almost.

i'm back this week here

Maude Lynn said...

I got mine on clearance!

Mine's up on my poetry blog!

Unknown said...

You can buy anything on the cheap at WalMart.
I hear you can even purchase human organs and sex slaves in certain parts of the world.
I do not need a sex slave, but at those prices, I can't afford to NOT buy one!
At my age, my sex slave will be doing housework mostly. In the nude.

Brian Miller said...

haha...went on sale at the name you gave them as well...ha...

Alice Audrey said...

I've been called a space cadet a few times, but I don't think that's the same thing.

Mine is up

TALON said...

When I first saw the photo, I thought it was a giant tea cup! lol!

My 55:

Brian Miller said...

here you go G...i'll leave it here, save a comment for some...smiles.

blackTarred bootToes

Jesus, man, everyone

honking horns

sitting 20 minutes--

4 lanes reduced to one

taking turns

w/ choice words & birds---

across waves

rising off fresh asphalt

water rivulet-ing

the flattener machine roller

to impede sticking

rumbling LOUD chug'a


& you turn the sign STOP2SLOW

relieving PReSSure

how much love

is that paycheck worth?

g-man said...

Everytime I'm stuck in Gridlock
I thank God I live in Podunk Flint!
Great inspiration though
Thanks for the odd post 55
You are in such demand... Hehehe
Have a Kick Ass Week End

Janna said...

Plus, apparently if another store advertises the space capsules for a cheaper price, Wal-Mart will match their price.

Wooo! Space capsules for everyone!

Thanks for another Friday 55.
Mine's here. :)

Anonymous said...

What a great bargain! Thanks for being such a great host every week.

Mine is HERE.

Margaret said...

Totally exhausted ... my words are all a mumble and will give it a try tomorrow. Summer + Kids = Exhaustion. :)

anthonynorth said...

Nice one. I understand you can even buy a politician now.
You'll find mine here.

Tempest Nightingale LeTrope said...

Here are some status updates from one of our favorite space creatures.

Lydia said...

"Shazbot!" is what Mork would say about this 55. I didn't know whether to laugh or feel depressed, but that is my usual reaction to news about China of late. :) Thanks, G.


Mr. Charleston said...

Three men crammed into that thing for fifteen days! They must have been Walmart employees!

The Old Ball Coach

the walking man said...

I still won't go to a Wal-Mart to buy one. That was the one they had trouble docking because the Chinese made seals were poorly made wasn't it?

Oh shit yes I did play again this's stashed under my own space piece...odd how my poetry matched your 55 and your 55 sort of matched my 55 with those dudes being so close and all in that tin bucket ANYWAY HERE YA GO

Someone is Special said...

Ha ha... that's a good one G-Man. I thought it is better not to be a stranger here.. So here is my 55 Hope you will like it :)

Someone is Special

Brian Miller said...

margaret. that makes 2 of us...having my boys and the boy i used to counsel for 9 hours a day...i def sleep good at night...ha...

Kerry O'Connor said...

Now this is good commentary!!

I'm trebling up on sources for this poem, my only excuse: burnout!

izzy said...

Whew - they look like a jumbled load of white laundry, ready to come out of the dryer G!
Very amusing thank you! Have a grand weekend!

Ann (bunnygirl) said...

I'd prefer my space capsule to be a little more luxurious, but one sure can't beat that price!

Here's mine: Swag

Other Mary said...

Ha - I'll take one! :o)

In the meantime I have a 55

The Secret Life of Socks

Vanessa Victoria Kilmer said...

You are just out of this world, pointing out bargains for us. You really can get everything at W-Mart.

Flash 55 - gag*

hedgewitch said...

Love the image of the guys just sort of sitting there, staring at each other. Spaced out does come to mind. Sorry not to play this week, G--but this whole 'old' thing I'm going through is keeping my brain down. (I even had to post an old poem for Shay's prompt--hopefully I will not get 55 lashes, from her, or from you!) Will try to read a few 55's, just to keep my hand in.

Doctor FTSE said...

But can you get SOCKS LIKE THESE at Wal Mart

Helen said...

.. havin' a flashback ~~
'You want the world of tomorrow, Alice? I'll give ya the world of tomorrow! You're going to the moon!'

I'm here


Anonymous said...

Hey Galen - first a super great portrait for Thursday. Second - I feel like I am out in space - working a great deal - no time! Agh!!!!!!! Will get better soon I hope.

Thanks for patience. k.

Vysh @The Colourful Eyes said...
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Vysh @The Colourful Eyes said...

This is my hazy hugs

Margaret said...

WAY late to the party, but I will help clean up :) Woke up early to contribute but am OFF for the day with the whole family (all my chicks together :). I will be back to visit and comment on all the 55's later this evening.

I think the following is something most parents can relate too - fathers and mothers.


Gail said...

My 55