Thursday, June 6, 2013

Friday Flash 55.....

It's tough having a sibling that's brilliant AND famous.
Albert Einstein's brother Irving died penniless and obscure.
His postulate "Trichinosis as a Dietary Supplement" never
really caught on. And consider Confucius's brother Chin-tu-fat's
proverbs..."Girl who sit on jockey's lap, get Hot Tip." And
"Panties NOT best thing on Earth...But NEXT to best thing on Earth"!

Every family has a black sheep, and/or an idiot...hehehe
If you or any obscure sibling you know has written a Friday Flash 55
Please come tell The G-Man
I will visit, read, enjoy, comment....Then BOOK!
So from the most gracious host from coast to coast
Have a Kick Ass Week-End!!!


KB said...

Hot Tip, ha ha. I'd like to say Yahtzee, but I'm sure someone will beat me to it.

My 55 is up, it's good to be back.

hedgewitch said...

Ha! I am here, after all, O Wise Younger Brother G-Man, also known as Wei Krei Zhi. I seem to recall similar things said in Ancient Egypt by King Rootentooten and Queen Hahtsi Tahtsi. (Yes I'm not too proud to steal from the Stooges)

Your 55 is a brilliant concatenation of pearls of wisdom, and very old jokes. Which go together like ice cream and chocolate sauce.

Mine may be fruity, but I'm playin


Brian Miller said...

next to best thing surely. ha.
and i will take some ice cream
& chocolate sauce surely...smiles.

hmm wondering if the idiot might not be a bad role always..ha

mine is up.

Mr. Charleston said...

Well, it's easy to see why Confucius was the smarter of the two brothers. His quote, "Virgin like balloon. One prick, all gone."


Unknown said...

HAHAhahaha. Y'all are funny as shit!

Here is my offering.

Alice Audrey said...

Can I count as my own obscure sibling? I feel like I could use two of me right now and I'm certainly an idiot. :)

Mine is up

TALON said...

lol! I guess that's why no one understands me, G! ;)

My 55: Clairvoyance

GAB said...

My family has 3 black sheep.....and they all think its me! Come read my good news

Jannie Funster said...

Hey, hey it's Thursday Night. The party's on!!

:) :) :) on one particular line, but I' not sayin' which-a-one, lest my mama read this and be all a-blushin' and such.

I heard there was a trichinosis diet for a while -- tape worm eggs, or something. You felt like total shit, but were skinny as hell.

rock on.


Janna said...

Since I'm an only child, that makes me the idiot and the black sheep and the genius and the good kid and the bad kid, all rolled into one.

Depends on the day, I guess.

Thanks for another Friday 55!
Mine's here. :)
Mine is a cross between Dr. Seuss, sleep deprivation, Willy Wonka, and what happens when you've been on antibiotics for a week (with at least one week to go).

Cloudia said...

Let's hear it for panties!

ALOHA from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral
~ > < } } ( ° > <3

Margaret said...

I actually googled "Albert Einstein's brother Irving" and guess what? You were in the top 5! So, it MUST be true. Yet another reference for my children's school reports. :) Gotta LOVE the internet.

Adirondack Bliss

I had NO idea what to write until I was backing out of the driveway, yet again, driving the kids to a destination... and then a FLASH and I knew I could come up with 55 words. :)

Ann (bunnygirl) said...
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Ann (bunnygirl) said...

Well, not everyone can be a genius, right? If so, we wouldn't have scenarios like this: Cooped Up

anthonynorth said...

Great fun, relatively speaking :-)
You'll find mine here.

Lydia said...

You been spying on my medical records, G? I think I had some of Irving Einstein's concoction a few weeks ago and, oy, not feeling too peppy. But your 55 made me feel better because laughter is the best medicine. Chin-tu-fat's proverb was a riot.

Interestingly (or maybe not, after all I don't feel like myself...) I am just finishing up a pretty darned funny novel with one of the bizarre characters being Albert Einstein's brother (in reality he had only a sis). This book is chock-full of strange happenings: The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared

Mine is a two-fer and I am away for the weekend so will be catching up next week.
rose-colored glasses

Fireblossom said...

Don't forget Billy Carter.

Mine is up, G Man.

hope said...

Ah, the ability to laugh at the siblings of others while looking the other way when one of your own comes up. :)

Mine's up. No, you read that right. Off vacation, back to work.

Happy weekend!

izzy said...

We know everything about nutty brilliant siblings!
Black sheep-? well we will see who gets the last laugh on that..

Linc said...

As one of three, I've often felt like Chin-tu-fat myself. This is a nice one :)

Here's mine for the week: Best Served Cold

Akelamalu said...

It's not easy being the genious either G. ;)

Anonymous said...

First time here, giving it a shot...

Vanessa Victoria Kilmer said...

I think I'm the dumb, crazy sister because I think a tape worm would be a great way to diet.

Flash 55 - Revenge by Chance

Helen said...

Hilarious!!! Its no wonder I have a Gary Stevens fantasy thing going on ... AND the Belmont Stakes is tomorrow!!

Helen said...

... this one's for you, G-Man!


Maude Lynn said...

You kill me, G-Man! Where do you get this stuff?

Unknown said...

I'm definitely the f**kup of my family. My brother's very definitely the successful one, although he is carrying some 70,000 in credit card debt. I'm carrying about 5,000 and it's sinking me like a stone.
However, nobody else in my family can write brilliance like this.

Other Mary said...

Hey G-man...they say if you want to be a smartass first you have to be smart - otherwise you're just an ass! I really like you smart(ass) 55 this week!

Here's mine:

Upon Reflection

Kerry O'Connor said...

I'm so terribly late for the party. i worked on this last night but gave up in disgust. I tried again today to have something worthy of G-Man.