Tuesday, December 11, 2012

No Prompt Poetry.....

Meandering through life, with nary a clue.
Recalcitrant/verbose...He bleeds Maize and Blue!

Kooky and crazy
Never being TOO serious
Overbearing and Lazy
With a mindset....Mysterious
Intelligent to some...Immature to most
The Flash Fiction Maven
Always the gracious host
Living life to the fullest, is The G-Man's Credo
Looks good for his age....But NOT in a Speedo!

Acrostic Poetry: Poetry where certain letters, usually the first
in each line, form a word or message when read in sequence.


Brian Miller said...

thanks for not including a picture of said speedo pops....haha...i appreciate you man

fun little intro to you

the walking man said...

Bet you wouldn't "stick out" in the crowd in Florida. Unlike Mr. Miller said picture should be posted soon.

izzy said...

Kooky and crazy ! fun, fun Man!
like the Addams family- the cartoons not TV! Have you ever seen them ?

lime said...

uh...about the speedo....only olympic athletes look decent in them and even then i'm not completely sold beyond perhaps the practical considerations.

Unknown said...

I do not think the inventor of the speed-o was a fan of the male form. There is just nothing attractive about a man's junk.
Hope you had a fun birthday!

Teresa said...

Great poem; of course when you've got such a great topic...

Margaret said...

... well, let us decide for ourselves! Even if only to tease Brian! Ha.

I have yet to get around to last Friday's 55's (but I will) Haven't stopped juggling yet :)

Craig said...

The 'Credo/Speedo' rhyme was a bit of a reach, dontcha think?


G-Man said...

It's pronouned Creeeeedo, as in the Apostles Creed.
Not Craydo as in a Michigan State student.

But Thanks for asking...G

Craig said...

Awwwww, G. . . that's not what I meant (but, you know, 'craydo' would at least correspond with, you know, what actual Latin speakers said. . . and still do). . .

I knew what rhyme you were goin' for; I just meant that coming up with a couple lines ending with 'credo' and 'Speedo' made for some less-than-mellifluous English.

But then, what would a Sparty like myself know, anyway, right?