Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Thursday Portrait.....

It's no secret that The G-Man is a huge Maize and Blue fan!
With kick-off less than 10 days away, I can hardly wait.
Another obsession of mine other than the obvious
UM Football/Redheads/Pretty Feet thing....Is my Love of Ray Bans!
I have Ray Ban Aviators, I have prescription Ray Bans, I have Tortoise Shell Wayfarers, I did have some black Ray Ban Cats until I fell out of a row boat
in the middle of a lake a few years back Grrrrrrrrr.
And pictured above is the find of a lifetime!
A company in Tennesee named Lucky Bear, buys up stock from
sporting goods stores that are going out of business, and one of these
stores had a large number of odd-ball Ray Ban sunglasses. I came across
these Cool Shades on-line, called the owner, and set up delivery.
Yellow Framed Wayfarers, made in Italy by Luxotica, PERFECT for
UM home football games, for the UNBELIEVABLY low price of........
hehehehehe...Thats right, your eyes are NOT deceiving you!!!
See you Thursday 8:00 PM EST


lime said...

i did not know you were a collector of ray bans. are there harley ray bans too?

lime said...


G-Man said...

I wish Trini...:-(
But I DO indeed own a pair of Harley Davidson Wrap Around Shades!

Brian Miller said...

ha...55 is alive....and looking forward to some football you know....smiles.

Brian Miller said...

my son is playing this year...peewee...but first game is saturday...should be fun....

Serena said...

Isn't online shopping fun? So many sites, so many bargains... :)

hedgewitch said...

The chic, it's almost overwhelming. ;_)I'm impressed with your highly developed--for a male--ability to accessorize. I assume a matching ball cap is also on the way?

See ya tomorrow for the funfest.

Cloudia said...

go team!

Aloha from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral
> < } } ( ° >

G-Man said...

Brian...Go Pee Wee Miller!!

Sherry...It's Fun and Easy. What have I been waiting for?

Hedge...Of course!! It matches my watch also!!

Miss Cloudia...Aloha!!

the walking man said...

Cooper Barton, Oklahoma Student, Broke Dress Code By Wearing University Of Michigan Shirt

Apparently Only Oklahoma university school colors can be worn in kindergarten.

the walking man said...

Oh if only I wasn't scheduled for that extremely rude procedure males endure at fifty and every five years after that on Friday.

izzy said...

Oh my how Chic you will be! in Yellow- excuse me-"Bright" Maise ?
Let's see-a comparable obsession of mine -? Books! :)