Sunday, August 26, 2012

I'm Ready.....!!!!!

Does your community have a Harbor Freight tools?
Yeah I know, it IS kind of a cheesy store, but they
have terrific deals on all things power, PLUS they have
many needed items that will help you prepare for the
inevitable Zombie Apocalypse!!
Item #1...A Kick Ass Machete'!!
18 in. Polished Steel Blade, Nonslip Grip...Nylon Sheath Included!
3.99....Are you Shitting me?
Item#2...Magnesium Fire Starter!!
Waterproof...Fireproof...A boon to any survival situation!!
2.49...I'm on it, Like a bonnet!!!
Even if the Zombie thing doesn't come down as predicted, you certainly
are prepared to traverse any equatorial rainfarest that you may
encounter. Of course I was a Cub Scout, and a Boy Scout...
Be Prepared....I AM!!!!!
Have a Kick Ass Week-Peeps....G


lime said...


lime said...

i figured i'd give out a zombie killing scream instead of a yahtzee.

do they sell shotguns too? those are also important in the zombie apocalypse. but i think you are carrying some essential items there!

hedgewitch said...

I am never without my machete and/or magnesium fire starter when trekking through the potentially zombie-infested wilds of the local mall--it's my theory that's where they'll show up first.

In fact, I think some already have.

Brian Miller said...

ha....we have one...and i might need to go stock up....its coming in december right? and dont wait for christmas that will be too late...

Serena said...

Of course! Every discriminating zombie hunter has a shiny machete. And can make fire. Sounds like you're well on your way toward being prepared.:-)

Akum said...

A machete.. cool!

izzy said...

I can see how people enjoy that store-
Be prepared however that can be accomplished! I thought the hurricane
might be somehow affecting your week
glad it is only zombies! :)

the walking man said...

The machete, though a little large is all you really need in the bush. A good knife availeth much, especially if you do not mind hand to hand combat.

Melissa Russell said...

Zombie? Machete? Fire Starters? You've been reading those scary books again haven't you Galen...LOL hahahahahaha great finds.

Christine said...

To bad Charlton Heston couldn't be the meet and greet person at the door for this most auspicious event!

Tony Crimi said...

Machetes make such a mess though. Nothing ruins a good pair of slacks like zombified brain matter. I would have also bought a Tide stick to immediately pre treat any stains.

Margaret said...

ha ha. I'm forwarding this to my son right now :)