Thursday, October 7, 2010

Friday Flash 55.....


A Robin's Egg, Denim Jeans
Moods and Streaks, an Aubergine
Unhealing Bruises, a Cloudless Sky
Unreleased Balls, Azure Eyes
Some say Hawaii....Some, Lagoons
Vibrant Indigo, the Third Full Moon
A precious Sapphire, an Endless Sea
Ice Cold Lips, Danish Cheese
But My favorite shade of this color I've seen,
is on a Michigan Wolverine!!


If you or anyone you know has written a Friday Flash 55
Please come tell The G-Man!
I will visit, read, enjoy, comment....Then BOOK!!!
So from the most gracious host from coast to coast...
Have a Kick Ass Week-End!!!
Now will someone please tell me what I want to hear???


moondustwriter said...

you need Mr. Linky Mr. G.

So who is U of M playing this weekend?. Hope your Blue does well. My son made me so proud I had to write about it

moondustwriter said...

Touch Down!!!! (Forget those whimpy Yahtzee dances) I'm in the end zone

Happy Friday Everyone

moon smiles

Brian Miller said...

ha. looking forward to watching some football this weekend....nice 55 g!

mine is up!

Monkey Man said...

Maize and blue. Second only to Orange and Black. My 55 is HERE .

Dianne said...

Hey, you poet!
ahem, ....but the blue moon is the second in a month. no such thing as a third full moon....anyway,
glad you have something to be poetic about. I love what you wrote.

Fab Di

Jannie Funster said...

Unreleased WHAT??!


And... if have to let you all know... The Spammer is now up.


Anonymous said...

How sporty of you. :) Great 55 as usual. Mine is HERE. Have a great weekend. Go Warriors! Beat the Bulldogs. Go Blue! Beat the Spartans.

G-Man said...

Fab Di...?
Some may refer to the second full Moon of the calender month.
But Originally, some Seasons had 4 instead of 3 full moons. On those rare occasions, the THIRD Full Moon of that season was refered to as a Blue Moon...Hence, Once in a Blue Moon!
(Mr. Knowitall)

Unknown said...

You've got a happy case of the blues.

Mine is here

Me said...

I never thought I'd love a poem about football...way to go, g-man!

Mine is HERE . Musical, once again...

And today, I'm going to wish YOU a kickass weekend, my friend. :)

Maude Lynn said...

Crimson and cream!

clean and crazy said...

another awesome addition to this wonderful meme we have. i got mine up, it is kind of sad but i hope you sign the petition

lime said...

you are a die hard fan, my friend. am i blue has an entirely different meaning for you. ;)

i played along too this week.

Susan at Stony River said...

Those ARE classy colors! (WV's are the same, I did a double-take at the photo LOL)

Mine's up too and I'll be visiting everyone tomorrow -- past my bedtime now.

Happy Weekend G-Man!

S said...

HAH! Dont come over yet, I am not up yet, but we are having a psychic thingy here.
I got a 55 for ya, come back after the Giants kick some butt!

steveroni said...

CROWD: "Hand the ball to LEROY"

LEROY:(eyeing the HUGE front defensive line) "Leroy don't WANT the ball!"

Ah! It IS the season, once again. Colorful! Good descriptive, Mr Know-All G-Man-Thanks for hosting!

Here is MINE for this week

Caty said...

I'm not sure, but I'm getting the impression you're a Michigan fan ;) I finally got around to doing a 55...

Janna said...

Can we still be friends, even though I went to MSU?

Please don't hold it against me.
It was a long time ago. :)

Thanks for another Friday 55!
Mine's here. :)

Millie said...

I agree about Mr. Linky (although my Millie goat likes all of her accidental visitors)! Are you waiting to hear "Go Iowa Hawkeyes!"?

Mine is here.

Serena said...

Those are mighty pretty words you've devoted to wolverines. They're mean little things! Have a KAW.;)

TALON said...

All those shades of blue so poetically expressed, G-Man! I love azure the best, but the Michigan Wolverine shade is pretty nifty :)

Mine is HERE

Anonymous said...

great 55
and what i just found out is that my teacher is a packers fan and i happen to be a bears fan so school is fun right now :)

Jerry said...

Sorry...Notre Dame here. A 55 awaits.

One Prayer Girl said...

Fabulous 55 Mr-G. It's obvious to me that football season is 'your season'.

Let's see....what do you want to hear?


My 55 is finally up after a computer Trojan something or other keeping me away from it all night till Mr. Steve came home to fix it. I thank him very much.


Claudia said...

those are the real fans!
great 55 - fast paced and "blue" smiles

Stranger said...

Love the ode in 55 words. Makes me want to be a Wolverine fan too. But... alas.
I posted one this week. But I must confess, I have not linked to yours and comments on my blog had to be disabled for awhile. I wasn't sure if I should even share it here... but? It's 55 words!
Have a kick-ass weekend!

magiceye said...

loved it!!

my 55 is here

Charlene Amsden said...

I'm baaaack! Like a bad penny, I have returned to 55. My musical 55 is here.

I hope your favorite colors hold out for the season.

S said...

OK I am up with a big lame 55. Come on by!

Eaton Bennett aka Berenice Albrecht said...

Hey G-daddy, my favorite daddy in blogland, I managed a 55. Hope you like it. Have a wonderful weekend and week.

aaaaaand your 55 is special this week...a nice touch of blue. I'm very fond of blue, in most instances. ;))

anthonynorth said...

Different type of football over here, but same kind of people ;-)

You'll find mine here.

A Daft Scots Lass said...

Back in the game!!!

Mine is up!

ChrisJ said...

I've had a hard time finding your blog. I have a FF55 on my blog, is this all I have to do -- post it on my blog then visit you and let you know? Mornin' AJ got me into this

Fire Byrd said...

I've read your name at the bottom of Talon's 55 several times now. So thought I should stop by. Good words to describe something I don't understand being a Brit.

Belinda Munoz said...

I struggled to read past "unreleased balls" as I wondered to myself: is there pain involved or just discomfort? Definitely got my attention!

Mine is here:

Thanks for being such a gracious, fun and funny host!

MorningAJ said...

So why is my Wolverines T-shirt grey? (It was a gift from a friend in Ann Arbor.)
Go Wolverines!

My 55 are here

Katherine said...

My husband played American Football here in Australia for about 5 years until age got the better of him. His colours were Royal Blue & White, his number was 77 & he played Offensive tackle...He played for the Wildcats!
Great 55 G-Man..have a wonderful weekend.

Hootin' Anni said...

I love team spirit!!!
And you most definitely show your Wolverine pride!!!

Here's My 55

Unknown said...

Are you ready for some football!

Here is my

Bubba said...

Wait, G-Man posted a 55 about U of M football? Gosh, now THERE'S a surprise! (Since the big game against Michigan State is Saturday)

My 55 is a 55 Twofer.

Scott M. Frey said...

Go BIG BLUE!!!!!!! Oh YA!!!!!!

My 55 is here:

G-Man said...

Finally...An Ohio Guy says what I was waiting for!
Thanks Scott....G

Someone is Special said...

Nice 55 Ji... Happy Friday.. Mine will be up soon..

--Someone Is Special--

drybottomgirl said...

Nice G-man. I had a boss from Michigan once, he was such a crazy fan that he had a PT cruiser done in Blue and Gold! Have a smokin' weekend! Mine is up!

Megan, Life Revamped said...

a happy blue, for sure!

mine's here

izzy said...

Full of images
and lots of color
a fast 55 !!

-I saw a man carrying a house-

RNSANE said...

Ah, you boys and your football...and it's only just begun. At least we know where you are these days!!!

Someone is Special said...

Mine 55 is ready...


--Someone Is Special--

hope said...

Ah you Michigan folks love your football! [I married into one of those clans...but we're not allowed to talk about Brett you know who].

Nicely done! Mine's up...even on vacation.

Akelamalu said...

You're not in a (blue) mood then? ;)

Mine's up hon. x

Nessa said...

I hope your team makes a home run!

Woo-hoo for basketball.


Flash 55 - Gangs of Gourds

mrsnesbitt said...

Oh wow! Loved this one!
Mine is up - later than usual - but it is definately up!

PattiKen said...

Maybe you can get them to add that to the Crayon box assortment!

I'm late, but just flew with my offering here.

Jadey said...

Ahhh G you make me smile and laugh with your witty stuff. I hope you have a great weekend. My 55 is up and cheers to your boys in blue.

Donnetta said...

Oh, my. Such is the season.

A football poet!

Mine is up. D

Lulda Casadaga said...

Danish cheese and azure eyes are part of me!
Enjoy your weekend watching the blue screen..I'm off to camping! Before I leave though I promise to have my 55 up...and hell I ain't just singing the blues! ;D

ruth said...

Very impressive, G! By chance, are you a 'color commentator'? ;)

My considerably less colorful 55 is (are?)

Tina said...

LOVED this one. I'm a die-hard football fan! Great color words, and the rhythm of this rocked. Mine is here.

jozien said...

Hi g-man, you make me laugh! i loved your comment and i love this poem, because i love colors, loving your poetic descriptions and the end is what makes me laugh because i do not know the first thing about football or is it baseball?

secret agent woman said...

You got some dark purples mixed into that list.

My younger son went to a local college game today with his friends. I asked him if he likes football now and he said, "No, I go for social reasons."

PattiKen said...

Heard the news. Sorry, Galen.

Anonymous said...

I love the brevity and impact that a 55-er boasts of!!! Yours was a delightful and poetic 55-er. Well done!

dustus said...

Hey G. Very late to the party. Here's one I just posted if anyone wants to take a looksy.

Bombing the LSAT