Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sunday 160....Hold The Coffee!

Larry Talbot loved these Moon less nights.
He could finally get a good nights sleep!
Because all too soon, he would be joining the other
Children of the Night.!!
I'm forgoing this weeks obligatory Mug Shot for effect on my Sunday 160 hosted most admirably By The Monkey Man.....Found Here!
I'm also sparing you the exciting details of Michigan's last second Victory over long time rival Notre Dame yesterday in South Bend...
It was Glorious!!!!
I sure hope you know who Lawrence Talbot was.
If not....This 160 might be a bit vague.


steveroni said...

Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man was my first "alone" scary movie, I was about age 11, walked out of the theater with tears streaming all over my face, and a big fake smile pasted on there as well.

I Do remember a Double feature with cartoons and newsreel (WW-II) was 15 cents. And the theater smelled. Phew!

Thanks, Mr G.

I have a 160 HERE

moondustwriter said...

So how does the new version stack up against the oldie? We used to watch those black and whites every Saturday morning.
I don't sleep on moon filled nights either - ha

Moon smiles

have a great week

Anonymous said...

I never watched these so I for one am glad you included the link. Many thanks. Great story my friend. Moon filled nights...I can feel it now :) Congrats on the win this Weekend. :) Our teams both won. :) WOOT!!! Have a great Sunday :)

joanna said...

Coffee talk:
Like the Moon -- I remember re-runs on Television of those scary B& W's and good old scary Boris Karloff as Imhotep / Ardath Bey. The Werewolf didn't scare me as much as the Mummy did, I really though it was real, especailly since we use to go to the Museum in NYC and quite often and see the Ancient Egyptian exhibits.

Steveroni, Wow, .15 cents, I can not recall what the movies charged back in the 60's?

Thom -- go rent or watch on you tube, they are a blast to watch.

S- 160

G- Man -- great S-160 and it launched a lot of coffee talk.
"Thanks for the Memories"

Someone is Special said...

Thats so cool...

my first try, Money Money

--Someone Is Special--

Brian Miller said...

ARRROOOOWWWWW! smiles...sleep well little werewolf...nice on the victory as well...that will make you pucker...

Akelamalu said...

Sorry it was lost on me cause I don't know who he is. :(

One Prayer Girl said...

I always was and still am a fan of scary movies as long as there isn't blood and guts all over the place. I'm too visually sensitive for that.

I missed the 160 this week, but that's O.K.


One Prayer Girl said...

There is no way I will "Hold The Coffee". There must be coffee always unless it's after 5:00 pm. :)


Mona said...

Creatures of the night are always fascinating! :)

Shrinky said...

I loved the black and white Dracuala and Frankenstein movies, even though I couldn't sleep at night for fear of hands snaking up from under the bed to grab me!

Everyday Goddess said...

those movies scared me so much when i was a kid, but i'd like to see them again now that i'm no longer afraid of the dark.

nice 160!

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

remarkable story.
lovely 160.

My Sunday 160

Happy Sunday!

Caty said...

I'll be honest, i had to look him up :) I don't think I've watched either version, scary movies now are just full of blood and guts and not enough scare :)

Monkey Man said...

As Halloween approaches (and I love Halloween) This is an awesome post. Great win over the Irish, G. Boys in blue are looking good. Thanks for being a part of the Sunday 160.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't that be a good day's sleep?

My 160 is here.

PattiKen said...

What's that howling I hear over there? You take me back to "Creature Feature" on Saturday afternoon TV, hosted by the inimitable-but-totally-unscary M.T. Graves.

Dul├že ♥ said...


Serena said...

Ahh, you know me, I love a good spooky tale. Don't hold my coffee, though!

Su-sieee! Mac said...

Haw-oooooooool! Just thinking of those movies give me the shivers.

Su-sieee! Mac
This and That. Here and There. Now, Sometimes Then.

lime said...

bwahahahaha! i think even if you didn't know LT you do a great job of setting it up so the reader can figure it out. well done, as always.

Maude Lynn said...

I confess; I had to look up Talbot!

secret agent woman said...

Uh... nope!

Unknown said...

Moonlessness has a special charm!! ;)
But so does the full moon.. hooooooowwlll.. :) But what about that crescent!? :))

Here is my moony 160:

gautami tripathy said...

Perfect for September and October!

a child's play

And do get aboard the Poetry Train every Monday mornings and thereafter!

clean and crazy said...

so nice to see the old children of the night, the new young vampires and wolfmen are so wimpy and not scary, my teenager loves them, i think they are not even glorified soap operas