Saturday, September 18, 2010

Coffee Talk/Sunday 160....

In the Nineties you were The Shit!!
State of the Art!
With you buzzing that your owner was in demand,
the word incommunicado had become archaic.
The Space Age!
Hi Everybody....
Remember the Pager?
For a brief shining moment...They Ruled!
Then just as quickly, they become obsolete!
Don't Blink.....
Yesterday Me and My Friend Barry went to the U of M
VS. the U of M game.
(Michigan /Massachusetts)
There was Coffee in the Morning, but mostly the rest of the day it was MGD 64 celebrating Michigans Narrow victory..42-37.
A Win is a Win!!!!!
Have a Kick Ass Autumn Week...
Sunday 160 is hosted by The Monkey Man.
Interested? Write a short story or poem, with EXACTLY 160 charactors. Including spaces. Sort of like a Maxed Out Text Message.
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Anonymous said...

Yahtzee!!! Boy I forgot all about those and it was only about 20 years ago that they rules...Wow...I wonder if in 20 years the iPhone and Droid are going to be obsolete? Congrats on the win. I mentioned ya in my losing post pffft...But did we play shitty. Was horrors. Happy Sunday :)

Brian Miller said...

kinda glad too because they were i wish the phone would be replace...maybe we can go back to smoke signals....then we could blame our incommunicado on the wind...

Jannie Funster said...

MGD = My. God. Damn. Beer is good!

Geez, was that pager in a fire? You just so popular it burst into flames, Galen? :)

I think mental telepathy 24/7 is the final frontier, and possibly not so far off. Ya think?

Rockin' 160!


joanna said...

Congrats on the win -- a win is a win even by 1 point.
Good 160 walk done the discarded techno stuff that bit the dust as soon as we all spent money on it -- to then rush out and buy the new gotta have gizmo or be left in the dust...whew..

I second, Jannie's remark - bet someone will figure out how to charge us so much per thought signal.


Unknown said...

LOL! I still carry the hospital.

the walking man said...

Honestly pagers were before my time. I never connected to the electronic world of electronic chains until flip phones came out.

steveroni said...

Hey, Mr G...I'd like to sa...WAIT A MINUTE! My pager just went off. Be right back!

HERE is my 160

Claudia said...

they must have passed me out - haven't seen such a pager in my whole life….
nice 160 galen!
have a great weekend!

Scott M. Frey said...

I was so kool when I had a pager... then the assumption was that pager wearers were drug dealers lol


Anonymous said...

Going from a little box that buzzes to a phone you can carry anywhere made a lot of sense. But what's next?

My 160 is here.

Monkey Man said...

Ahhh the pager. Mrs. MM and I were talking about them just the other day. Thanks for playing the Sunday 160, G. Yes, a win is a win. Close ones build character.

Anonymous said...

Love this concept.Made me smile and feel a little old too :O)

Dianne said...

The palm computers have me dragging my feet, I can't move my fingers on those tiny screens or buttons anymore!

mine is upHERE

not fun this week but writing.
Fab Di

Felicitas said...

I've never been as popular as you G... so I've never had any need for one of those gizmos. But I do remember them. Technological advancement is an amazing thing!

gautami tripathy said...

I think we ought to go back to the times of pigeon male! Better than any modern gadgets!


something fishy

PattiKen said...

Good one. I love the line "buzzing that your owner was in demand."

These things should be obsolete, yet I still guys with half of Best Buy hanging from their belts: phone, Blackberry, iPod, and yes, the occasional pager. It should be no surprise that some accessorize this outfit with a pocket protector.

Akelamalu said...

I think doctors in hospitals here still have pagers. :)

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

that's a beautiful observation,
animated writing,
admirable 160!

My Sunday 160

moondustwriter said... we have an ipad - everything at your fingertips.

What will be next???

coffee in that bottle??

Happy for your team G

Moon smiles
Have a great week

Victoria Ceretto-Slotto said...

Oh yeah! I was living in Detroit when I got my first pager and I thought I was hot stuff. Then there were the humongous cell phones that weighed a pound or so.

One Prayer Girl said...

The only pagers I have ever held were work related. As for cell phones I was way behind the curve but finally got one. Now I wonder how I lived without it. And texting is a must. :)


Maude Lynn said...

I skipped the whole pager craze. I prefer to be incommunicado whenever I can. Or, is that commando? Whatever!

lime said...

never had one i am glad to say but i remember lots of people who did.

secret agent woman said...

I had to take shifts carrying a pager when I was first in practice. HATED it.

Bubba said...

I only had a pager when my wife was expecting, but ever needed it.

(But I'm one of those non-communicative types who doesn't even own a cell phone)