Monday, February 9, 2009

Tired Tuesday.......

Hi everybody....Although yesterday was Sunny, it was still only 39 degrees. But even so, I saw Crazy Bikers riding everywhere! In Michigan we use salt on our highways to melt the ice, and I ALWAYS wait until there is at least THREE heavy rains to wash away all the salt residue.
But it did inspire another edition of....


*You can't see out of the rear view mirror of your car or truck because of all the Harley stickers!
*You refer to your bike as if it had a legal first name.
*Your Christmas list has no words...Just part numbers.
*Every magazine that you subscribe to has the word "Biker" in the title.
*Every time that you spend money, you feel guilty because you could have spent it on your bike!
*You celebrate your birthday at the Harley Store.
*You think 'Helmet Hair' is a fashion statement.
*You encourage your kids to go to the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute instead of College.
*Your dog and your wallet are both on chains.
*You fainted when you met Willie G.
*Jack Daniels made your list of 'Most Admired People'.
*You've spent more money on your Bike, than your education..(Thats The Truth)
*You have at least one ashtray, thats a Motorcycle part.
*You think that the Harley Factory should be one of The 7 Wonders of the Modern World.
*You have more locks on your bike than you do your house.
*Anyone who doesn't just OK.
*Three times a day, you lay a Harley rug on the ground, and kneel toward Milwaukee.
*You keep a separate fridge in your garage...Just for beer!!

Two more days, and I'm outta here....



lime said...


lime said...

ok, the one that cracked me up was kneeling toward milwaukee. classic. hehehehe

Serena said...

Tee-hee, Galen-H. You could ride your bike to your golf retreat, but getting your clubs on the back might be a problem. But cheer up, the spring rains will be here soon enough and you'll be able to hit the open road.:)

Cha Cha said...

Vroom-vroom, Gayland.


Shadow said...

biker to the bone as they say!

the walking man said...

You have oil stains on the dining room floor and it ain't EVOO

barman said...

I guess I am just OK but it does get in your blood for sure.

Love it all but the fridge full of beer is more than a biker thing.

S said...

Yes, two more days until you join me in Bangalore so we can twist up that huge bud, nah?


Akelamalu said...

You keep a separate fridge in your garage...Just for beer!!

I think I'm a biker! :0

Lulda Casadaga said...

My husband and I went for a ride in the country on SAT. We drove about 50miles away from home...we saw many bikers out and love when they give the biker wave. We were doing the wave in our car everytime we saw a group go by.

We then stopped for coffee at a gas station and while my husband was in the store this biker walked by the car and smiled at me.

I was, ok it's nice to flirt on this gorgeous day...only to find out that my husband knew the guy...LOL
At the same place we also met 2 other bikers that we knew...small world indeed.

Mona said...

Where are you off to in two days time????

take me for a ride too...

G-Man said...

Hey Meesh, ya know whats funny?
Thats MY original saying..hehehe

Serena Joy!!! I'm way too old to ride that far. I'll take the golf for now...:P

Strumpet...Great sound effects!!

Shadow Dancing...hehehehe


Bryan...You are WAY better than OK.

I hear they have GREAT 'trash' in India!

A British Bike AKE...:-)

Lulda Dear...I'm sure he would have flirted regardless of whether he knew you or not!

G-Man said...

Hi Mona...
I'm driving South about 569 miles and golfing!!
I'll be back Sunday....G