Monday, December 1, 2008

Here's The After.........

Hi everybody....We didn't quite get the 10 inches of fluff, but I bet there is 6-8!!

Very pretty, but very sloppy...

Also Mona our beautiful resident rolidex, would like everyone to wish The Barefoot Mistress Susie, and the very talented Missy, a Happy Birthday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!



lime said...

wow! i'm not ready for that yet.

your spread from yesterday looked terrific. a gman doggie bag is a special thing.

happy birthday susie!!!

Cha Cha said...

Happy Birthday, Ms. Susie!!!

Happy Birthday, Missy-licious!!!

Galen, it doesn't look that pretty outside my window, but we did get lots and lots of snow.

I don't know how many inches. Not like you.

Maybe four. Or two. Or three.

That's a great pic.

And thanks to Mona for always being on birthday patrol.

Hot Mona, you choding rock!!


S said...

Thank you Monaji, and Lime, Strumpe and Gman!


SignGurl said...

Well, Happy Birthday to Susie and Missy! December is a great month to be born in.

I'm amazed at how beautiful the snow is. If it would only stay that pretty.

Akelamalu said...

There's snow forecast here for tomorrow, I'm dreading it!

That does paint a pretty picture though I have to admit. :)

Serena said...

Fluff. Heh. I guess that worked out pretty well. Looks awfully pretty, anyway. Happy Birthday to the birthday ladies.

Melissa Russell said...

What a fantastic scene to wake up to. Of course I don't have to work in it, but it looks so serene there.

Right now I am in Texas so it is sunny :)

Thanks for the wishes. Susie you look fantastic, not a day over 23 right.

Thanks everyone.

G-Man said...

Strumpet..I'm sure the Birthday Girls appreciate your well wishes.
Happy Birthday again Suzay-Cue!!
Hey Jenn, December eh? hehehe
Hi Ake, it snows in England?
Yes Sherry...Fluff! A lot like my blog..hehehehe xo
Happy Birthday Melissa!!!!
Hi peeps, it was an exceptionally rough day at work today, I don't think I have a post in me tonight sorry. See ya all tomorrow...G

Cha Cha said...

Sorry about the rough day at the office, G-daddy.

Here's to hoping tomorrow will be better.

Much love.


Shadow said...

what a transformation! it's beautiful!

KJ said...

Ommigosh, that's a hell of a lot of snow!!!!

Mona said...

What is rolidex?

That is an awful lot of snow!

I hope it feels as good as it looks!

Evening said...

Hey, I think we sent you that snow, that looks just like the trees in my yard.
I guess there is no denying winter is here anymore. Darn.
Have a nice day G-man

buffalodick said...

We got about 5-6" with more coming this week- winter is here in the Mitten...

Ed said...

What is that stuff all over the ground? Is it cotton? Sugar? I give up...

Oh, and I've summoned you in VE's time of need. You must consult with the gnomes at his blog. It is imperative!