Tuesday, November 18, 2008


In my opinion, the greatest 2 person card game is Cribbage!
I have a 1951 Drueke double trip Cribbage Board, I've had this as long as I can remember.
I also own a 1967 Pacific Game Company continuous track single trip board.
The top 2 pics were taken off of E-Bay. Some of the Drueke boards sell for as much as 299.00 Dollars. Of course mine are in the original box...And will NEVER be sold..
Fifteen-Two, Fifteen-Four, Fifteen-Six, a Pair is Eight, and Nibs makes Nine!!!
God I love this game...


Serena said...

I've heard of Cribbage; have no clue how to play it. Of COURSE, yours are in the original box. One would expect nothing less from you. But geez, $299.00? I'd sell mine.:)

jillie said...

BOO....Guess who????

I love cribbage. Haven't played it in a long time. I use to play at my cousins house all the time. They are a board that was made out of a toilet seat....lol!!!

javajazz said...

i used to love cribbage in my teen years.
havent played in ages...i do remember
it was addictive.
(remember me?)

SignGurl said...

My parents made sure that we all knew how to play cribbage as kids. Of course we all learned to play Poker as well. I think they did that so they knew they would always have partners to play with.

Mona said...

God I love that game if Galen loves it!

Although I haven't the tiniest of idea what it is about!

Of course it will never be sold.

Its for the museum!

lime said...

i have never played cribbage in my life but i'd be willing to learn!

buffalodick said...

I have a 4 track Drueke cribbage board made of walnut. When I was attending GRJC I had an Architectural drawing class with Paul Drueke... Too bad they are gone...

Breazy said...

I love looking at your treasures Galen. I think it is great that you not only keep these things but refuse to sell them, some things are just too sentimental.

Have a great day!

barman said...

I love that game too although it has been forever since I played so I forget how at the moment.

Back when I used to curl I went to a sister club in Kitchner Ontario and curled in a compitition. It was on that trip that I learned how to play. And you know how beggings luck is, I cleaned up at the game. I have never been so good since. Still I love the game.

Wow would you look at that, people are returning... how wonderful. Mona the scoring is strange but you are a smart person and I know you would pick it up in no time.

buffalodick said...

It takes 10 minutes to learn the rules of cribbage, 10 hrs. to learn to count your points, and 10 years to do both without thinking!

Queenie said...

I still have the cribbage board my great great granddad made, it has a brass top and has entertained many members of this family for many years...

myrtle beached whale said...

I used to play cribbage with my dad. You didn't dare miscount. He would take your points in a minute. I think that is why my math skills are so good today.

Akelamalu said...

I've never played cribbage but my Dad plays all sorts of card games and does have a cribbage board.

snowelf said...

I have never played cribbage. Ever. Let's play!


G-Man said...

Sherry xo
Yes I remember you Yenta!
Snow...Thank you all for your comments about Cribbage. Buff that board was made in Grand Rapids..G

Cha Cha said...

Okay, I have never played Cribbage, but if it involves Fun With Math....I really want to learn.

On a side note:

I SO want to play Poker with Sign-babe.

Let's go!


We can play for clothes.

Yes, THAT kind of poker....


Let's go!