Sunday, November 23, 2008

Madison Avenue Christmas.......

Hi everybody...Dont'cha just LOVE the Christmas Season?
And why do we not see these timeless Ads any other time of the year?
I'm gearing up for Turkey Day..How about you?
I pity the Fool that don't that don't have a Chia Pet......
Have a Great Week!


SignGurl said...

OMG! I'm going shopping right now!! I have to have that Mr. T Chia Pet.

SignGurl said...


Akelamalu said...

I've finished all my Christmas shopping, written the cards ready for posting I just have to wrap the presents now. :)

Cha Cha said...

I want the Chia herb garden.

I actually think I AM getting it for my brother for Christmas.

He told me that's what he wants me to get him.

So, I'll probably buy two.


lime said...

it's not the christmas season until the day after thanksgiving. there is a strict moratorium on any christmas activities at house of lime until after thanksgiving.

but the mr t chia pet IS hilarious!

Mona said...

Merry Christmas Galen


Serena said...

If I gave someone a Chia thingey for Christmas, wouldn't they be likely to shoot me? I think I'll give 'em Chicken Chuckers this year.:)

Pam said...

i'm a little upset with you, christmas list is complete w/o the Bedazzler!

Shadow said...

aaah, a gadget man you are!

javajazz said...

ha ha the Clapper...!
i think you can take
antibiotics for that, no?

Bri has a Homer Simpson
Chia Pet...they're funny,
Mr. Retro

KJ said...


Hope you had a great weekend

barman said...

I shop last minute for Christmas a lot of the time. Many a time I was staring at a Chia Pet as the only possible gift for someone since everything else was so picked over. You will be proud of me, I resisted and have never bought one for anyone. But that Mr T one, to funny.

buffalodick said...

Ronco proved it doesn't even have to work, or last for you to buy it! P.T. Barnum was right....LOL

Texas said...

I'm baaaaaack! :D I've never given or received a Chia Pet... Mr. T or otherwise... but there's always a first time! Happy Thanksgiving, G-Baby! xoxoxo

GAB said...

You just called me a fool! and you pity me :( :( :(

G-Man said...

Maggie May xo
Sierra Mist
Gale...Thank you one and all for visiting and commenting...G

javajazz said...

yes, maybe Lana WILL spank you.
(you wish...!)
so, when's thanksgiving
and what are you cookin'?

G-Man said...

Green Bean Casserole
Home Made Pumpkin Pie NOT from a can!!
Fresh and Smoked Sausage.
T-Day is Thursday
Sweet Potatos

javajazz said...

mmmm perogis!!

mmm sweet potatoes

mmmm turkey....

i tried pumpkin pie from a real
pumpkin once and it was
horrible and i usually like
to make things from scratch
but i use stokley's canned
pumpkin, sorry...!

oh, and you forgot, homemade
cranberry sauce? its always
the first thing i make the day

mmmm homemade turkey dinner
at G-man's....

Cha Cha said...



: )

javajazz said...

ha ha, Strumpie Strumpette!

and i believe my name is
Lana now. at least over here,
G-man has dubbed me so.
sure beats Yenta.

Lisa Marie Jazzy Parsley i forget
the rest Yenta Lana