Thursday, November 13, 2008

Friday Flash 55........

Pink or White, Yellow or Red.
Given in celebration, laid on the dead.
But You!!
My cold and lonely sentinel.
Persevering majestically through the wind,
the rain, the heat, the frost.
Your thorny daggers staunchly defend at all cost.
You are beautifully alert, protecting your yard.
Still standing guard!!!
If you or anyone you know has written a Friday Flash 55, please come tell the G-Man. I will visit, read, enjoy, comment....Then Book!!! So from the most gracious host from coast to coast, Have a Great Week-End!!!!!


Serena said...

Beautiful, G-san -- both the picture and the words. You said so much in so few words. xo:)xo

smarmoofus said...

Nice one, G-man... is that really still alive? In November?! I'm amazed.

I'm also up... and I missed Connect 4 again.


Mojo said...

what a tribute! I'm pretty amazed that the little beggar has hung on too up there in the Great White North like you are.

I'm up... and this week I even got the link right! (I checked first this time!)
55 Flash Fiction Friday #20: Paheli Baar

S said...

I played I played! But, It will not be up until midnight PST.

Come see me tomorrow!

Devotee said...

Superb, G-man! I LOVE the line "My cold and lonely sentinel."

That is some amazing writing.

My 55 for the week is up too!

myrtle beached whale said...

I tried something new.

Mona said...

I love your Ode to the Rose Galen!

& Its my favorite flower too!

You have roses in summer there? We have them here in Winter.

But I guess that could be because our winter is like your summer, with crisp cold sunshine to bathe in!

& a lot of peanuts to chew on

& cups after cups of tea

Galen I am not as Demure as you might think ( & said on my 55ve)


How i subtly pass the message to others that I am up!

But I am not as clever as a fox either!

I lie somewhere in the middle!

Is this my comment?

Or is our dearest Strumpet writing for me?

For me to know & for you to guess

I guess...

I love Strumper!

Cha Cha said...



She seems so strong, your rose.

And your ode to her is exquisite.

And, okay, I know it's not officially Friday as of yet, but everyone else is going early, so...

I'm up!


Cha Cha said...

I love you, Hot Mona!

I am smiling huge!!!


Anonymous said...

Feed me Seymour! - oh wait, that was a different plant :P

My 55 will be up at midnight Pacific time ;-)

Pam said...

wow, sure have a way with words. beautiful 55 :)

i'm like erica...mine will post at midnight pacific time.

Cha Cha said...

Ha, ha, ha, ha, HA @ Kaknu

Akelamalu said...

Oh WOW that is so beautiful G! You are a poet!

SignGurl said...

Galen, you should have this one published. This was another great example of your amazing talent.

As you know, I posted early last night. I was too tired to wait and too lazy to schedule it.

Liquid said...

WOW G-Man!
That is absolutely beautiful!
Both the flower and your verse!
I hope she hangs around for as long as the sun feeds her warmth.

Whew......and by the grace of a rose....I made it!
I'm up!

Now running!!

Make it a wonderful day!


buffalodick said...

That one really hung in there...

lime said...

awww, beautiful. i have the last of mine up too.

G-Man said...

If anyone is here reading any comments, Please Please Please go visit The Myrtle Beached Whales blog today. It's a 55 that you'll never forget.
And, everybody's contributions today have been AWESOME!
You all make the G-man very proud!

Donnetta said...

Hi, Galen: Neat 55. Sometimes I FEEL like the last rose of summer.

My 55 is up! Later. D

Lulda Casadaga said...

I like how you tied your 55 into a war reference, great pic and my 55 is up!
A couple of my mini white roses are still hanging on...but not for long!!

myrtle beached whale said...

Wow, G-man. Thanks for the props. I totally appreciate and respect your opinion. Thanks for stopping by fellow 55ers.

Middle Ditch said...

Wow, that was beautiful. I so enjoyed reading this and that pic of the last rose.

smarmoofus said...

Wow, G-man... 55s have become quite popular! Posting early like I do, I haven't been noticing quite how many people are participating these days. *feels bad for missing* Now I'm off to read about a dozen stories... Myrtle Beached Whale's among them.


Queenie said...

Thats incredible that rose has staying power......