Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Retro Wednesday...

The pic at the top was taken off of E-Bay.
In GOOD condition they want 30 Bucks.
My bank at the bottom, I've had since about 1958.
It's in Pristine condition, and it has 2.50 still inside.
And it's hard tellin how long those coins have been in there!
When you save 10.00 the gold door at the bottom flips open..


lime said...


lime said...

ok, had to cha-ching today instead of yahtzeeing.

that's a pretty cool bank, gman. sounds like it's worthmore than it could save for you. hehehehe

Mona said...

Cool! That looks like a post box from India! :D

So when is the Galen Museum opening?

buffalodick said...

So throw in $7.50 and see if it still works!

smarmoofus said...

That is very cool, G-man!


barman said...

Wow I have never seen such an interesting bank. I think I have 53 cents to add to the kitty so we can see the door open!

Akelamalu said...

Kerching! Would you part with it for 30 bucks?

javajazz said...

wow...i think i want to see your basement,
among other things...
you should send a photo
of your bank to the other
bank guy...

Retro Man...!

SignGurl said...

I have really bad gas. Is that TMI?

Melissa Russell said...

Sometimes I just shake my head and wonder where you pull all this stuff from.

You are a Mr. Heeny I think. I bet you are a wheeler and a dealer.

G-Man said...


The Galen Museum is open now!

Buff...I'll take it!

Thank You Smoofy..

Barman...recalculate please!

Ake...I might for 30 pounds!

Thats a Great Idea Lisa!


Missy...From my closet!

Serena said...

Good Lord, man, you've had it since 1958 and still haven't reached $10.00? LOL. Cute bank, though.:)

Liquid said...

Chhhhaaaaaaaaaa - Chhhhhinnnnnnngg!

I love it!

Liquid said...

and Lime rocks!