Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pomp and Circumstance.....

Hi everybody.....I hope you all had a great week-end!
Yesterday....... Me, Signgurl, and Barman went to help our good friend and 'former' blogger Roxi, aka Sarah M. celebrate her finally getting a degree in Criminal Justice!
Thats her adorable self holding a Louis Vuitton purse which was a gift from her Mom..
There's Jenn and Bryan..
There's Jenn's WORLD FAMOUS cucumber sandwiches..
(There is NEVER any left)
Jenn was sporting some very hot and sexy bright red toes, but her piggies seemed to be a bit camera shy all day long..Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..(the little doggie is Star)
And there is The beautiful Roxi...All cap and gowned!!!
We had a grand time...Congratulations Sarah!!!!!


snowelf said...

Whoo hoo!! CONGRATS Roxi!!


SignGurl said...

I cannot believe you took a picture of my feet, you freak! No more cucumber sammies for you, my friend!

Roxi is the hottest grad I know! She is not only beautiful, she's intelligent as well. Oh yeah, I got to hug her many times :P

It was so awesome to spend the day with you all!

GAB said...


lime said...

i know those cuke sammiches and they ARE awesome!

and roxi is indeed deserving of all the congrats and celebration that could be mustered on her behalf. well done, kiddo! way to go! look out world here she comes!!!

javajazz said...

that is all tres cool, babies!
i dig the cap and gown
with the shades!
congrats to Roxi,
and awesome cucumber
sannies Sign,
and woah,
Bryan's lookin'
mighty svelte!
sneakin' photos
of feet as usual huh?

Serena said...

Congrats to the new grad. Looks like a fine time was had by all. I've heard about Signgurl's famous cuke sammies; no wonder there were none left.:)

Pam said...

congrats, roxi!! i'm envious of all that finish college. i'm still not finish after going off/on for over 20 yrs lol

and damn, brian's looking a little trim there! so congrats to him, too!

i could so go for one of signgurl's sammies in this ridiculously hot weather we're having. looks really tasty!

Mona said...

Congratulations to Roxi!

Great Pics & I love the Louis Vuitton bag :)

Mona said...

Signgurl is really an artist with her presentation of food. She should have been a chef!

buffalodick said...

Anybody graduating from anything is cause for celebration! Congrats!

Cazzie!!! said...

Yayyy to Sarah, I so loved my day in a mortar and cape when I graduated University..what a fun time that is, very memorable, so wonderful you got to share in it Galen :)

Johanne said...

Congrats to Sarah/Roxi!!! Such a lovely person deserves the best and I think she found it in you!!!
I miss her blog very much!!
I'm so jealous you can meet like that... ;-((

G-Man said...

Hi Snow...
Congrats to you for being first!!

I'm a freak????
BTW...The parting gift is all gone!!

Hi Gale....:-)

Hi Michelle...
The sammies disappeared real fast!
As you well know...;-)

Hi Lisa...
Jenn is sooo shy..NOT!
She just hid them to piss me off..Grrrrrrr.

Lovely Serena.
I hope you are healing well..
Next time watch your step!

Hi Ciara..
Is your heat wave still on?
It's quite cool here..

She also baked the bread that they were made with.
I bet you are a great cook also!..;))

Hey Buff...
I'll have to visit to see if you cooked this week-end, I'm sure you did!

Hi Cazzie...
I bet you looked HOT, in your cap and gown!

Hi Searabbit..
I know, I miss her very much as well...
Thanks for dropping by..

tsduff said...

I'm so impressed! Congratulations to Roxi on being smart enough to get a degree in Criminal Justice! Wow. Lots of hard work behind that I bet. Looks like an excellent day - celebrated with good food and even better company :)

javajazz said...

well, even knowing
they're in those cute
little running shoes
should keep you
you funny, Gpal

KB said...

Cool, nice pics. Thanks for commenting on my first 55. I may have another crack at it if you promise to stop eyeing up my cans. You thought I missed that didn't you! lmao

G-Man said...

Whatever do you mean?

Mona said...

Really? that makes her doubly Talented! Three cheers for Jenn & her cute little prefect sandwiches!!