Monday, May 26, 2008

New Grill?....Ha!!!

Howdeeeee.... Welcome to Appalachian North!!
Y'all don't have to be from the Holler to employ Hillbilly Technology to everyday life.
Last winter in the midst of a blizzard, my myopic son Reese ran into my Weber Kettle with my truck..(see dent in pic #1). He then so thoughtfully hid my Weber in a snowbank, and always parked the truck with the dent side facing away..This blunt force trauma was not discovered until the snow melted a couple of months back, and I wasn't any too pleased!
Now I understand that most folks have a gas grill...Not Me!! I have had my Weber for over 25 years and it was 'seasoned' perfectly. The bottom part was dented in, the leg holders were knocked off, the top was caved in, and the handle just plain disappeared!!
My family begged me to go buy a grill yesterday, but I considered this a wonderful challenge.
I got out my trusty sledge hammer, and pounded and pounded and pounded some more...
I felt like a blacksmith shaping this twisted metal into a recognizable shape. After a while, I still had the problem of the legs and handle. The legs was an easy problem to solve, I just used the stand from my turkey frier ( see pic #4 ). The handle...? Strictly ghetto, strictly hillbilly, but you know what?..It worked just fine!!!
I got the grates in the grill...
Poured Kingsford Charcoal into my grill..
And I never use Charcoal lighter fluid to start a fire, in this case I used apple wood twigs.
And for the dinner vittles, we had veggies stole from the neighbors garden, Possom Burgers, and Raccoon Bratwurst, sometimes known as "Ring-Tailed Suprise" around these here parts!!!
I hope Y'all are enjoying this holiday week-end, I'm now fixin to go work on my 'still' beforin the revenuers pay me a visit.....


morgetron said...


lime said...

good gravy, gman that is one sad affair. i understand your fondness for the well seasoned weber, but holy moses on a pogo stick i think i'da sprung for a new one.

well, anyway. you done good showin em how to fix it up right proper and i bet that roadkill BBQ was dang tasty.

SignGurl said...


SignGurl said...

*shakes head* I didn't know there were Weber grills around still. That thing must be worth at least a dollar, hehe!


morgetron said...

You know G ... I know that as a father, you are probably pretty irritated with that son of yours, but ... I think that what he did is pretty damn funny.

However, you are too, jimmy-rigging that ancient tool. I can't blame you. I get attached.

We got rid of our gas grill in favor of an old Weber.


Serena said...

Hillbilly fix-er-upper. Hee-hee.

buffalodick said...

My cooking buddy sent my offset firebox smoker grill (wt. approx. 180lbs. off the back of his truck on the expressway once... We beat it around until the grill grates fit, and replaced the smokestack vent with an old Michigan licence plate (everybody laughs, but it works!) so I think you're right about you and me being separated at birth... probably mandated by a court of law!

javajazz said...

well, you proved your point,
but jeez, go out and treat yourself
to a new f-ing Weber already!
(and a digital camera
and a sound card...)
shit, you must be a millionaire
(and a damn good chef....)
(un)happy memorial day....
them peppers is lookin'

javajazz said...

ps, my old neighbours
used to be hard core
Weber kettle users
with real live charcoal...
dayyym, they made
the best gourmet meals
on that ol' thang,
everything from
leg of lamb to
grilled veggies....
theres no way they would
switch to gas bbq...
they thought it had
no soul...!

barman said...

We bought my best friend a Webber when he was married. It must have been a good idea because he got 3 Webber kettles as wedding gifts. Our kettle turned into a driftwood clock. Now 28 years later he still grills on his Webber. I think this is his third Webber however but he still will uses a Webber and charcoal. I have had some mighty good BBQ over there including our annual Prime Rib roast.

I can not blame you about the Webber but for heaven sakes, see if you can find a used one to get some parts off of. I never added anything to the coal before. Does that flavor things? Mighty good idea. And what a wonderful feat you have going on. I ended up beat today and did not grill but tomorrow for sure.

Happy grilling.

Breazy said...

I guess you showed the family huh? LOL! I am going to start calling you a Northern Hillbilly.

Have a good evening!

James Goodman said...

That's great that you didn't give up on an old favorite, G-man. :D Glad you still managed to have a tasty looking meal. :D

G-Man said...

Old Jodie..
Thanks for spending some of your Holiday with the G-Man...xo

tsduff said...

Anyone who fixes the barby is my best friend. BBQ is the food of the Gods.