Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Retro Wednesday.......

Hi everybody...Last night one of my very favorite shows, The Antiques Road Show was on..

On one of the blurbs towards the end of the show, they always present a few of the minor items of value. Last night someone brought in their childhood Slinky, IN THE ORIGINAL BOX!!! Because it did indeed have the box, it had a value of around 150.00!!

I got to thinkin...Hmmmmm, Maybe I should check my treasure trove of childhood toys and see if I saved mine....And did I?? Hahahaha...Of course I did!!!

"What walks down the stairs

Alone or in pairs, and makes a slinkity sound?

A spring, a spring, a marvelous thing,

everyone knows it's Slinky...

It's Slinky, It's Slinky, It's fun it's a wonderful toy

It's Slinky, It's Slinky, It's fun for a girl or a boy.

Everyone knows it's Slinky, Everyone wants a Slinky!!!!"

I think that this might be a regular feature on Mr. Knowitall's Blog Spot. I have a myriad of useless, forgotten, and very interesting items...Stay Tuned!!!

Do any of you have anything from your Childhood that may be of interest to the G-Man? Please share with me if you do...




javajazz said...

hey Mr Retro Knowitall...
how the heck did you remember
that song??
i remember the music
but not all those words!
i bet you have all kinds
of cool old stuff stored away....
yes to Retro Wednesdays...
hey, how about
Half Nekkid Retro Wednesdays?
(jusssssst kiddin').

Serena said...

That's amazing that you still have that! I got nothin'. My mother cleaned out her attic years ago and threw out all our old stuff.:(

GAB said...

Yeah I dont think I have anything left from child hood days :(
My main collection back then were barbie dolls and baseball cards. My sister got my dolls and the garbage man got the cards. I bet he laughed himself all the way to the bank!

Ed said...

I still have an original pair of knocker-bockers. You know, those hideous things you clack up and down and bruise your wrist with.

I saved all my wacky package stickers (you know, product parodies like Crust instead of Crest toothpaste). And for just throwing them in a closet for 20 or so years, I sold them on ebay for over $600.

I love that Antique Road show. I love it when they say "Do you have any idea on the value of this?" and then go on to inform them its some rare Mayan war helmut and is worth half a million dollars...

buffalodick said...

The only plaything I have left from my youth is still attached to my body....

Mona said...

LOL@ Buf!

That Slinky should have a boxing glove attached to it!

& what did the people from Britain call it? Oh Yes. Jack in the box!

My armless & legless doll with turned around eyes & a tuft of hair gone is still at my mom's place

But I have a book from when I was three, It is called Radiant Reader!

barman said...

I have, although it is on loan to our smiley museum at work, a good size porcelain smiley bank. It is in great shape. Last I knew that thing was worth at least $80 although you would not know it by looking on eBay.

So I can not tell Mr Retro Guy... Is that the original metal slinky or the later plastic version? I had me one of those. It went well with my Lincoln Logs, Super Ball, Mood Ring, and clackers. Alas, I do not have any of these anymore.

SignGurl said...

My mother threw out everything that ever meant anything to me.

But, Mr. Sign has all of his original GI Joes in their boxes. He has every piece that came with all the Jeeps and submarines. We think they are worth $1000's. We may have to sell them to send our girls to college. I'm not sure he can part with any of it though.

lime said...

a hundred fifty smackeroos for a slinky in a box. whoda thunk it?

i think this would be a cool feature.

trying to thank what i have that would be of interest. i already showed my dolls from when i was a kid. i do have my MOTHER'S barbie doll though. she had one of the really old ones. none of the original clothes are left though.

G-Man said...

Hi Lisa...
You know whats amazing is that this crap is stored in the recesses of your brain, and sort of pops out of nowhere like it was yesterday!!

I can't begin to tell you how many such stories I've heard like that over the years. My friend Dave once through out a perfectly good wheel-barrow in his trash over 22 years ago. I fished it out, and am still using it today!!
Fred G. Sanford..
And the G stands for Galen!

You collected baseball cards?
You must have really liked that gum!

600 Bucks?

Your Ding-A-Ling??

An armless and legless doll?
That sounds rather creepy!
You are MY Radiant Reader!!


You won't have to Jenn, your darling and smart girls are going to get full-ride scholerships!!

G-Man said...

A naked Barbie?
I'll give you 20 bucks!!!

Breazy said...

I loved playing with my Slinky. They just don't make them as well these days because they are the plastic and they don't go down the stairs as easy as the metal.

I have an afghan that my mom made me when I was a wee lassie! Lord only knows what is my moms attic that was mine as a child.

Have a great day!