Sunday, April 20, 2008

Old Hippies Never Die, They Just... What Do They Do...?

I know it's a bit blurry, but thats how I plan on being today as well!
After today's very emotional service for my friend Ned, I need a little R and R..
I'll tell you all about it on Monday, but for today....
"Pass it to me baby,
Pass it to me slow,
And put a little smile on your face,
Before you let it go....
We're gonna lay around the shanty...
And get a Good Buzz On"!!!
Peace...!!!...4/20 Baby!!!!


Cha Cha said...

Man, I want to lay around the shanty and feel better too!

Welcome back home, Galen.

Blurry is okay.

My whole world can be blurry sometimes.

And not because of anything to do with my eyes, just because.

lime said...

hugs to you, galen. things like that are never easy. your friends here were thinking of you.

jillie said...

Awwww...I understand the blurry part. You are one terrific friend. Have I ever told you that?

Jillie Bean loves her g-man!!!

(((HUGS))) and ***KISSES***

javajazz said...

...and Lisa Marie Jazzy Parsley
(as Strumpie has dubbed me)
loves her Mr. Blurritall too....

you know you're old when:
1) your kid tells you
what 4/20 is and then
proceeds to go celebrate it...

Here's to Ned,
love to G-man
and happy blurry 4/20...xoxo

Serena said...

Blurry lines, that's what gets me. It's too hard to color inside the lines when they're all topsy-turvy.:-)

Cha Cha said...



No, I'm not high.

I wish.


Hi, Madame Parsley!!! xo

buffalodick said...

Blurry is a good thing...

tsduff said...

Wishing you peace today Galen.

javajazz said...

Hi Strumpkie!
i love my new ever expanding name!
see how creative you are???
happy 4/20 day
from the straightest hippest
old mama in the land...

Mona said...

Blurry is your forte these days I see *wink wink*...But I LOVE the blurry things you send us...

What is R & R Galen?

Ok today is the 20th of April. So it must be officially R & R day I guess!

In India 420 means something else though...

Cha Cha said...

Hot Mona,

R & R means 'Rest and Relaxation.'

With a touch o' green, R & R is extremely satisfying.

And 420 day is like the non-official holiday for pot smokers.

There are many different theories as to how 420 came about...tons of stuff on the web. Some people say it stemmed from a code police use for pot-related crime. But, apparently that is not true...but still many people will say it stems from that.

Many people say that 4:20 is the official time to light-up during the day. Or to get your initial smoke on.

There are a lot of people that wear t-shirts, or other attire, that say 420 and that would signify that they are a toker.

I'm a fan of the movie Pulp Fiction and it's funny how most of the clocks in the film are set to 4:20. Basically, 420 is code amongst pot smokers to say, 'Yeah, I get high.'

Awwww....Lisa....nicknames are FUN!!

And Galen helped me with yours.

And I think you through the Parsley in there.

It was a total group effort.

Madame Lisa Marie Jazzy Parsley

It sounds like a house of illicit and most fun activities with good food and hot music with velvet Elvi on the wall.

Donnetta said...

Hi, Galen: Glad the "good bye" to Ned is behind you. He will still be near. I am also a child of the hippie days, but I was too naive for getting blurry! I weighed 93 pounds and dressed really funky. English major who wrote poetry all the time. Wore the gold rimmed John Lennon glasses. Thought I was "all that." Those were the days.

javajazz said...

ha ha! velvet Elvi...!
i love the plural of Elvis.
that's like moose and meece.
(actually its nothing like that.)
Flying Elvi.

SignGurl said...

Hey, G-Daddy! I hope today finds you as blurry as you want to be.

Big hugs to you, my friend!

Cha Cha said...

I soooooo need me a Velvet Elvis.

Oh, a Strumpet can dream.....

One day a Velvet Elvis will be mine!

You know, when I make it down to Graceland, or something.

BTW, Madame Lisa Marie Jazzy Parsley will be all that was described above AND it will serve THE bestest rugelach in the world! It will be the busiest joint in town with all the services they offer and fun to be had.

And the cool decor.

Are you blurry yet, Galen?

I think you will like my post today, even though you won't be able to hear it. =P

Spoony Quine said...

` Damn.

G-Man said...

Awwww...You guys are the greatest...Thanks.

Strumpet, thanks for standing in for Barman today as the Secretary of Information!! Much Obliged!!

Michelle, Jildo, and Yenta, thanks for just being my very loyal friends!!!



Terry...Thanks for still being here sweetie...G

Listen to Chandra...((HUG)))

You may return to the Darkside at any time...G

Gotta love little Lexicon!


Cha Cha said...


Ha! Ha! Ha!

My pleasure!!

It's only cos the topic today at the G-ster's was 'WEED.'

A topic, in which, I am thoroughly familiar with.

Even though I've been a very good girl the past year.

The difference between 'through' and 'threw,' however, is a topic that, until I go and re-read and notice my error,....somehow eludes my fingers.


Oh, and unfortunately, I seriously lack the linking knowledge that ONLY the Bardude can provide.

I just babble.

In that, I am EXTREMELY proficient!


Mona said...

Thank you Chandra for enlightening me on this! :)

James Goodman said...

I'm very sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. Blaze away...