Sunday, April 27, 2008

I love Spring Sunday's........

Hi everybody...G-Man here.
This morning at 5:30 AM, my wife and daughter flew to California to visit our 82 year old Aunt Julia. This was also a graduation present for my daughter Amanda, who graduated this week from The University of Michigan, with a degree in Fine Arts!
Soooo....? When Mandy and Mrs. G are on vacation...Me and Reese are also on vacation!!
I wasted NO TIME in making a 9:00 AM Tee Time at the beautiful Willow Brooke Golf course!
18 holes AND a cart for 25 Bucks!!!
Such a Deal!!!
At around 2:00 PM, I received a text from Amanda and a beautiful pic shown above..
Well, it just so happened that I also was enjoying a beautiful sunny Spring day in Michigan!!
I think my Motorcycle may have gotten a bit jealous, but he'll get over it....
Have a GREAT week.....Galen!


Serena said...

Beautiful shot of the Golden Gate. That's a gorgeous golf course, too -- and a cute golfer. Enjoy your vacation.:)

Pam said...

i live about an hour away from s.f. i don't go there much, but always a good time when i do.

congrats to your daughter on getting her degree! you go girl!

anywas, you look very dapper in your golfing attire and it looked like a fabulous day was had by everyone. take care. :) xo

Mona said...

Its a he? I thought Your motorcycle was a she....

Nice Pictures Galen. I can see th California haze that I remember so well...

The cart is cool & so is the golf stick & the golf course

& galen is.... Well of course GALEN

Love to Galen, Mrs Galen Amanda & Reese & Galen's Aunts & Uncles & brothers & sisters & Alex!

buffalodick said...

Congrats on the U of M degree! We never regretted our eldest going there- a good way to a good career...

lime said...

wow, that is a deal indeed. both on the vacation time and the golf fees.

i know you and reese are going to be having a blast this week!

GAB said...

we were freezing our asses off on Sunday. Barely above 32. Tuesday we will see 55 weather again(fingers crossed XXXXX)
Hi G-man

javajazz said...

cool, Cal-i-forn-eye-eh, eh?
i should go there before Poopy comes home.
its so gorgeous...and i've never been
to that where Mrs and Ms G are?

sexy golfer...
oh to be a patch of green
on that green...

Breazy said...

Congratulations to Amanda!

the pics are beautiful and you look like the cat that got the cream sir.

Hope your whole week is as good as your golf trip.


Ed said...

Excellent idea. Go eat at the Stinking Rose restaurant when in S.F. You won't regret it...

Akelamalu said...

Well done to your daughter and you make sure you and Reese behave whilst Mrs g-man is away! ;)

Cha Cha said...

Yeah, Galen....your bike's a HE?

I hope Mrs. G-man and the G-daughter have just as much fun as Mr. G-man and the G-son are going to have.

I think I need to learn to play golf.

I hear it relieves stress.

xoxo, Gayland....and congrats to your lovely wee one....that's only too beautiful.


'Madame Lisa Marie Jazzy Parsley needs to go to California to see Poopy.'

Stand in front of the mirror and say that to yourself ten times each morning until you do it.

(And after you are done with the ten times, tell yourself how hot you are as a reward.)

Eventually, you will want to go...

jillie said...

When the cats away, the mice will play!

I hope you're enjoying your mini vacation...


Congrats to your daughter as well ;o)

G-Man said...

Awwww, Serena Joy.
You my Dear are the cute one!
But thanks anyway!!

Why thank you Ciara, Thanks for stopping by...G

Thanks Mona...
My Motorcycles name is Barney..
Oooooh Alex will LOVE your well wishes...G

Are you sure we are not related?
Have a good one...G

Hi Michelle...
We are on our way now!!
Glad you are feeling better...((hug))

Hi Gabby Gale...
Sorry about your weather. :(

Just GO!!!!
Lisa...You will never ever regret it..
But you will regret NOT going..Just Do It Yenta!!<3

And Breazy....
Heather turns 29!!!!
((birthday kiss))

Thanks for the tip
I'll pass it along...G

Hi Ake...
Yes Quite...
The mice are playing whilst the Mama Cat is away..hehehehe

Strumpet Dear...
You have found an excellent stress relief of your own =P
And I 100% agree with you on your advice to Jazzy..I hope she listens....Gayland

Hi Jildo...

Cha Cha said...


EVERYONE engages in that kind of stress relief.

It's not something people have to go out and learn how to do.


I just talk about it a whole lot more than most people.

Cos it's more fun that way.

javajazz said...

aww, you guys...
and Gay-lo
(hee hee!!)
thats funny, Gaylo!
thanks for being so supportive!
you guys rock.
i cant go.
i cant go anywhere.
i'm stuck.
stuck stuck stuck.
but thank you for being
such kind hearts!
i love that.
madame jazzy stuck parsley
loves that. xoxo

javajazz said...


(snicker, snorkle...)

Cha Cha said...



I love it.

It's like Cee-lo, or J-Lo.

It's too awesome.

And one is only as stuck as the fake glue that holds us.

TIP: Most fake glue is easily dissolved with simple soap and water.

P.S. I have fake glue of my own I am working on. So, I am an expert on fake glue.