Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tourism 101.......

Hi everybody, I have been to Florida probably 35 times in my life, and I have never been on an airboat. I thought it was just about time I finally did..

As you can see we are on beautiful Cypress Lake, the land surrounding this body of water, just South of Kissimmee, is all a protected wet-lands. Because of that, there are no homes on the lake and it looks very desolate. The airplane engine was so loud that you had to wear protective ear gear.

The tree in the 3rd pic is a 400 year old Cypress Tree, the 4th pic is a whole bunch of baby gators, possibly as many as 16. But I apologize for the piss poor quality of my camera phone, it's all I had. You have to look closer like a 'Where's Waldo' thing...sorry.

The last pic is a little easier to make out the big 10 footer in the middle of the shot..

All in all it was very enjoyable, I highly recommend it.

Bear with me, just 2 more installments...



javajazz said...

eat my dust...!
oh, er, sorry,
where are my manners???

barman said...

Second ... darn!

barman said...

I love it. It would be fun to not only get a ride on an air boat but to pilot one. Probably no one crazy enough to allow that however.

Hey you got the picture even if it is not super. If you look hard you can see at least three gators in the one shot. The second one is much easier to see.

You mean the air boat was not power by a Harley somehow? Gasp.

Cha Cha said...

That tree is way kinds of coolness.

I could stare at it for hours.

Awesome pic.

My fave of the bunch.

jillie said...

That air boat looks like it would be a BLAST!!!!!

That tree is pretty amazing. You can keep the gaters though...lol!!!


Little Wing said...

I agree with Strump, that tree is way narley.

Little Wing said...

Just two more installments??!
That sucks!
We want more!

Serena said...

Nice pictures.

Mona said...

I don't see any baby alligators...

Galen. I Don't ride hogs, I am riding horses these days...

lime said...

funny that it took you that long to decide to take an airboat ride. then again i've been there probably 10 times and never took a ride.

Melissa Russell said...

Yeah I'm with strumpie, the Cyprus tree is most awesome. They have always intrigue me with their design. I have always thought air boat would be kind of like water skiing but way better.

SignGurl said...

I've only been to Fla once and I got to ride on an air boat...nanny nanny boo boo!

It's hard to believe that tree is 400 years old in comparison to a Redwood's size. Pretty cool!

snowelf said...

Are you trying to take the croc hunter's place? ;)

Cypress Trees are such fantastic little trees. They are so unique!!

I have never been to FL, but I'm going next summer with Pitty-Pat and Scuba Steve. :)


G-Man said...

No gloating!!

Good job on the gator hunt Bryan...G

Thanks Strumpie..
Glad you liked it!


Thanks sweetie..xox

Serena Joy...!!
As I live and breathe!!You're a rose among the thorns..
You make me giggle!!

A Hog is a Harley!
And you would look hot on one!

You would love it!!
Welcome Home..xox

Yeah MUCH better in my opinion..Thanks..xoxox

No bragging!!!

You vacation post made mine look like Kindergarten..xoxox

G-Man said...

That was supposed to be a Haiku...sorry..G xox

Cha Cha said...

he is cool and fun
galen is a hog rider
and he's a hoser

G-man Haiku for You,
by Strumpet

Serena said...

Yes, it could have been.
Train of thought's gone south now,though.
Maybe you can catch.

G-Man said...

Your so very kind
Thank you for being my friend
The Queen of Chi-Town


The lovely Sherry
She is always sooo genteel
Virginia's BEST

Mona said...

Galen. I know that a hog is a Harley. STILL I don't ride hogs. I ride horses. Don't believe me? Guess I hafta show ya... Check your E mail in a day or two!