Sunday, March 30, 2008


Hi Everybody, due to unforeseen circumstances beyond my control, the inner-most workings of my dryer are in such great discord with the perceived usage expectations, that I cannot with any degree of accuracy state when the Sear's repairman can come to see me..
However!!, With-out fear of being too far wrong, I can safely say that it should be sometime very soon, because being at the laundramat on a Sunday afternoon, does NOT make the G-Man very chipper.....
Be sure to tune in tomorrow to see how a week-old hambone, can turn into a delicious pot of Split-Pea with Ham soup!!!


Serena said...

That is not a happy face. Thankfully, it's not your only face today. Stupid dryer! Get that Sears man over there PDQ. So, is the soup on yet?:)

Cha Cha said...

A man sits down in a diner.

The waitress approaches the table to take his order.

"What kind of soup do you have today?" he asks her.

She replies, "We have Split Pea and Chicken Noodle."

The man orders a bowl of chicken noodle soup and a cup of coffee.

The waitress leaves the table, the man begins to read the paper.

A moment later, the gentleman waves the waitress back over to his table.

"What can I do for you?" she says.

"I have changed my mind," he tells her. "I would like to get the Split Pea soup instead."

The waitress leaves the table, and shouts back towards the kitchen, "Hold the chicken, make it pea!"

My grandfather has told this joke, every time we have gone out to eat, since I was wee.


Melissa Russell said...

Galen, lovvvvve the hair boyo!! I know that isn't a happy look but it sure as heck isn't a bad one lol....

Hope this situation resolves itself soon and you get a working dryer. Nothing wrong with being at a laudrymat though, watch the people then sit back and laugh.

Have a good evening.

G-Man said...

No Sherry, not a happy face at all. Maybe I will take my day off Wednesday, and wait for him. Oh yeah Baby, the soup is on and it smells GREAT!!!

Bubbling green cauldren.
Delicious kettle of Love!
Split-pea with Ham soup!!

Have a Great Day Red..G

G-Man said...

hahahaha...Love family jokes!!
I'll remember this one!!

People watching at Border's is so much more fun!!!
But interesting to say the least...
Thanks for always checking in, your sweet..

Cha Cha said...

My laundromat has a Dunkin' Donuts/Baskin Robbins next door and a Blockbuster on the other side. And there's a KFC/Pizza Hut next to the Blockbuster. So, there's lots of stuff to do while you wait, like eat shitty food if you want. Though, I do like KFC green beans.

It's called Bubbleland.

But, I really don't do laundry very often, though.

I'm a dirty girl.

When I do, I only put my clothes in the dryer for ten minutes anyway.

Then I bring them home and let them air-dry.

However, as I said.... I really HATE doing laundry, so this doesn't occur with any sort of frequency.

When I was younger and lived with my mom, and there was a washer and dryer in our basement... I would wash a load of laundry every day just to wash a pair of freaking jeans.

Now, I think stains give my jeans more character and a lived-in/laidback, rock 'n' roll, heavy metal vibe.


SignGurl said...

*giggle* at "Dirty Girl" Strumpet. That's pretty hot!

G, you look so mean in that picture. Bring your stuff over here and I'll do it. What's another six or eight loads?


Searabbit said...

OMG! I so know how you feel!!! I did that walk to the laundromat for a few months in my teenage, while the dryer was dead, and my parents couldn't afford the repair, or the new machine... It was a really hard time!

Melissa Russell said...

You must love Senryu
I see you write it alot
Wonderful wordplay

lime said...

you are definitely not looking like a happy boy at all! dang. i have spent many an hour in a laundramat. ya should have called me we could have played cards while the undies tumble dried!

Charles said...

Gee, G. Grumbly grr. Get your tools and fix the dryer yourself. You ride a bike,you can handle fixing the dryer. Dryers are dead simple, a motor and belt to make the drum go roundy-round, a heater to (gasp) heat the air, a fan on the motor to blow the soon to be hot air, a heat control or thermostat, and a timer of some sort, unless it is electronic. Like Snow knows, physical layer first, that is check the simple mechanics first, get a meter (borrow one if you have to) and check the element for continuity, there's usually a diagram somewhere, either on the back or inside. Go to the library and check out a book, if you have to. You'll feel better about having fixed it yourself and save a few bucks, too (that's an understatement.) Sears is pretty good about parts for appliances. Use this.

snowelf said...

Aww, G-man, I hate seeing you so grumpy... :(

I hate the laundry mat too. Yuck! I was so thrilled when I finally had both a washer and a dryer in my apartment at the same time, so I totally feel your pain. Hopefully you get it fixed soon. :)

hugs!! Now, let's see that smile! :D

((LOL! Yes, Charles--physical layer first! ;)) I still wouldn't fix my own dryer though--I did TERRIBLY in electronics :P)

jillie said...

The ONLY advantage is that you get it all done at once and you can get the hell out of dodge and fold it at home. Oh man, I hated going to laundry mats!

I hope you didn't leave any skivies behind!


I LOVE split pea soup. Can I come over for dinner?

jillie said...


Mona said...

That very fierce G!

But not fierce enough to scare me away yet....

Ok! Here are Two Kisses on the cheeks to make you smile!


Does that feel better?

Mona said...

Galen & Co. Please come to my blog & wish my friend ART a happy birthday


S said...

Hey! I was at the laundromat today too! I dont have a washer and dryer so I dont have a choice.

But Gman, I do ALL my laundry every other Sunday night, and that's that.

I hope you get your dryer fixed soon you spoiled baby.

I will bb for the soup

S said...

OMG Charles is just amazing! Lookit that how his brain works!

And furthermore, I want to go to a laundromat called
Mine is called Boomers

tsduff said...

I can't think of anything good about laundry mats... haven't used one lately, but my heart feels for you.

I'm in full comfort though, knowing I'm in good hands with you = split pea and ham soup is a pure crowd pleaser when done by yours truly.... ;-)

G-Man said...

Trouble in Bubble-land!
Sounds like a Chi-Town mystery novel...Thanks..G

I'll do my own underwear

Hi Jo...
Yes, this trip brought back old memories...G

Very clever yourself Missy...*wink*


I know it's only the switch and timer, but I'm very low tech!!

Seeing your smiling face Snow makes me very Un-Grumpy...Thanks...G


Yes we will all show up!
I feel much better...G

That place sounds neat also!!
But NOT as neat as Bubble-Land..

Hi Terry...
You will soon see about the soup!!

barman said...

Oh dear, I do not like the laundramat myself. I have gotten so use to just toss the load in and go about my business until it requires some of my attention. Good luck with the repairs. Hey, maybe you should get the Maytag repair person out. I mean they never have anything to do, right?

Looking forward to the soup tomorrow.

I will wave as I go by on Wednesday. Looks like I have a viewing to go to as my best friends Mom passed over the weekend.

barman said...

Smiles at Strumpet and listens to Charles. So much to learn here...

G-Man said...

You are driving by Flint???
E-Mail me....G

Cha Cha said...

I just want to say that I have loved coming back down here and reading all of G's comments about laundry and soup.

I think Boomers sounds pretty cool, actually!

And Charles, I need a man like you around my apartment for when my vibrators break. They can't possibly be as complicated as dryers.

One would think.

Do you think Sears sells parts for them?



My condolences to your friend.

If you see G, pinch him on the bum for me.

Or the elbow.