Thursday, March 13, 2008

Florida Flash 55.....

"How much?..Thirty-Four Ninety-Five...?
Slowly he approached the decadent amalgam of sea-food delights!
Huge oysters on the half-shell..
Oysters Rockefeller baked to perfection..
Every kind of shrimp
Crab Legs
Every kind of clam
(except the 'bearded' variety)
Oh yeah..Ribs And Prime Rib!!!
But you know why I'm here..LOBSTER!!!!!!
Hi everybody, this brings to a close the saga of G-Man's Floridian Escapade!
Thanks for being so patient, This was a place Called the Boston Lobster Feast.. It was absolute heaven, Every time we approached the raw bar, this guy would come up to us... Tong and lobster in hand, and practically force those wonderful red steamed morcels of succulence down our throats..He did that 4 times with me. The 3rd pic down with me dunking a whole tail in the melted butter like a French Fry.....Priceless!!!!!
Have a great week-end everyone, and if you or any of your friends participated in this weeks Flash 55, please tell me about it, I promise I'll read and reply ..Thanks..G


lime said...


lime said...

boy oh boy does that sound like one heck of a feast you had there!

jillie said...

THIRD!!!! lol....

Oh that looks SOOOOOOOO yummy!'re such a TEASE!!!


Little Wing said...

Those pictures ROCK!

OMG I want tail!

I want lobster tail dunked in butter!

My 55 is up, G-daddy, if anyone wants to see it.

javajazz said...

butter me up, baby...

barman said...

I noticed all the pictures are a little hazy. Is that a seafood haze there G from the feast. Very nice. And what a lovely vacation. Glad you were able to get away and have a wonderful time.

I have a 55 up as well. Not my best, matter of fact pretty bad but I had something I needed to say even if no one reads it.

You have a great weekend too. The temps will be nice.

Serena said...

Sounds like Seafood Heaven -- everything but the oysters, anyway.

Mona said...


That looks like a horror story!!!

I HATE sea food!

I am afraid to go & look at those pictures again!

S said...

Woww I'll just bet that was delish!
Im with Mona, you can have my seafood...anyway, just think how far Mona is from the ocean whoa!

Mona said...

Galen, My 55 is up. Never realized it was a Friday again so soon...

G-Man said...

OK, I've done my morning 55 duties, all others that have played please tell me, I'll reply tonight after work and after Border's...Later

James Goodman said...

oh, yummy... you're Friday 55 made me hungry, lol. Good stuff.
I have one posted as well.

SignGurl said...

You can have my share of the seafood too. You do look so happy stuffing yourself.

I posted a 55 this week even though every week I say I'm not going to. I just do it to irritate you. *smooch*

Melissa Russell said...

Well I am with Mona on this one ewwww, but both of you guys look like your in heaven. I love catfish, talopia(sp) and Tuna but that is about it in the fish variety or oceanic aquatic types.

Have a great weekend, have fun at borders.

Melissa Russell said...
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snowelf said...

Yep, you can have my share of seafood too, Galen, which is unfortunate, because it's really healthy food.

Even dunked in butter sauce.

But, really, I think more things should be dunked in butter sauce.



Akelamalu said...

WOW a veritable banquet! Nice to see you back. x

Breazy said...

I have enjoyed all of your vacation pictures Galen. I am so glad that you had a really good time, wouldn't it be nice if vacations lasted longer?

I have only tried lobster once at Red Lobster and what I tried had a really wild taste to it so I didn't favor it that much but I am wanting to taste some without the wild taste because I am certain that I would like it since I like most seafood, shrimp of course is my fave!

Have an awesome weekend!

ann said...

guess where I'm going next week????

yeah, I'm Florida bound too for some sun sea sand and... whatever, but definitely no lobster for a nice Jewish girl like me

glad you had an ab brill time...

Searabbit said...

Wow! you had a real feats!!!
You got also a High-five from me... ;-))

G-Man said...

I've answered everyone on this page on their own blog!!!!


I'm going to Border's!!


Coquette said...
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Cha Cha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cha Cha said...

That was me.

Sorry, Gayland.

I'm having MASSIVE computer/blogger issues this evening.


What else is new?


I love your mouth is drooling.

I had to eat a can of tuna after, cos that's all the seafood I have in the apartment.


Less than 48 hours and I will be there....

Whoo hoo!

jillie said...

Me brain is not functioning


G-Man said...

Florida twice in a year?
Give your hot Mom a big hug from G-Man, and try and take it easy on all the seafood...
Have loads of fun...G

Way too Blonde!!!
But you are sooo sweet!!

Charles said...

Sorry I haven't been by lately, G. So I might comment on some of the posts I missed.

First thing I'd like to say, is when you see baby gators in the wild, turn your a__ around and get the he__ out of there. Momma's never far away, and they will charge you if they think you're messing with the babies.

Second, even though I've lived in Fl, all but about 2 years of my life, I've never been to Kennedy/Canaveral.

Third, airboats are pretty cool, I helped my buddy start making them. After his first at one time I think he had something like 6 at one time in different stages of completion. Pretty simple construction, you just need a big press brake and know how to weld aluminum well. After applying "poly" to the bottom of the first one, he was outside in the field of grass and sand, running it around dry. I understand they are awesome in the snow, also.

Finally regarding this post, you are welcome to my share of seafood, also, I'll take the steak.

Cha Cha said...


I WISH it was twice in one year!!

But, no. Just for spring break.

I went last year around this time, if that is what you are referring to. I think it was maybe a couple weeks after this.

Anyhow, I leave Monday morning.

My flight is at ten.

Not big on flying. I'll get there way early and indulge in some bloodies.

I'll still be online, though. If I don't bring my laptop, my mom has one with wireless.

xo, G-man.