Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Return of Swinefest.......

Hi everybody...I hope you all had a great week-end.
My knee is feeling much better, Thank You All!!!
I dunno about you..But it only got up to 5 degree's here.
With a wind-chill of -19F
That'll frost your bobbin...


jillie said...


jillie said... I can comment ;o)

Those are pretty funny. Are those the warm ups to the H.O.G. parties in Daytona???


Brrrrrr....COLD COLD COLD! It's been in the 70's ALL wknd...wooohooo!

Breazy said...

and I thought it was cold here. Love the comics! Stay warm.


Serena said...

Ooooo, pork fest. How cute! Truly. Pigs are great when it's freezing cold, aren't they? A little bit of bacon will warm you right up.

Little Wing said...

G-daddy, I needed a little of that sunscreen today, 67 and sunny in Cali!!!!!!!!
I loves me some pork!!!!

Evalinn said...

Hey G-man, glad that u are feeling better. Over here we actually have som daylight these days! :-)

SignGurl said...

I love the pig cartoons!!

I'm not very excited about the cold today. I got both kids up and ready and then the school district calls to delay school two hours. Grrr...

The air temp when I got up this morning was -8 with a wind chill of -22. I don't think any amount of layers will help with that.

Have a great day and stay warm, G!

Charles said...

Bobbin? That would cause parts to fall off. I really don't understand how people can stand those kinds of temperatures. I'd be sans ears, nose and lips, already, and likely eyelids.

G-Man said...

JILLIE!!! a matter of fact!

Hi Breazy..
You watch out for tornado's down there..

Hi Sherry..
I think maybe 'makin Bacon' would keep you warmer!..hehehe

Jadey, you are the 2nd Cali Chick that has been touting your weather..
I hope you appreciate it!

Hi Evalinn...
That must mean that Spring is getting closer!
I'm glad you are back safe....G

You keep warm Girl!
And out of the wind!
our wind chill was only -19 so my kid had school!

You stay inside, thats how you stand it!
Sort of like the opposite of Fla. in August!...G

tsduff said...

Not so fun to ride the bike in that friz, is it? Hope you have heated gloves...

lime said...

glad your knee is better. we had a comparatively balmy 8 degrees this morning. love that bacon one at the top!

and thank you for being a friend

javajazz said...

i hate winter
i hate it
i froze my @#%& off today
took a subway across town
to have sarahs stupid goalie
skates sharpened
and i thought it was near the subway
but i walked and walked and the ground
was like glass made out of footprints
and the wind was howling
and i hate winter
i hate it.
highly dont like...
i dont even have
a bobbin left.
it froze and disintegrated.
i cant get warm.

Breazy said...

Hey Galen! I just wanted to come by and check on you, actually I am making sure you haven't frozen to death since I was by here yesterday....heehee.

I hope you are well my friend!


tsduff said...

Well, JJ, have to admit my lb-age is good for something... keeps me warmer than you, skinny bones jones. I agree - cold is akin to pain.

javajazz said...

man, Mother Nature
just pulled out
all the stops this winter.
its just non stop...
and our weather is almost
identical to Michigans
for some odd reason....
ps my tushie
never gets cold...
just thought i'd share that, TS...

Spoony Quine said...

` Don't let your knee kill you, nor the coldness! I hear at least they salt the roads so people don't have freekin' snow days!
` Did you know Lou Ryan got a commendation letter for being one of three people to show up at work because it SNOWED!?

` PS I likes pigz! Live, not dead.

` PPS Lou Ryan was almost horribly gunned down by the SWAT team if you want to read about it over here!

G-Man said...

Heated gloves?
Terry, you so funny!!
Nice seein you baby...G

Yep, A porcine goldmine!

You are a very special friend in your own right!
8 degree's...?
Yeah baby..That ground-Hog can kiss my ass!!

The Sub-Way?
I guess it's better than finding a parking spot!
Wear some long-johns!!

Hi Breazy...
No...I'm not on my back stiff as a board YET!!
Thanks sweetie...G

Cha Cha said...

Galen Lee,

Keep your Bobbin' busy so it stays warm.

We just got over our bout with the major wind chill action, not that it feels like it's fucking 2 degrees outside right now with the wind chill.

But, now we have a snow advisory in effect until 4pm tomorrow where we will accumulate another 3-6 inches.


G-Man said...

I'll gladly come and visit you, but somehow I find it hard to believe that Lou Ryan was in any real danger..hehehe

I had an Aunt Jo that used that expression all the time..I never knew what it really meant, but it always sounded cool...
You stay warm Child!!!!

javajazz said...

hey, my kids have
an Auntie Jo...
see how much we
have in common,

yes, good advice
keep bobbin, GL..
its gotta help somethin'...!

i hate snow.
i'm not impressed
with wind chill factors...
we've had every fucking storm
in north america.
i'm done.
and i dont even live
in the windy city
like Strumpie does...

ya, another pile tomorrow.
cant wait...
now if i had a little somethin
to blow my snow,
that might be different....