Thursday, January 17, 2008

Friday Flash 55........

Since I rarely get head-aches,
and I don't get drunk,
I bet I've taken less than 50 aspirin's in my life!
Now...This is my daily regimen....
Lantus.....Slow release Insulin
Humalog...Fast-acting Insulin
Byetta...For the Pancreas
The first three, I take by injection!!!
I know what you're thinkin....


barman said...

First but do I want to be first on this one?

barman said...

Isn't getting older a b*tch?

I have taken more headache remedies and less medication but I am sure that is a changing. No fair.

Now how about a happy pill?

Serena said...

That's a lot, but worth all the hassle since it keeps you healthy. Old? LOL. Who are you kidding? Not moi.:)xoxo

javajazz said...

its not that you're old,
its just that the pharmaceutical empire
has it set up so that you become dependant
upon their pill needs you
to take another and on it goes...they prefer
that we not be well, so this assures
that they will always be in business...
and we're all brainwashed into thinking
this is normal...i'm just saying...tho'
they are quite colourful, arent they...

Charles said...

I take Synthroid in addition to Cytomel. I figured you for a strictly herbal kind of guy. ;) Maybe that's why you don't get headaches, all the dilation of the blood vessels in your eyes.

Little Wing said...

Herbal? Did someone say herbal??????

G-daddy you will never be old as long as you can ride like the wind!

Little Wing said...

Oh yea, mine is up.

S said...

Dang thats a lot of stuff!
I hope its helping you out old man!
Ok I am up Hurray!

Breazy said...

awwwww! That is a lot of medicine. We just found out that my husband has high cholesterol but instead of going on meds he chose to try the low-fat diet for four months to see if that will bring the cholesterol down, if not then he will have to be put on meds in May...the sad thing is that my husband is only 35.

You have a great weekend!

Snow White said...

Okay, G-Man... I'm up! I accepted a challenge from my buddy, J. You'll have to visit his blog for the rest of the challenge!

Have a great weekend... I'm off for a couple of days.


G-Man said...

Good Job Bryan!!!
Oh I got a happy pill all-right...hehehe

Uh Oh...I better go see!

You make me feel so young
You make me feel like Spring has sprung...
Hahaha Thanks...G

Thank you for that report from the AMA Lisa!
All those meds though are serving a purpose!!

I'm trying to stave off the on-set of Glaucoma!!

Oh you finally posted after almost a week eh?
I'll check it out!!!

God I'm glad you are back!
I'll be right over...G

No More Ribs???
Nice to see you Baby...xoxoxo

Oh you played?
I'll see you too..xoxox

SignGurl said...

Get off the Zocor!! That shit is toxic to your joints and I don't mean the ones you smoke.


lime said...

dude, you're only as old as ya feel. and when i gave you a hug in the airport ya didn't feel old to me ;)

Akelamalu said...

I bet you rattle! Get past 40 and it's all downhill - I know!

Mine's up.

Cha Cha said...

I do like my Advil liqui-gels....but I think women have a bit more pain relieving needs than men....

I've never really been one to get hangovers...not the headache kind...more the tired kind from partying all night, so no Ibuprofen needed for that purpose.

Though, I have suffered from stress-related migraines and use pain relievers for those.

I am not on any medication.

But, I do take a multi and a flax seed oil capsule every day.

There are days I have to take allergy pills.

I do a vitamin C chewable.

I sometimes supplement a lot more with herbs, depending on my needs at the time.

Check back with me in ten years.

We'll see how I'm doin' then!


I also like happy pills.

But, haven't had one of those in awhile.

Boy, you're bringing back some memories, Barman!

Cooper said...

And I thought my 6 or 7 dailies was a lot...I agree with barman...getting old blows...

Cazzie!!! said...

Medication time...need a nurse??

Toadee said...

life is full of such variety

jillie said...

Oooohhhh...what pretty pills!!!!


javajazz said...

yes, they serve a purpose
all right, G-popper,
they keep the pharmaceutical companies
going strong...
kindly note Signgurl's comment
and how barely conscious people are
of things like that...

snowelf said...

Galen, I know it seems like a lot, but if it helps you stay healthy and keeps you kicking/riding/blogging around with us longer, I'm all for it. I trust you to take care of the guy we all love,

Happy Friday!!

--snow, who is absolutely frozen at -3 here!! Brr!

G-Man said...

Thanks for the advice..
You are always right you know...xox

Thanks sweetie, that moment was enough to make anyone feel young!!

Hi sweetie, your 55 was very good...Thanks...G

I've heard your list of cold and flu meds before!
You are no stranger to multi-meds...
I'm glad you are not sick now...G

Welcome to the Jungle Brother....G

Maybe I need both you and Jillie to nurse me back to health..hehehe

You too?
Thanks for stopping by, and you are always welcome here!!...G

Thanks, it was great!
No snow, but bitter cold!


Yeah yeah yeah...

Hi Snowelf...
Queen of the North!!!
Missed you sweetie..xoxox

morgetron said...

Awwww yes.

No drunky ... but that is quite the pill intake.

I'm glad you're taking care of yourself MR. G.



morgetron said...

PS: I do not take pills on a daily basis. I used to work in a medical office and saw the way the drug reps schmoozed those doctors every single day and it motivated them to prescribe, prescribe, prescribe.

Thankfully ... and I'm only 31 ... so it's easy to say this now ... at this point, I don't NEED any drugs because I have no conditions that require them ... though it has been suggested that I try a certain one on a regular basis by my OBGYN, but until something really goes awry ... I'm staying au naturelle.

javajazz said...

thank you Morgetron
for bringing some light
to this situation...
sorry, G-man for trying
to help.
enjoy your pills.

Cha Cha said...

Actually, I still have quite the cough.

It really is time it went away.

Spoony Quine said...

` Holy shit!!! Back when I took that much medication, my body chemistry changed so much I went insane!
` I feel your pain.

` PS, my website is expanding....

smarmoofus said...

Oh my, that's quite a regimen. I used to be pill-free, myself. Now I take a daily multivitamin and a daily allergy tablet, as well as occasional doses of naproxen sodium (OTC pain reliever) for "morning headaches" due to a ...uh... sleep disorder, of sorts. But my two-to-three tablets a day are nothing compared to your pharmacopeia!

I'm up, later than I've ever been... I posted last night, then promptly fell asleep.


jillie said...

I got phone germs from!!!!! I'm sicky poo!


buffalodick said...

What's scary is I take a handful of pills in the morning- all for different reasons than you! How many goddam pills are out there???

G-Man said...

I too was pill-free at 31!
Things change..I'm still kicking!!!

Don't be offended...
I know that you are only trying to help...
I can't be blamed for what I say..I'm a Saggitarious remember?

Yes Strumpet..
It's time it got better!!
Sorry sweetie..xox

Hi Baby...
I've not turned on the PC in 2 days...BUT, I will go back and read yours...xo

You got Packer-itis!!!

I should buy stock in Lilly...hahaha

G-Man said...

You are far from insane!