Thursday, January 10, 2008

Flash Friday 55.........

"Go ahead" he urged.."put it in your mouth".
'It's so hard', she said.
"It's SUPPOSED to be"..He whispered with a grin.
"You'll love it"!
As soon as it passed her waiting lips, her mouth was filled with an explosion.
She swallowed greedily!!
But it soon became soft....... shriveled.....
"..So this is Double-Bubble"??
Have YOU written a 55?
If so please tell the G-Man...
If not?...C'Mon...It's easy!!


Serena said...

I remember Double Bubble.:-) And now you've written a 55 with it. Kinda makes me giggle.:)

G-Man said...

Like maybe Double-Giggle?

Serena said...

Oh, sure. Double-Bubble's good for plenty of Double-Giggles.:)

G-Man said...

Serena Joy....
I better shut-up....
(big smile)

That image was hot!!
You have a great week-end as well...

lime said...

goes in hard, comes out soft!

good one, g-man, very clever ;)

barman said...

Lovely. You sure had me way out in left field trying to figure it out. And then you ... sprung the trap. Very nice indeed. I love it when your write them this way. Ten I think your 55 is always superb.

I managed to come up with an idea when driving home today ... mine is up. It felt good.

Enjoy the snow for the weekend...

GAB said...

Double Bubble who would have known.....? Well I for one had my mine in the gutter sorry thats just the way I think sometimes. Having grown up in a neighbor hood where all the talk was about sex or induendos well you get the picture!

Little Wing said...

G-daddy, you are so naughty and I love it!

My Flash Friday is up!

Cha Cha said...

I have one, but it's not Friday yet!

I'll get it up sometime tomorrow.

In the meantime, I'll just sit here blowing bubbles...

Mona said...

Galen! You remind me of my school days!!! I was given that bubble gum by an blonde American boy named Edward who also taught me how to blow bubbles!
& he was being so kind to me because he was infatuated with my elder sister :D :D

Cha Cha said...

'kay, it's Friday now.


Mona said...

Ok G! mine's up too... as much as I could do from cyber cafe.

I came to check on Susie on her blog & am really amazed and ashamed about what happened with her! I wish someone had been with her. I would have sent my husband to take care of things but for his condition...which you know I wouldn't expose anyone to at the moment yet.

Hi ya all! will visit you as soon as I get home!


Cha Cha said...


Big hugs to you too, Mona!

I salivate every time I see your photo.

It's quite stunning, you know...

buffalodick said...

A 40 year old joke given new life in your 55! I'll show my age-Bazooka was the best!

smarmoofus said...

hahahahha! Brilliant! It does start out really hard, doesn't it? It's been a long time since I had it. What a fun 55! I'm up, too.

snowelf said...

ROFL!! Nice!!!

Doesn't double bubble have the comics on the wrapper??

I love your pic today!!

Happy Friday G-man!!! :)


Cha Cha said...

Bazooka had the comics, I think.

I used to hold on to my favourites.

And that shit DID start out REAL hard.

But, it was pretty yummy!

Akelamalu said...

Naughty, naughty! Or is is just my mind??? Great 55 g-man!

Mine's up.

SignGurl said...

Um...I've got nothing clever to say about your 55 that hasn't already been said.

Nice one!

Snow White said...

LOL Great one, G-Baby! Sorry I didn't get by earlier to tell you I was up... it was a tight squeeze to it up before work this morning!


G-Man said...

Thank You Michelle..

Thanks, and I liked your 55...G

Hi Gale..xox

I liked your 55 as well..
Have a great week-end sweetie..xox

I'll get to you later..G

If your older Sister looked half as Hot as you, I can understand why!!
Thanks , and I liked your 55 as well!

Uncle Buff...
I'm glad you mentioned that, because I prefer it better as well!
But you see, the guy in the story was a dweeb!!
Have a great week-end..G

I read your 55 sweetie, and I liked it a lot!!
Thanks for dropping by, and have a great week-end!

Hi Baby..I know you work late so I really appreciate you commenting.
Thanks bunches...xoxox

Hi sweetie, I'll certainly be right over.
Thanks for the heads up!!


Hi Di..
I'm glad to see you..Finally!
have fun with the daughter this week-end!

Now Strumpet...
You are Correct of course on all accounts!!
As Usual...
I love it when you take off your shoes and make yourself at home..
I'm smilin big time!!!
And your 55?
Murderously Fun...G

jillie said...

LOL...I guess I never would of expected double bubble! My mind was in the gutter fer sure! kill me!


G-Man said...

With a nickname like Jildo?
Thanks baby...You Rock!!

dickiebo said...

Hi G-Man. I only just spotted the Youtube tribute from SignGurl. Brill. Like a Super-Duper version of my tribute to you, some time ago. And the music is just greeaaaat.

G-Man said...

And a fine tribute it was Dickiebo!
It was, like you, very kind and gracious..

S said...

OMG you big pervert!
That was brilliant Gman.
I love bubble gum and I have a pal here who wears his turtleneck over his mouth like Bazooka I call him Bazooka Joe.

BB on Monday G~ji!

S said...

Mona loves meeeee! Hurray!

CozyMama said...

love it - as for your post before this one.....HAHAHAHAHAHA it will be 70 something today.

come see me - i got some news.

Cha Cha said...

Oh, I LOVE when you tease me....

I'm smiling big too.

Taking off my shoes, is way kinds of comfy.

xo, Gayland, xo

Cazzie!!! said...

hahhaa double bubble, I love it :)

SignGurl said...

32 Freaking Comments?!?

You Da Man!

G-Man said...

Hi Suzay-Cue...Have a safe trip sweetie!
And don't take NO Shit from any cab drivers!!!

OK Jodie, I'll check you out..xoxox

You taking off your shoes in the House of G is a must..hahahahaha

hi Cazzie...
Summertime girl!!

Yeah thats 10 a day!!

Flash said...

damn the Double innuendos!

I love Double bubble for like 5 seconds...thenmy teeth hurt from it.

greta 55!