Thursday, January 3, 2008

Flash Friday 55.........

The Neanderthal-Like male stood motionless.
The hair all over his back and neck Bristled!
He sniffed the swampy dank air..
He glared intently.....waiting.
He strained to hear what the cur was muttering.
.."Uh Sherman..? Have you been playing with the Wayback Machine again"?
'Sorry Mr. Peabody, I may have pushed a button or two'......


morgetron said...

Me Me Me!

morgetron said...

Don't you wish we really had a Wayback Machine?

I would definitely go back to three minutes ago so I could take back calling you a wanker.


Little Wing said...

bristling back and neck hair!
Swampy dank air!
It was just getting good!!!!

Mine is posted, G-daddy!

Serena said...

LOL. That's one of your more whimsical 55s. Cute!:)

Queenie said...

Sorry Mr Peabody,Galen pressed some buttons to make a very descriptive 55!!!

I'm up.

Akelamalu said...

I think I know him! :)

Mine's up.

smarmoofus said...

See, the thing is... my perspective is different. I saw "wayback machine" and thought of this handy tool for recovering old webpages that have been (hopefully) archived. I'm not familiar with Sherman or Mr. Peabody. But my Wayback Machine came in handy a couple of weeks ago when I accidentally (due to a server glitch) deleted my father's website for his JROTC program. I panicked, expecting my father to turn into that neanderthal-like man with the bristling neck hairs that you described so aptly. But I managed to recover much of the structure and recoded what I couldn't pull from archives, and all turned out well in the end.

Anyway, great descriptive 55 (even if I missed the reference)! I'm up here.

lime said...

LOL, i loved that cartoon!

SignGurl said...

That Sherman was such a loser! I loved Mr. Peabody.

I loved the picture you were painting. I thought maybe you were talking about Mr. Sign, hehe!

I posted a 55 this week.

Snow White said...

LOL Great 55, G-Man. I wrote one, then lost it, but I found it again and it's posted! Happy Friday! xoxox

Cha Cha said...


I used to watch that show when I was very, very, very, very little.

'dank' is SUCH a good word.

Flash said...

damn, I wish I had one of those.....

Great 55!

jillie said...

Oh man...I use to LOVE that cartoon. That was back in the day when they were good!

G-Man said...


Great job on your 55 sweetie..xox

Thats me...full of whimsey..hehehe

Hi Queenie..
I'm glad you are back at least for the 55's..

Great 55 as well my Dear!

Sorry I mistook you for a Brit..
Great 55..xoxox

Hi Limey..
I'll be right over..


I'll be right over

I love dank things as well..hehehehe..xoxox

Hi Brother, I'll be there too to check yours out...G

I know what you mean about the toons..
Hope you are getting along better..xoxox

snowelf said...

LOL!! Galen, this was so funny!! I totally laughed out loud!!

I don't wish I had a wayback machine, because the second half of my life is turning out so awesome, the first half has been totally worth it...

Love you!!


Charles said...

Duh, What's the matter, Tennessee?
Why aren't we seeing these now, there is a writer's strike, and all the networks love repeats anyway.
Good one, G.
Mine's up.

barman said...

Gee, it looks like I forgot to leave the comment I thought I left... Dooh! in my best Homer impression.

I loved that cartoon. Mr Peabody rocked ... a lot like Mr Knowitall.

I am afraid I was distracted this week and did not post a 55 as I was playing with my shinny new phone. Now I can text message you when you least expect it. Have a nice weekend G.

barman said...

Oh and I forgot, nice 55. I was waiting to see where it was going. You could have went on for some time with a start like that.

ann said...

hi galen

great 55... you're so good at it and the cartoon's kinda cute!

hope you're having a great weekend

lotsa luv ann xxxx

G-Man said...

Hi Snow..
I'm glad you liked it!
You deserve all the good things coming your way sweetie..xox

Hey Charles..
I'll be over after I post..G

You couldn't text?
Text me anytime...G

Ann Dear...
Thanks always for your Kinds words..xoxoxox