Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Happy New Year Everybody!!!!!
...And Mother Nature blew her Cold Hoary Breath upon the land!!
So...I just love guy's with Bob-Cats that remove the snow from your driveway for 12 Bucks!!!
hahahaha... Peace!!


snowelf said...

I'm first!!!

snowelf said...

Happy New Year Galen!
Do you think the bobcat guys would come make a little path for my car to get out of the parking lot??



Serena said...

Well, we knew it was coming, but -- so much! It's beautiful, but I hope the Bob-Cat guys came back this morning. Yowzer! Looks like I'm next in line for snowfall.

Enjoy the game this afternoon.

Cha Cha said...

I just looked out the window.

Holy shit.

I really don't want to go out in that today, but alas, I must.

Things should be shoveled and salted though by the time I finish getting ready.

Happy New Year!

javajazz said...

and my son gets to
drive to the airport today
in Mother Natures
Hoary Breath
and fly to las vegas
and then to sacramento
and then drive 2 hours
to get home and then
come back a week later
and do it all again....
happy 2008 mr bobcat

lime said...

bless the bobcats!

ann said...
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ann said...

oooops, sorry Galen that was me. I signed my name in wordpress, but for some reason when I clicked on it, it took me to my blogger dashboard... doh!!!!!

still, all I wanted to do was wish you and yours a wonderful 2008 blessed with great happiness, lotsa fun and giggles, and of course good health

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

SignGurl said...

Do you think he would come here and do mine for $12?

The snow was beautiful this morning. I opened my door and stepped out into a winter wonderland. It was so still and quiet. At least until I fired up my snow blower, haha!

The game was awesome and I know how happy you must be!

Happy New Year, Dear!!

Charles said...

Haha, we have frost-free refrigerators to avoid sights like that. Ugh, I hate the cold.

G-Man said...

Honey, if he ever got a look at you, he would plow it for free!!
Happy New Year baby..xox

Hi Sherry..
Thanks for the games well-wishes..hahaha..
It proved to be a Great Omen!!!
You Are the original Red Rocker!!!

The for the kind words earlier baby..
It made my day!!
Well, along with Michigan's Great Victory!

Thanks Lisa..
Brian is leaving your car at the Airport?

Naked Today??
Talk about a 'disappearing act'!

You Betcha!!!
Happy New Year..xoxox

Awww Thank you baby!!
Happy New Year to you too!

Great Game eh?
Go Blue!!!!!

Florida is good for some things...
Happy New Year...G

Hale McKay said...

Happy New Year, Galen.

There are a few Bobcats in my area but they are operated by the city in the projects only.

My snowblower has had a workout so far this winter. Fortunately the last two storms only gave us flurries and rain.

Spoony Quine said...

` That reminds me, Lou Ryan did Sanchin barefoot and shirtless and almost hairless in a foot of mountain snow.
` Besides movie stuff, I don't care much for snow. He learned my car doesn't work in it.

S said...

Happy New Year Galen!
Um, I had to help some Russians to take out their trash for the past few days. There is a lot of erm trash here in Goa and I do believe in helping.

Thanks for holding down the fort!

javajazz said...

naw, he took a cab out cuz i'm too wimpy
to drive in this horrid weather we got today,
then 2 flights then when he gets to sacramento
he drives his little old teeny car to stockton...
i cant believe they wouldnt let him stay here
for the extra 6 days knowing he was coming
back up with the band next week....
grrrrr...there are some supposedly human
natures i will never understand....

Little Wing said...

G-daddy, don't listen to Missy!!!!!!
Penis frost bite would probably hurt like hell!!!

barman said...

When they go over Signs to do the snow send them my way too. I am all over that $12.

I was a bit nervous throughout the game but hell yea, that was a wonderful game. What a send off for Lloyd. I am glad it turned out the way it did because I know how important the games are to you. Now bring on the 50 degree weather that is heading our way.