Monday, December 17, 2007

It's Freakin Winter............

I've been doing this at this dealership for 20 years..
The first thing you have to do is get the vin #
Then you get the keys.
Then you clean off each car.
Then you get in and start each car
Then you plow the lane in front of each car
Then you pull the car foreward into the plowed lane
Then you plow where the car was setting
Then you get back in the car and back it into it's original spot.
8 inches..Wind Chill of 9...
The first shot is what the Cobalt row looked like
The second shot is what you had to wade through between cars.
The final shot is what the lot looked like after we were done..
I'm wayyyyyy too old for this shit....
And hey folks...Speaking of OLD!!!
The Beautiful Jenn...AKA SignGurl..Is Having a Birthday Today!!!
YAY!!!! YAY!!!!! And not only THAT..She is STILL in her 30's!!!
For Real!!!...Go wish the Beautiful, Ever-Shrinking, and Smokin-Hot SignGurl a very happy birthday..I'd have her name in that blue ink link stuff if I knew how to do it..Go On!!!


Serena said...

I don't know how you deal with all that snow and ice all winter long. Brrrrrr! I'd be thinking "A-ruuuuuuu-ba.":)

Little Wing said...

Oh my god, do you even sell cars when the snow is deep and the wind chill is nine???!!!!
People actually say, "Gee, lets go buy a new car" in that kind of weather????!!!

Cha Cha said...

I'm on top of things this time around, Galen.

Happy Birthday to Signbabe!

It's nice to have my computer cooperating with my internet needs.

It really, REALLY is.

Have fun with snowballs.

Queenie said...

Wow!all on your lonesome or do you have some help? It gave me the shivers just thinking about it.

jillie said...

YEESH! I think I'll stay in CA! Is it today or tomorrow? I thought you said it was tomorrow (Tues).


snowelf said...

Awww... My office in St Louis was right across from a car dealership
and I used to always feel so sorry for the guys who had to move and clean off all the cars... :(

Stay warm and drive carefully!!

much love,

Mona said...

That sure is freakin winter!!!

It is chilling! I can't stand it here this tie, I wonder how you deal with that!

SignGurl said...

Galen, I envy you for getting to play in the snow like that. You know that is my one true love besides you.

Thank you for the well wishes on my birthday. I get one more year in my thirties. Blech! No one is going to believe I'm really 39. I might as well say I'm 40.

Thanks again, my friend!

lime said...

that sounds like a seriously miserable job to have to do. yuck.

ok, the linky loving is easy.

up where you can click the thingy to add pictures to your post is a little symbol that to me looks like a ball with horns on it. highlight jenn's name in your post, click on that symbol and a little window will pop up. type her blog address in there, click 'ok' and voila you got some linky loving in your post.

lime said...

oh and...happy birthday jenn!!!!

javajazz said...

Happy Birthday to Signgurl Jenn!
you are a true inspiration
and a beautiful soul!
xo lisa

Cha Cha said...

Lime, I like your new picture.

And your directions are helping me out too.

I'll have to try that out sometime.


I'm going to look at your blog through a kaleidoscope and see the skulls go round and round in every which way...yay...


G-Man said...

Hi Serena..
Anywhere Warm Baby!!

Believe it or not..YES!
Mostly 4x4's though..



Our Little Blonde Jildo!

Hey Everybody...
It's the working girl!!
Hi Snow..xoxox

I just keep thing warm thoughts..xomrxo

The Birthday Girl!!
((((BIG KISS)))

That sounds awful High-Tech!!!
I dunno....

Thanks lisa for always being so gracious..xoxox

You so funny!!!!!

G-Man is still 'dog-tired' from moving all that Snow..I think he needs a night off..
See you Thursday for HNT

Charles said...

I'll add a little hint to Lime's instructions, instead of typing in the address, drag the link you use in your favorites into that box, Voila! Less typing and no typos.

Cha Cha said...

I think I'm going to have to attempt to insert a random link the next time I post to see if I can get it to work.

barman said...

Between Lime's help and Charle's hint you are going to be doing wonderful. It really is not to bad at all. You can also do a right clicky thing to get the link but that is a little more coordination needed.

I thought I replied yesterday but I must have run out of time as I know I made a mad dash for work yesterday. You know I have always been struck by how stunning it looked that the snow was mostly gone off the ground and the cars were all so perfect with no snow and nice and clean when everything else is snow and or salt covered. It did have an impact on me but somehow I just figured it was magic that the cars were like that. Silly me. Little did I know the magic had a name and, at least for that day, the name was Galen. Beautiful shot of the cars and nice. I wondered what a purple Cobalt looked like. Now I know.

Have a nice day recovering G.

S said...

OMG Gman, I cannot believe you have to work in that stuff. Nobody is going to buy a car on a day like that....

My car doors freeze also, but if I get in on the passenger side, the ice is thicker on the west side rather than the east side of the car...WHy? I dont know but I can always get in on the east side no matter how frozen the west side is.
Does that make any sense?
(Obviously Im parking with front of car NORTH!)

Ok so take care of the 55 fort, Gman, and yeah you can do the blue linky thing, it's easy!

Happy Birthday SIgnGURL!!!!

SignGurl said...

Hey hoser! I put your picture in order for you. I also added the little linky thingy.


SignGurl said...

WTF? I use Mozilla Firefox and this post looks pretty good, but when I look at it in Internet Explorer (why I care is beyond me), it looks all screwy. Grrr...

SoCal Sal said...

Hey, what’s all that white stuff?

Bunny said...

Y'all got much worse snow on your side of the state. We didn't have it near so bad.

I always wondered who got to clean all the snow off the cars at a dealership - now I know!! You should get hazard pay for that - lol.

javajazz said...

hee hee, Jenn's so cute!
i didnt even realize
the photos were out of order.
still, i look forward to the day
you stop posting
disney pictures.
i love how Jenn is teaching you
how to fish instead of building
the fish herself, or however
that saying goes...


Manny said...

I'd rather have snow than freezing rain. What do you do in ice storms?

morgetron said...

I like snow.

But I would hate it if I had to deal with that.

I love snow because it keeps us all snug inside our houses, in sweaters, and cocoa, and big soft blankies.

We still need to talk about my cartoon. You still want it? If so, t'is yours. Merry Christmas.


G-Man said...

Nice to see you workin man!!
Thanks for the advice..

You can't do it either?
Haha..At least you can do a You-Tube..xox

And now you know...The rest of the story!

Of course I will watch the Fort..
You have fun, and be careful!!

Thanks sweetie..xoxox

Don't be rubbin it in Mr.... Hahahahaha..
I suppose I would too a bit...G

Hi Baby...
Thats odd, you guys usually get hammered worse than us..
Have a great day..G

You are the reason that I skipped Mr. Knowitall!!

We bitch about the weather!!!

You just made my day!!

Falco said...

Given my druthers, I'll take the hurricanes, a chainsaw and short sleeves.