Tuesday, April 24, 2007

It's The PEA....Nuttiest!..........

Ya know something? I feel like staying on the subject of food. But I'm not going to give you historical facts, (not now anyway) I'm going to have a little fun with my friends......YOU!
I'm going to give you a couple of really strange food combo's that The G-Man really likes. I'm warning you now, it's not very pretty!
My Favorite sandwich in the whole world, is Peanut Butter and Bacon.
The "King" Elvis Presley, used to fly his entire entourage to a restaurant in Denver, to get a special PB'n Bacon Sammich. He would call ahead, and they would open just for him...
( Do Not confuse this with his very favorite..PB'n Nana )
I also enjoy Peanut Butter and Tuna Fish.
Peanut Butter and Onion.
Peanut Butter and Tomato.( with a bit of Miracle Whip )
How about Peanut Butter and Bologna?
And I especially enjoy, Peanut Butter and Hot Dogs. With a splash of mustard.
I also like Peanut Butter and Cheez Whiz.....MMMmmmmmmmm

Did you realize that Cheez Whiz was invented by Kraft Lab Techs in 1951?
It seems that they were looking for a cheese product that wouldn't clump or disintegrate into oily wads of dairy glop, like real cheese did when heated. It was 1st test marketed in 1952 to midwestern housewives. They found 1304 different uses for it....Sorry folks, Info just rolls out of me sometimes!!
Tell me your favorite weird food combo...No combo is too weird!


cathy said...


cathy said...

Google my arse!
I wasn't referring to slang and it was just an excuse to talk about bananas anyway. Gee aren't you uppity!

cathy said...

ok now I've read THIS post.
sausages with marmalade.
pancakes with bacon and honey.
cheese and jam sandwiches.
peanut butter with marmite.
fruit curry.
And when I was pregnant meat pie with vanilla custard.
Is that weird enough or shall I come back later.

cathy said...

It's lonely in here when you yanks are asleep. Where's mona?

Mona said...

Hey Galen...I notice peanut butter is your most favouritest.

I love peanut butter too..

when I was a little girl, i used to eat sauce with everything, even with cakes!

& I used to eat mud & chalk like food!. Fuller's earth was my most favourite & then there were these slate pencils & blackboard chalk.Also some white mud. IOnce I ate a cloth marker chalk that was turquoise blue in color & was thrilled next day when I peed turquoise colored urine!

I still nibble at a chalk sometimes, but I give up soon as I dont like its taste anymore.It is surprising that I have lost taste for something that I used to crave for like a drug once upon a time.

I used to get up in the middle of the night to eat fuller's earth because if I did it in the daytime, surely someone saw & complained to my mom. Then spanking was assured.

Mona said...

Cathy! I'm right here! Hiya!

lime said...

i'n guessing you REALLY like peanut butter....

mr lime tells the horrifying take of when he was inspired to try a whipped cream and baloney sammich...eeeww...

my own weird food combos? hhmm....
well, when i was a kid if there was somethign i didn't liek i smothered it in applesauce in order to get it down my gullet. it's not so much that i like the combos but the applesauce sorta kinda masked the flavor of whatever i hated...

applesauce and spaghetti (on top of the marinara and everything)
applesauce and BBQ

Anonymous said...

Not a big fan of peanut butter here.
When I was a kid I used to order a hot dog with butter on it, no mustard or ketchup.

My weird thing is I like to put my beer in the freezer till it's ice cold. I think I got that way from when I was in VietNam and many times all we could get was warm beer..ugh!

G-Man said...

Cathy, If I Googled your arse, it would simply say ...Magnificent!
1. I love sausage and jelly
2. Pancakes with Bacon and Honey?
That would be great.
3. Cheese and Jam...I'm eating one right now
4. WTF is Marmite?
5. Thanks xoxoxox

Your cravings are NOT uncommon in America...
We call it "Geophagy"!!
White Dirt or white clay is refered to as Kaolin, the scientific name is..
aluminum silicate hydroxide.
There are many uses for this natural product, it is used medically to treat diarrhea, dysentery, and cholera.
It is an active ingredient found in..
and some touthpastes..
Also thanks for the Blue Pee story!
G-Man loves a good piss tale ya know!!
Thanks xoxox

Thats what I'm talkin about...
1. That combo was inspired by a 3-stooges routine....
They were all in a wilderness cabin, becauseof Moe's nerves!
They were all out of certain foods to eat, here is the exact quote..
"If it's anything I like better than Peanut Butter and Ketchup, It's Bologna and Whipped Cream"!
( God how do I do it? )
Anyway, the applesause and spagetti is definately a new one for me, I was very excited reading about it!!
Galen sure loves to Lime!

G-Man said...

I put Butter on all my sandwiches...Every sandwich, Both sides!
I also love Ice cold beer,...Ice cold anything really.
You are very normal my friend.....Hahahaha!

MilkMaid said...

Peanut butter and syrup, all swirled together is a treat and it will tell you where every single cavity in your mouth is. :)

Pinto beans and ketchup...hey, what can I say, I'm a southern girl. ;)

lime said...

marmite is the same thing as vegemite. it is yeasty thing that tastes very salty and is sread thinly on bread or crackers.

thansk for the 3 stooges thing... i had noo idea!

Melodie Norman Haas said...

Ok I think I am going to be sick LOL Just kidding. Man I don't have any weird combos except maybe eating a pb & j with a side of Kraft macaroni and cheese.

I like sour cream on alot of things! Steak, meatloaf, taco salad, tortilla chips, french fries, etc

Leigh said...

I really don't think I have any weird food combos. Man I am boring! I am a bit shocked with the thought of PB with Cheez weez or mustard.

Have a good day.

Breazy said...

OMG!!! You eat PB'n Bologna too? I thought I was the only one that done that! Love it! I also eat Pimento cheese and dill pickle sammiches..mmmmm! I also like to dip foods into sour cream, tater tots especially. Sometimes I take a hot dog and put nothing on it but sour cream.

Sometimes in restaurants I get looked at funny because I mix my food together.For instance...
in my favorite Mexican dig I mix the rice, a small amount of refried beans, the lettuce, the tomatoes & onions and the sour cream all together, other wise I can't eat it.

If I am eating Japanese I mix my rice, meat and veggies together then I put shrimp sauce on them..mmm I am getting hungry now!

Happy Hump Day!

jillie said...

As a kid I was a VERY fussy eater. PB & J was probably my saving grace that kept my mother out of jail for malnutrition. That and grilled cheese.

The strangest thing that I can ever remember eating were Milk Bone Dog Biscuits! I have no idea...but every time I did, I had a hankering to lick my ass...LMAO...not really g-man....

I love peanut butter right from the jar with a BIG glass of milk!

PinkHippo said...

I always like peanut butter especially when it goes with butter?

Does that sounds strange to you?

Plus just like Jillie, Peanut butter right from the jar with a glass of fresh milk. :)

jillie said...

You know g-man...I think YOU'RE the nuttiest...but in a cutsie kind of way...LMAO

javajazz said...

you know Galen's gonna have a field day with that licking your ass comment, dont you...

(i suppose its okay, as long as you dont lick the peanut butter container after that...)

me, i guess just peanut butter and banana sandwiches...(yawn)

possibly french fries and honey.

tuna sandwich and chocolate Ensure drink? (well, i weigh 98 pounds so i like Ensure...i think 74 of those pounds are my ass, but thats besides the point...)

cathy said...

I sort of went off peanut butter when I was in Australia and a whole load got recalled because they found rat droppings in it.
Does drinking tea with cashew nuts and cinnamin in count?

cathy said...

mona we just missed each other this morning.
never mind goodnight.

SignGurl said...

I just threw up in head thinking about your combos. Please never order that stuff around me because I will puke in your lap. (Sorry about all the ralphing talk, hehe!)

I don't eat anything weird. Hell, I don't eat anything anymore anyway.

snowelf said...

Ketchup and green beans.

And I always put syrup on my eggs. I can't eat them without it.
(That's probably not so weird.)

I also like all of my drinks warm. Like soda, juice, whatever...

--snow :)

Mona said...

Good morning Galen!
How are you today?
Hope you are enjoying whatever you are eating :)


javajazz said...

where the fuck are you?

javajazz said...

(sorry. that wasnt very ladylike, now, was it...!)

javajazz said...

actually, i did get a bit worried about you mid-day for some unusual reason...hope all is cool, mr knowitall...

wmy said...

My dad loves the jif peanut butter and helmans mayo sandwiches...puke!!
I like to mix ketchup into my mac and cheese...and put hot sauce on my biscuits and gravy...and I dip my steak into first A1 and then bleu cheese dressing...in that order!

CozyMama said...

i lov PB, GOD how I love that stuck to the roof of your mouth goodness, damn now I want some, i eat it right out of the jar with a spoon, lots of it, i love it with celery, crackers, apples, bananas, i have even had it on a burger at the corvette diner. yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

so g, where you been? not seen you at me bloggie this week???????

G-Man said...

Now Milkmaid, from one Biker to another.....
To have that combo of PB and Maple Syrup? You've burned a few in your day!
Thanks xox

Lime, I heard that stuff is gross!
Nyuck Nyuck Nyuck!

Imp, You eat completely normal!!..Carry On.

Robyn, Try It, You'll like it!.xoxoxox

Thats my girl..
You do The G-Man very proud. xoxox

Milk Bone?
Thats why your teeth are so white!!

Pink Hippo, PB and butter? That my dear, is exactly how I like it best..Hahahaha
I like your visits..

JJ, I forgot all about Jillies Ass until you brought it up. Thanks for reminding me of it.
Love da Tuchus!!xoxox

Cathy, Cashews and tea would definately be your contribution to food weirdness...Thanks

Stop teasing me!!
First the Jillie outfit.
Then the puke threat!!
I thought we was a Team!

OK, I am no longer counting your visits, I am expecting them....
Nice avatar...is that you?
Thanks xoxox

Mona? I just had an apple, and a tall glass of ice water...
Fiber ya know..
Good morning to you!!

Lisa, you are sooo sweet to me. Thanks for being such a great friend..
You make me smile every day.Thanks for careing...Galen xo

javajazz said...

there you are!
hi busy mr G!
glad you're okie dokie.
who loves you?

G-Man said...

You do I hope JJ..

Jodi, thanks.
Mission accomplished!

I read your post!
You Rock Girl!

javajazz said...

sleep tight,
mr knowitall

Spoony Quine said...

` I'm rather fond of PB n' Chik'n sammidges dipped in maple syrup.

` BTW, turquoise urine! So good it doesn't kill you!!