Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Bucket of Balls.........

The other day our good friend Terry, posted a wonderful watercolor of some crows flying..
I commented, "A Murder of Crows"...Of course she understood what I was saying!
There are many acceptable terms for groups of critters. We use terms like a "Pack of Wolves", and a "Flock of Sheep. But here are a few animal terms that you probably haven't even heard of...
A shrewdness of Apes...A pace of Asses
A troop of Monkeys...A cete of Badgers
A sloth of Bears...A colony of Beavers
A singular of Boars...A clouder of Cats
A brood of Chickens...A rag of Colts
A cowerdice of Curs...A gang of Elk
A business of Ferrets...A skulk of Foxes
A trip of Goats...A drift of Hogs
A troop of Kangaroos...A kindle of Kittens
A leap of Leopards..A nest of Mice
A barren of Mules...A string of Ponies
A nest of Rabbits...A crash of Rhinoceroses
A bevy of roebucks...A dray of Squirrels
A sounder of Swine...A pod of Whales
A gam of Whales...A dole of Doves

A paddling of Duck(swimming)
A raft of Duck ( in water, but not swimming )
A team of Ducks ( in the air )
A charm of Finches
A gaggle of Geese ( on the ground )
A skein of Geese ( in the air )
A siege of Herons
A deceit of Lapwings
An exaltations of Larks
A parliament of Owls
A covey of Quail
An ostentation of Peacocks
A nye of Pheasants ( on the ground )
A bouquet of Pheasants ( taking to the air )
An unkindness of Ravens
A murmeration of Sandpipers
A rafter of Turkeys
A descent of Woodpeckers

An army of Caterpillars...A business of Flies
A cluster of Grasshoppers...A plague of Locusts

A shoal of Bass...A bed of Snakes
A knot of Toads...A bale of Turtles

Feel free to use these terms in any form of writing, or conversation. And if anyone gives you any shit about it ...Tell them Mr. Knowitall said it was OK!!... Peace.... Galen


jillie said...

A gaggle of geese...hmmm...this is the only one I have ever heard of...

I was "gaggled" by the fact that I was first on your blog...LMAO

G-Man said...

A Beautious of Jillie!

lime said...

i'd like to know what the collective noun for dust bunnies is ( i actually mention this in a soon to be posted meme)...thank you

jillie said...

lime...isn't it past your bed time? Or are you still bangin? (on the paddles....;o))

cathy said...

can we make some up?
A canopy of koalas
A slither of snakes
A plethora of penguins

I'm getting hungry, I could eat a mess of beans

Roxi said...

I like bananas.

does that make me a monkey?

p.s. I am thinking of buying a motorcycle.. hmmm...

roxi...hot crotch rocket.. ( not to powerful.. nice an small for a girl.. ) hot pants and matching leather jacket..

thats just a thought

Cha Cha said...

Foxy Cargo stars in...

A Descent of Woodpeckers.

Starring Tad Choadpole.

NOW SHOWING in a special Double Feature Presentation with...

The golden shower sleeper hit of the year...

An Ostentation of Peeing Cocks

Don't forget your umbrella.

CozyMama said...

dude - this is a stick up..ooh...errr...I mean....heads up!

barman said...

You know, at times I work with a pace of Asses. Does that count?

You know I only heard maybe 5 of those with gaggle of geese being the most familiar.

Excuse me while I check out Jillie's new Avatar...

MilkMaid said...

How about a pile of shit?

That's what I call MilkMan on certain days LOL....

Good morning G!!

G-Man said...

Collective Noun?
You make me smile so much Trini...Really Smile!
Hahaha..A Litany of Lime!

A Jiggleing of Jildo!

Eye Eye Eye...
A Collection of Cathy!
An avatar....Finally.

You on a bike?
Roxi on a crotch rocket!
Now theres a double entendre...
That my dear, would be THE hottest image that I could possibly conjure up in my small brain!
Keep me posted on that one please.
...And RoX? G-Man loves and misses you, thanks for stopping by. xoxox

Foxy Cargo....
A Streaming of Strumpet!
Hehehehe...You play so perfect! xoxox

Jodi, thanks baby...
Mission accomplished!!

Yes that does count Bryan,and her new avatar is Smokin Hot!!
Good morning Barman...

Naw, your old man is a Harley-Guy! He's all right in my book.
As you are...Harley-Girl!
Good Morning MilkMaid xox

Anonymous said...

A pride of Lions=losers! LMAO

G-Man said...

OOOOOOh, That one hurts donut TC?
At least WE get THAT one!
Good Job!!

SignGurl said...

You make my head spin, G! Of course that's not hard to do these days.

Would a group of bloggers be a BANG of Bloggers?

Mona said...

Wow! what a treasure trove here! This I must show to my son! with all those competitive exams comming around never know what might prove handy!

A bed of snakes????

I thought there was only a bed of roses or petunias or spring flowers!

G-Man said...

Morning Jenn,
Yes that would be acceptable...
It's not me, it's the Vicodin!

Mona, he is welcome to use any and all...
Thats why I am here!
G-Man loves you...Thanks

Queenie said...

Saw you via a friends blog, and you've made me giggle. So hope you don't mind thought I would pop over for a better look. All ready you have educated me!!!!

lime said...

a litany of lime....bwahahahaha

jillie said...

I like Jenn's...a BANG of bloggers! Now that should get your imagination a running this morning ;o)

G-Man said...

Queenie, stop by any time, you are always welcome....G

A trundle of Trini?

Jillie. Thats just too Smokin Hot!!!

I Remember the 1st. time that I ever saw you. It was your other bike shot. I asked you if that was you on that bike.. You responded, "yes"! And from THAT moment on, I was smitten.......xox

tkkerouac said...

I have a leap of leapords in my house as we speak

Cha Cha said...


I remember that conversation about her other avatar.

That was when I first saw her too!


S said...

Im so gosh damned late for Monday that its wednesday....shite!

Im sorry mate, Im packing for Seattle this week, laundry etc!

Kiss hugs and can we talk more about this Chandra thing? Who is that?

Have a choading marvelous day, G man!

jillie said...

g-man...YOU rock my world!

The Rogue Kitchen Witch said...

A murder of crows.

Cha Cha said...

I am Chandra.

Strumpet = Chandra.

That is my name.

Hi, all.

I'm Chandra.

a.k.a. Foxy Cargo.

It's all very confusing. I know.

But, my real name is ...Chandra.

Hope that clears things up!

jillie said...


cathy said...

Hello queenie HELLO!

Has anyone seen tina? lol

mona, don't they have beds of nails in your part of the world?

G-Man said...

Hi Tracy..
Are you talking about real Leopards, or those Leopard skin panties that you always wear?

Yes Strumpet, I think we were all taken in by Nurse Ratchet. xoxox

Susie? You are going to Seattle?
God, I love that place!
Pikes Place Market...
Thats the BOMB!!!
...Strumpet? I believe she introduces herself to you if you scroll down.
As far as who she is?
She is like a Mounds Bar..

Thanks for stopping by, I know that Algebra is killing you...
Your so sweet...xoxoxox

Bed of Nails?
I'm tellin you guys...
This girl is a player!!!

Manny said...

I just love 'Counting Crows' and painted balls. LOL

K, I confess. I'm just a freak and proud of it.

Mona said...

hello Galen, How are you doing?
I have an ear ache today !
I wonder if you know how horrid is that!?

My mind seems totally applied to that ear and I can hardly think!

G-Man said...

Manny, don't be telling folks your Freaky!
Your from Ohio!!

Mona, I can feel your pain. I once had an ear infection so bad, that I could not swim for a year!
I hope your feeling better soon.
(((((BIG HUGS)))))!

tsduff said...

I love that you included the ravens in your triva... I am surprised at how they and the crows are so demonized... little do folks know their humor and whimsy. Great post Galen.

G-Man said...

Thanks Terry..
Glad you could visit..
Very Glad..xoxox