Thursday, December 7, 2006

Understanding The Aged

Well I milked that last post for three days, and I'm over it! Thanks to all participants.
I'm feeling kind of lazy today, and since I'm not very high-tech and can't just post a clip from You-Tube, when I'm uninspired, I'll share some random definitions from the new AARP DICTIONARY...This will aid in any communication with anyone nearing senility. ENJOY!
Plus feel free to add any that you may want to share......

Kay-Marks......any K-Mart store
Babushka....Litterally a Russian grandmother....but to us a headscarf
Bumbershoot...An umbrella
Keester...Your ass
Doopa...Your ass
Ethyl.....Premium gasoline film
Whipersnapper....Anyone ten or more years younger than you
Geezer....anyone two or more years older than you
Lung-er.......Person with emphysemia
Strait-Stick....A manual transmission
Flatfoot....Police Officer
Wallmark...Any Walmart store (K-Marks is always plural)
Dirty-Works......Take a crap
Pot-Licker.......A dumb motherfucker
Physic......A laxative
Clap....Originally gonorreah...but now ANY sexually transmitted disease
Highball....any mixed alcoholic drink
Bath.....Filling up the sink and washing your arm pits and crotch
Fag...Certainly not what it means today...a cigarrette
Cork...A fishing bobber
Strumpet......A witty resiliant woman, knowledegable in the ways of the flesh, but picky!

Thats enough for now, the next time I can't think of anything ,I'll add some more, Thanks...


lime said...

davenport: sofa or couch

dungarees: jeans

does it mean i am approaching senility if many of those i needed no translation for and that i can contribute these two?

G-Man said...


Cha Cha said...

I am SMILING so big right now, you have no idea!!!

Thank you for that, Galen.

This is MY favourite Classic G-Man Post!

Oh...and by the way...

Tight AND drunk makes for a very nice combination.


G-Man said...

Yes they do Chandra, and I'm here to make YOU smile...

Cha Cha said...

It's working!

SignGurl said...

I snorted when I read "bath". I thought that was a whore's bath.

I always laugh when I hear old people call it "the clap".

G-Man said...

Sign, you are peeing at Crabbies, and snorting at mine, maybe that bottle of Cuervo in your comment pic is starting to kick in!!

Crabby said...

I needed another word for ass. I'm running out of ways to say it and it seems to need saying a lot at the cowpie field.

btw, I'm linking you over there, G.

G-Man said...

My first link! Thanks Crabcake..
My Serbian, and Macedonian friends use the word ' guzzo '. I'm sure a couple of your 'girls' speak some form of Eastern Europeon dialect.

SignGurl said...

You are welcome for the linkage.

Madame X said...

Tur-lit-Where you do your dirty work
earl-what you put in the car to keep it running

G-Man said...

Oh My God!! The Madame. Thank you so much for visiting and contributing.

You talk just like Archie Bunker!

CozyMama said...

those are good and I hate to say that I knew what a lot of them meant.....I am too young to know.

CozyMama said...

I had to come back after your comment - thank you!!! I try, interesting that you noticed...have you been watching me??? ha ha just kidding - thanks for the nice comment. I will be back. Yes it is super early here in San Diego...I work 6:30 to 3:30. I have to be up for our east coast clients.

G-Man said...

Jodes, you are always welcome here, and yes I have been watching you. OFTEN!!

CozyMama said...

watching me - ooohhh that is creepy and exciting all at the same time.....

SignGurl said...

Miss me? *wink*

G-Man said...

Excitingly Creepy....That sounds like a Frank Zappa album! You Rock Jodes.. first when you winked I thought maybe, 'maybe', but then I thought that you have a nervous tic. Then when you said 'miss me' then winked again, I thought that you really didn't miss me...Your playing with my emotions !

CozyMama said...

crap - I had this whole comment typed and I got this stupid error - dang it - it was good too. I said something like it is 2:15 here in Sunny CAli some Mr Knowitall you are.......and I think I put 3:15 on my blog - duh you got me all flustered. so where are you? East Coast or that one part of Indiana that is retarded.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this post but I'm so old I can't remember any of it.