Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Thursday Portrait......

In the dark
In my bathroom
Sitting on my comode...
Fully dressed!!!!
I hope you all are thinking about your Friday 55.


Serena Joy said...

Might one inquire as to why you're sitting in the dark? Not that the Queen of Weird thinks it's weird or anything. One just wonders. I don't go in my bathroom in the dark; too much crap to trip over.:)

G-Man said...

In my case...Crap in the literal sense!! Hehehehe
Top Shelf again eh Red?
You're Number One...Toujours!!

jillie said... can't be 2nd on your own blog! So technically I am 2nd! So

Oooohhhh you look spooky! Me like it


Mona said...

You seem quite 'relaxed' sitting on a commode :)

tsduff said...

ouuuu -
uh - I don't get it.

Serena Joy said...

Et tu, G-san.

P.S. - The top shelf is the one that can knock you out if you stumble into it in the dark.:-)

buffalodickdy said...

Only interior door in the house with a lock on it!

barman said...

Thank you for adding in ... fully dressed.

I agree with Jillie, you do look spooky. You are all set for Halloween.

lime said...

why ya sitting in the dark and what's up with your hair. it doesn't even look like you. was this the middle of the night or something?

S said...

Well thank goodness you didnt take a full body shot.

S said...

I agree, Lime, I thought it was Gmans grandmother or something. His hair looks all beauty saloned out!


G-Man said...

Oh you guys!!!
Especially you Susie and Lime..
Hardy Hardy Har Har!!!

Sherry...I meant Number One!!

Thanks everyone..

Miss Begotten xox

SignGurl said...

Pretty lady beauty salon....hehe!!

I'm up early with My 55.

Liquid said...

You've been given an award! Come over to my place and pick it up!